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Formal Proposal

Transcript: - I would ensure to connote professionalism and reliability in my brand by having the cover artist's head slightly overlapping the masthead; this would suggest to my audience that although being a new magazine, I have full confidence in it building a successful brand image. - I will therefore use a neutral, muted colour palette consisting mostly of monochrome colours, however I will also use red to highlight the most important pieces of text as this colour connotes deviance from norms, just as the word "Indie" connotes. - Additionally, to break up the text and make the contents page more for visual pleasure with small amounts of information, I will focus heavily on iconography, using three or four images in total to further promote my new artist. - To keep a consistent brand image, I will stick closely to the same colour palette throughout each section of my final products. - Following the feedback from my focus group received in Task 5, I decided that Wallflower was the best title for my Indie music magazine. - As mentioned by my respondents, it is incredibly unique and original, meaning it will easily stand out as a new and exciting magazine as opposed to blending in against all of the competition. - Furthermore, many members of my target audience will easily recognise the genre as they themselves, fitting in with an Indie subculture, may identify with the "wallflower" label. - Title of Magazine - Explanation of Choice of Genre - Target Audience Profile - Initial Ideas about: Front Page Contents Page Double Page Spread Photographs - I aiming to create a simplistic, minimalistic, modern Indie magazine. - I have chosen Indie as the final genre for my magazine; this is because it is such a unique genre with so many different angles to focus on and a huge target audience, who enjoy finding original, new artists and related things to enjoy, and therefore will be incredibly likely to enjoy reading my brand new Indie magazine, featuring a brand new Indie artist on the front cover. - Additionally, I already have a lot of prior knowledge about the genre, being a fan of many Indie artists myself, and I therefore believe that this will give me a better insight into exactly what the audience want to see on the front cover of an Indie music magazine. Explanation of Choice of Genre Photographs - I will also keep the typography consistent, using the same serif font used for my masthead to create the title of "contents" on my double page spread; although breaking conventions by using a serif as opposed to sans serif font, I believe that this will be more effective for my magazine as it connotes sophistication and class, fitting perfectly with my middle class audience. - As my masthead is such a long word, I will use this to my advantage to break a convention and give a more alternative edge by having the word "WALL" across the top of the magazine, and the word "FLOWER" reading down the right third. I have used three shots showing ideas of how my three pages will look; the first image represents the long shot I will use on my cover, in order to show the artist's full outfit. This will reinforce the casual element and allow the audience to relate as he will be dressed in very casual, down to earth clothing. The last image shows the wide angle long shot I will use for my double page spread, with the artist sat on the floor to create the image of him being an "average" teenage boy. The lack of colour across the background links with the sophisticated, minimalistic atmosphere of which I wish to create. - I will use a Q & A style interview as I feel this fits best for my music magazine; whereas free flowing has no set form, a Q&A structure will ensure that I find out only the exact, concise information of which I know my reader will be interested in, as opposed to huge amounts of information that they may not necessarily enjoy. Initial Magazine Production Ideas Name: James Age: 17 Gender: Male Ethnicity: White British - James comes from a family whose social class is B, with his father being a doctor who graduated from Oxford University, and his mother owning a business, also graduating from university. His older sister also currently attends this higher level of education, and he plans to follow this path. - Currently studies History, Economics, and Sociology at A Level. - In full time education, but has a part time job in which he works one day a week. He spends his wages on concert tickets, albums, music magazines, and driving lessons. - In his spare time, he enjoys playing guitar with his friends, listening to Indie music, and taking his dog on long walks around his local area. His favourite band is Bastille, but he also enjoys listening to The 1975, Arctic Monkeys, and James Bay. - My double page spread will use an image of my cover artist looking relaxed, possibly in the middle of talking, sat on a chair, or sat on the floor. This will enforce an informal, relaxed tone, contrasting the serif font which enforces a more

Formal Proposal

Transcript: Outline of Content As our documentary is aimed at an older target audience, we will try to keep it rather formal ensuring it is suitable for ages 25+. In order to do so, we will interview professionals around the topic and supply the audience with various facts about tableware throughout. However, to keep the documentary interesting we will include music, cutaways and archive footage to keep the audience engaged with what they’re viewing. Secondary Research Channel & Scheduling Topic In order to create our documentary we will need a voice recorder, HD video camera, tripod, interviewees. Our selected audience are males/females over 25 as our questionnaire responses indicated how young adults would be disinterested by our topic, yet it is something of interest for those above 25 years old. Interviews History of cutlery/table laying Cutlery in other cultures We have selected BBC One to air our documentary as our questionnaire feedback proved this to be the most popular channel amongst our target audience. Our documentary will be shown on a Wednesday at 5pm in an early fringe slot. We believe this to be the most ideal time to air the programme as our research on TV scheduling suggested that the mature adults we are trying to reach out to will be watching TV then. Moreover, at 4:30pm 'Antiques Road Trip' is shown which attracts the same audience we are trying to attain and so through the method of inheritance, we hope that this audience will stay tuned in for our documentary that follows. Type Primary Research Formal Proposal Target Audience Our documentary will be mixed as it will not conform to just one type as there will be interviews, cutaways etc. Style Resource Requirements The topic we have chosen to create our documentary on is cutlery and tableware. As a group we decided on this as during brainstorming, we found that we could obtain the most content for this topic. For our primary research, we have already completed and handed out a questionnaire about tableware in order to find out as much as we can about our audience. Now, we must consider who we are going to interview for our documentary as we have discussed using teachers, members of a silver service, dinner ladies and so on. For our cutaways, we are considering shots of inside a tea room, people using knives and forks and images of tableware. Narrative Structure We will need to research YouTube clips, possible archive material, search engines (e.g. Google) and any articles we can find on tableware. Our documentary will be linear as we plan to run through the history of cutlery/tableware from in its creation to modern day in chronological order. The narrative will be somewhat multi-stranded as not only are we looking at the history of cutlery, but also the use of cutlery in other cultures. Company Logo


Transcript: My magazine would be aimed at people age 16-21. The profile reader for my magazine would be a 17 year old white male indie music fan. He would be a student that does not have a job yet still enjoys going out with friends to gigs and festivals therefore has little income and likes to spend it on going out. He would be very active on social media sites such as twitter and instagram- showing he likes to keep up to date with news and information as well as being socially involved with other people with the same interests. He would be very outgoing and wear accessories such as bandanas. Despite looking up to artists such as Jamie T, he would care about his appearance although not obsess over it. He would spend most of his time having a laugh with his friends and have a mixed gender friendship group- although predominantly boys. Although targeted at males, my magazine would cater for females as well as the overall gender of fans is very varied. My Chosen Genre Another key feature of this genre is it's very active live music scene. The amount of gigs and festivals that happen every week and are widely attended by a lot of fans, as fans of this genre are represented as regular attendees of these live events- as supported by my questionnaire results. Also, fans of this genre and the genre itself are stereotyped to not conform and not follow the crowds. This means that, although I will follow most magazine conventions, such as using rule of thirds layouts, however there is a lot of flexibility regarding elements such as my branding as creating a strong, original brand design through my fonts and house colours will strongly attract my target audience. My main cover image will be a photograph of a band/group as appose to an individual as the majority of artists in this genre are bands so the genre would be clearer. My Masthead will be situated in the top left corner so it immediately grabs the views attention and draws them in while the rest of my layout, eg. my coverlines will fit a rule of thirds grid so it's more aesthetically pleasing. I will feature Buzz Words that my target audience will recognise, such as artist names and I will look at incorporating a puff advertising either a feature and page it can be found or maybe a competition as my focus group and questionnaire said competitions would be a good feature. Why I have chosen Alternative Music I have chosen to produce a magazine that focuses on the specialized subject of Alternative/ Indie Music. After much consideration I decided this would be the best choice of genre for me for a number of reasons, including the fact that there is a lack of publications of this genre meaning there is a gap in the market despite it's growing popularity. It was prominent from my questionnaire, focus groups and previous research that, although it has always been represented as an underground genre with a small audience and niche market, it is increasingly growing in popularity and is now one of the most favoured genres amongst 16-21 year olds. Because of the nature of this genre, there are always new artists and bands entering the music scene, this means that there will be ample opportunity to interview and feature new music as well as the icons that fans of the genre will recognise and be attracted to if featured on the cover. My magazine will be called A / L / T as it clearly portrays the genre of the magazine as Alternative. It is short, therefore eye catching and easy to read in a short space of time. It is specialised language which will attract my target audience who are extremely familiar with the word but it holds connotations of the genre because of it's feature in famous band names such as ALT-J therefore other people will also understand the genre reference. £2.50 Monday, December 28th, 2015 Photographs Target Audience Profile All my photographs will be taken in areas that have an abandoned ambiance as this will appeal to my target audience who are represented enjoy the idea of individuality and being different to everyone else. My Target Audience Initial ideas about photographs to use Front Cover Vol XCIII, No. 311 FORMAL PROPOSAL Ideas that may feature on my Cover Ideas that may feature on my double page spread Double Page Spread My double page spread will follow conventions and therefore feature an extremely large image which works in correlation with my main cover image and is linked to the article itself. I may also incorporate this image into my text by having the text (which will be clearly separated into columns) wrap around elements of the image to tie everything in together. From my focus group it was apparent that, while both would be accepted, a Q&A would be more appreciated and easier for new readers to enjoy. Ideas that may feature on my contents page Contents Page To stick with current magazine conventions to make a successful publication I will set the layout of my contents page to a rule of thirds grid. This will mean that it is much more

formal Proposal

Transcript: RESOURCE REQUIREMENTS TARGET AUDIENCE SECONDARY RESEARCH EXAMPLES Hair We have completed a questionnaire based on the topic hair, this will help us find out whether people would find it interesting or not. Possible interviews: professionals such as hairdressers, someone with alopecia etc. Cutaways: someone getting their hair cut, someone dying their hair and a shot of hairdressers. Our documentary is based on the topic of Hair which is a topic that comes under lifestyle. As a group we would like the documentary to be informative but not too text heavy. We do not want it to be too scientific, therefore we will include various clips, music and photos. We will also talk about hair disorders but won't make it too emotional. OUTLINE OF CONTENT STYLE OF DOCUMENTARY Mixed NARRATIVE STRUCTURE HD video camera Tripod Interviewees Camera Quiet location Computer Adobe premiere pro Age: 16-60 Gender: Both female and male CHANNEL AND SCHEDULING Formal Proposal TOPIC It will be aired on channel 4 at 9pm (21:00). This is because we want a mature audience and hair is a topic that is won't be of interest for children therefore it will be put on in the late evening (normally when children go to sleep). It will be an OPEN NARRATIVE structure and it will be SINGLE STRANDED as there is only one topic which is 'Hair'. As well as this, it will be non-linear as there is no chronological structure. TYPE OF DOCUMENTARY We will need to research: Youtube clips such as music Archive Material - youtube clips, our own photos newspaper articles cutaway ideas search engines such as google - eg; alopecia PRIMARY RESEARCH NEEDED Interviewees/Vox pops What hair means to people? eg: good haircuts/bad haircuts What is hair used for? eg: soy sauce, wigs/extensions Cultural hair eg: afro, corn row, dread locks Trend Setters eg: celebrities

Formal Proposal

Transcript: Gender: Female For the double page spread I would like to continue the colour scheme, but focus more on the light blues, with light flares around the edges of the page. For the main image I would like the artist sitting down to appear more approachable and relatable, as the audience will read and learn about them. I would like this image to fill up most of one of the two pages, with the title and the text on the second page. I chose to create an Indie Pop magazine because I think that there is a gap in the market for a magazine of this genre. It is also quite a unique genre of music, meaning that it has quite a select following and there will be less competition for my magazine. Indie music isn't extremely well known, but is becoming more recognised, meaning that my audience will continue to grow as people want to find out more about the genre. Initial Ideas I wish to produce an Indie Pop magazine called Haze. I chose Haze for the title because I think that it best reflects the calm nature and obscurity of the genre, it’s catchy and intriguing, and my target audience liked this name the best. The majority of indie pop artists are white, meaning that they will most likely attract an audience that is also white. This means that the majority of the target audience of my magazine will also be white. Choice of Genre Age: 16-19 Contents Page Target Audience Profile My target audience will be aged 16-19 because Indie Pop has a younger audience, as it is modern and many of the artists are quite young themselves. My target audience would be female because there are very few music magazines aimed towards a female audience, and if they are they talk more about fashion and gossip. There are a lot of females who are interested in music, but there are very few magazines that take advantage of this and inspire girls to create music. In addition, Indie Pop is a very female dominated genre, meaning that there would be a larger female fan base. Initial Ideas Social Class: B/C1 For the contents page I would like to have pictures of four artists, including the one on the cover and I would like to have the images dotted around the page, to create a sense of community. I would also like the articles to be listed in columns, with subtitles for the different segments of my magazine. Morgan volunteers in a charity shop on the weekend and likes to help others. She enjoys reading, watching plays and films, and also plays the guitar. She posts her own songs and covers onto her YouTube channel and is extremely passionate about music. In her spare time she makes clothes and experiments with her style, meets up with friends for coffee, and enjoys going to concerts and festivals. Morgan loves to discover new music, especially in the Indie genre. Lifestyle Title of Music Magazine For the front cover of my magazine I would like to use a mid shot of the model, as this is conventional within music magazines. I don't wish to use secondary images, as I think that it will make the page look cluttered, when it's meant to look relaxing to reflect the indie pop genre. The model will be looking at the camera, as I think that direct address is important on a cover to connect with the audience. I would like the background of the main image to be plain white, but with either rainbow light flares across it or faded tree branches, as they both connote the indie genre. I would like the colour scheme to mimic a sky at sunset, as I think that this will relax and calm the audience. Target Audience Profile Initial Ideas Double Page Spread Front Cover Ethnicity: White Their social class would be B/C1 because they are young and don't yet have a full time job. Target Audience Profile Formal Proposal

Formal Proposal

Transcript: Formal Proposal If plan not approved LCRV Project will not meet deadline and NDD will purchase vehicle from another company No profits will be seen from 4 months of work and development Jac-ab will not be holding true to its mission statement of producing most advanced truck bodies Purchasing ASUS CM6870-US-3AB Contracting CMIT Solutions Installing ASUS CM6870-US-3AB Installing software Correcting Incorrect Translations Conclusion Dell XPS computers in the Design Department were once sufficient Upgraded from Catia V5 software to Catia V6 Catia V5 software to Pro/E V5 requirements 2.0 GHz and 256 MB of memory Dell XPS computers have 2.0 GHz processors and 256 MB of memory Duties Need ASUS CM6870-US-3AB desktop computers are needed by the LCRV Design Engineers in the Design Department to import 3D models from Catia V6 software to Pro/E V5 for the LCRV Project. Scope The following plan includes: Methods for minimizing incorrect translations while maintaining proper 3D modeling format Projected costs for ASUS CM6870-US-3AB A demonstration of feasibility and cost effectiveness A summary of attitudes shared by personnel Hired at Oshkosh Defense Corporation as Design Engineer in the Power train Department Provide a new generation of advanced and tough truck bodies to revolutionize the industry by making jobs easier, safer, and more productive. Maintain a clean and safe working environment per OSHA standards Maintain product and company reputation Monitor project progress Leading manufacturer of access equipment, specialty vehicles, and truck bodies for the primary markets of defense, concrete placement, refused hauling, access equipment, and fire and emergency Background Personnel Responsibilities Statement of Problem If proposal approved the LCRV Project will meet the May deadline set by the NDD The 4 months of development already put into the LCRV project will see profits Jac-ab will continue its reputation of providing the most advanced and tough truck bodies Feasibility 5 Years in United States Marine Corps Overview Proposed Plan By: Josh Sohn Dell XPS computers in the LCRV Design Department have become insufficient Requirements for Catia V6 software and Pro/E V5 are 2.4 GHz or higher and 1024 MB of memory The LCRV Design Engineers will not be able to correct all the incorrect translations in time to meet the May deadline set by the NDD Hired at Jac-ab Corporation as the Light Combat Ready Vehicle Project Lead Supervisor in 2010 Graduated with B.S. Mechanical Engineering from MSOE in 2006 As LCRV Project Lead Supervisor I strongly recommend the LCRV Design Department purchase the ASUS CM6870-US-3AB computers to minimize the incorrect translations between Catia V6 and Pro/E V5. This will reduce the frustration, exhaustion, and raise the moral of the LCRV Design Engineers. If we purchase the ASUS CM6870-US-3AB computers and correct the LCRV Projects 3D models then the NDD will purchase the LCRV Project LCRV Project Lead Supervisor Projected Costs Frustrated Moral is going down Exhausted Equipment ASUS CM6870-US-3AB (100 computers x $849.99) $84,999.00 _________ Subtotal $84,999.00 Contracting CMIT Solutions ($125/day x 3 people x 7 days) $2,625.00 ________ Subtotal $2,625.00 ________ TOTAL FUNDING REQUEST $87624.00 Review project proposals and plans Determine project responsibilities and specifications Schedule project deadlines Confer with the director of operations Jac-ab Corporation My Career Path Our unsurpassed commitment to our customers allows us to ensure the best products on the market Incorrect translations while importing the LCRV Projects 3D models from Catia V6 software to Pro/E V5 software has exceeded expectations The LCRV Design Departments Dell XPS computers have become insufficient LCRV Design Engineers will not be able to correct the unexpected incorrect translations Beyond exhibiting need, the feasibility of correcting the incorrect translations between Catia V6 and Pro/E V5 can be measured through an objective evaluation of cost effectiveness

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