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Food Waste Powerpoint Template

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Food Waste:

Transcript: 6% of food waste occurs at the supermarket level 12% of fresh produce that is stocked in our local markets is wasted Preliminary Solutions Price Chopper Where do we go from here? Field Observations Different Stores, Different Stories Digital Tracking Presentation by: Ruthanne Cantele, Robert Eldredge, and Jonathan Magliulo Community Donations Digitally managed fresh merchandise Pull spoiled merchandise off shelves before other foods are affected Allows for more efficient handling Produce Separation DID YOU KNOW? Inaccurate sell-by and expiration dates Compost food past its prime Composting Sell-by and Expiration dates are NOT required by Federal Law on any food substances other than baby food and formula! Storage bins that contain produce at different levels of freshness that can be reduced in price according to how close they are to expiration The Supermarket Crisis Individual Labeling Save-A-Lot Expiration dates tailored to each specific, individual item Quality Control Measures Produce checked on a daily basis individually checked Freshest in front Against corporate policy to give away food Removed food is reclaimed by retailers Outline Comments or Questions? Problem Definition Causes Research Possible Solutions Point of Sale system Stocking based on shelf hold Only regulation: can't mix food types Typically have damaged food products in deliveries a few times a week Factory caused Oldest products in front Produce Disposal handled three different ways Storage dumpster Sent to farmers for use as feed or fertilizer Donated to Feed America Walmart Supercenter Donate food that has passed its recommended date of use to homeless shelters We Are The 6% Food Waste: Oldest products in front so that they are bought before reaching their sell-by date When food expires, it is entered into the computer system and thrown away Why is this happening?

Food Waste

Transcript: Companies and restaurants... Common Ideas: . Manage your stock . Improve your supply chain management Governments Our solutions . Supermarkets put their perished products in the street . Example: Katowice, Berlin... . Restaurants usually make too big portions of food. . Website such as "think, eat, save" or "love food hate waste". . Eat it! Brainstorming... 1/3 of global food production is lost or wasted each year averaging 1.3 bn tones worth around US$1 trillion Consumers in industrialized countries waste as much food as sub-saharan African countries produce each year Valuable resources are therefore also wanted - Make a shopping list after checking your fridge - Buy smaller portions - Buy products with long "best before date" - Shop more often but for less products in your neighborhood How people do not waste food? Who is not wasting food? Business approach: - Do not realize their over buying food - Leftover from cooking - Lack of awareness - Shopping list not often used - Confusion about "best before" and "use by" date label - Lack of knowledge on how to cook leftovers (household) - Standard portion size, difficulty to forecast the number of clients (catering) - Stock management inefficiencies, marketing strategies (2 for 1, buy 1 get 1 free) - Over production, product and packaging damage ( farmers and food manufacturing) - Inadequate storage (whole food chain), inadequate packaging Why do not people waste so much food? Food we consume and waste When do not people waste food? - LEGAL - CONSCIOUSNESS - TASTE OF FOOD Positive WHEN? Techniques of Creative Thinking Charles... - Supermarkets - Developed country - Catering - Hospital - Kinder garden - Restaurant - Fast food outlet - Food court outlet - Grocery store - Single person households less than larger one Negative Methodology - In space - Poor country Where is not food wasting? Final consumer approach: Negative Negative - Food waste and climate changes - Landfill and pollution - Food production life cycle - Paddock to plate Positive How do people waste food? . Give food to charity... . Some restaurants give you fine or discount if you finish your plate... or not. . 1/3 of food is wasted in the world. . Be mindful while you grocery shop. Buy smart: - We all waste food unnecessarily, we don't realize how much food we throw - Larger households waste more - Older people waste as much avoidable food as younger - Children "Zero Waste" application. Negative WHO? R. Kipling wrote a poem... it was called "Six Serving Men"... Everyone: How not to waste food? . More than 20% of all cultivated land, 30% of forest and 10% of grassland are undergoing degradation . Globally 9% of the fresh water resources are withdrawn, 70% of this by irrigated agriculture . Agriculture and land use changes like deforestation contribute to more than 30% of total global greenhouse gas emissions . Globally the agri-food system accounts for nearly 30% of end-user available energy . Overfishing and poor management contribute to declining numbers of fish, 30% of marine fish stocks are now considered overexploited - When they do sleep - When they chew gum :) Where is good food wasting? Introduction Positive Restaurants: . Biodiesel. . Give your leftovers to your animals.. . Transform it in fertilizer . "Project limited wasting" - Store the unneeded food in your freezer - Use Tupperware Why? Problems - Plan your meals - Be creative - Watch your serving size - Eat your leftovers - See all food & lifestyle articles - Freeze - Share food - Buying food by weight - Shopping online Simon... Creation of an application promoting short "best before date" products in supermarket... Simon GUIOT - 2309 Altantuya AMGALAN - 171443 Olga PIOTROWSKA - 172663 Charles GALLOUEDEC - Our project: Who is wasting food? - Develop smaller portions. - Adapt the price of products when "best before date" is close to minimize wastes.. - When 2 for 3 promotion: get the 3rd product later. - Imagine new dishes with you leftovers - Make fertilizer - Create your own energy (if enough clever..) - Get some chickens Final consumers - Adapt the portions. - Limit your menu to few dishes. - Fine people for not finishing their plate. How not to waste food? Food industry: Use your creativity: . Agriculture wasting. . NGOs... . Sensibilisation campaign. . Arcimboldo - Create new process of food making. - Give unsellable products to NGOs,... - Do not overproduce. Negative Positive: Problems Olga... Involving all the stakeholders from the farmer to the final consumer... Supermarkets Positive When do people waste food? Altaa... Waste Limiting Project. - Financial helps if business are involved - Yearly challenge promoted by the government to reward the bests companies of each sectors HOW? - Supermarkets and farmers reject a vast amount of food before it reaches the supermarkets - Bad for health What is good for the environment? WHERE? - When they eat food - When they buy food / avoidable food Why people waste so much food? Impact its

Food Waste

Transcript: How Will We Inform others? Problem Vegetables: * Refridgerate Vegetables in cold, dark places * Make sauces/soups from unused vegetables (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr * Jessica Mar Food waste accounts for: Plan before you Shop Survey what you need, not want Use a shopping list Check labels for information Avoid shopping when you are hungry! * People are able to afford waste Thanks for listening! * * * REMEMBER, Don't waste food! Bread: * Store bread in airtight containers * Freeze bread to use as toast Fruits: * Place ripen fruits in the fridge * Use lemon juice on fruits Prevention Tips How to Preserve and Store Food: Food Waste * Joanne Wong Causes By: * Lanran Lu * When food rots, it produces methane. * Methane = 25X more harmful than CO2. * Adding contribution to greenhouse gas emissions. * Leading to abnormal climate changes * Every stage from production to consumption (cc) photo by jimmyharris on Flickr Food Waste * Excessive quantities and varieties of products (cc) photo by Franco Folini on Flickr * Defined as: losses in production/consumption * 1/4 of US food wasted annually * Meanwhile, millions go hungry daily * Often, people just don't consider it * Food winds up rotting in landfills * Lots of waste is still usable Grocery stores Educational institutions * 31 million tons thrown into landfills. Effects of Food Waste * Food scraps = 3rd largest U.S. waste. * Leading to billions of money spent. * Processing garbage costs $1 billion dollars. Posters! Vegetable/fruit scraps can become compost! * * Only using parts, tossing the rest Few examples of our Posters: * Handling/storage issues cause unsafe food (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr * Production standards, often based on appearance Causing Global Warming:

Food Waste

Transcript: We plan to take students to Butler's Orchard in Germantown, MD. The visit to the orchard will be affordable for students costing only eight dollars per person. Lowering the amount of food wasted on campus saves money for both students and the University. Our goal is to educate students about the harmful effects of food waste. Angelica Chantal Natalia Decomposing food waste emits harmful gases that cause global warming. Afterword, we will bring students back to have a discussion. Proper disposal of food Americans waste annually costs one billion dollars. In order to do this we will start at the source. Most Loyola students are unaware of the problems associated with food waste. Students will be able to pick their own fruits and vegetables to make into a salad or take home. A Day at the Orchard Team Food Fight Reach for the Sky Branching Out The average American family throws away 200 pounds of food per year. We hope the students will be influenced by their experiences and want to take action. Thirty billion dollars of food is wasted annually in the United States and the Loyola Community contributes to this deficit. Root of the Problem Core of the Problem Students will learn where their food comes from and going. The Solution Share your food! By following these simple tips you can reduce the amount of food you waste. Don’t go shopping on an empty stomach! Make sure to maintain your refrigerator and freezer. This trip will be cost efficient for the university. You can prevent food waste by buying and shopping better.

Food Waste

Transcript: Food Waste/Loss- Food that is discarded, lost, uneaten History Lesson Watch! Learn! Be Aware! Give Waste A Place! Just to the Table Food Takes Up... McDonalds Golden Corral Ask for a box immediately after receiving your food. Eat your salad first. Don't order what you know you won't eat. Just the Facts! Diversion Rate- The percentage of waste materials diverted from traditional disposal such as landfilling or incineration to be recycled, composted, or re-used. Just a 15% reduction in the U.S. food supply would save enough to feed 25 MILLION Americans! So, saving 5% of U.S. Food waste could feel all 9.6 million U.S. residents that experience hunger Household waste- $54 billion Retail waste-$44 Billion Farming waste- $38 Billion Food Waste Less Waste while Dining Out! Browns, Greens, Water After the War Baby Boomers The Great Depression "Eat Your Veggies" Food = expectation A family of 4 will waste an average of 14% of their food. Operation Big Lots! Student Night What is it? How do I Make A Compost Pile? 40%-50% of all food for harvest in the U.S. never gets eaten. American's are at the Top of the Waste Chain Kroger Starbucks Wal-Mart Donatos Gordon Food Service YOU!! Drill half-an-inch diameter holes in the bottom and sides of a plastic garbage can. Place a brick in the bottom of a larger garbage can, surround the brick with a layer of wood chips or soil, and place the smaller can inside on top of the brick. Wrap insulation around the outer can to keep the compost warm and cover the cans with a lid. Blackened Bananas and Soft Apples are key to cooking. Compost Donate Set Limits Activity Time! Disposal costs the U.S. around $41 Billion each year All but 2% of the 30 million TONS of food waste ends up in landfills each year Food Waste in the Wrong Hands Donations!! Save the Produce! Use immediately/ Buy right before you need them If they go bad- Compost! Make pie, flavored bread, or cider! Dehydrate Stadium Cleanup -Viking Stadium Food In the RIGHT Hands! Works Cited "Basic Information about Food Waste." EPA. Environmental Protection Agency, . 24 J uly 2012. Web. 29 Oct. 2012. . . . <>. Bloom, Jonathan. American Wasteland: How America Throws Away Nearly Half of Its Food (and What We Can Do about It). Cambridge, MA: Da Capo, 2010. Print. FOOD WASTE Fruits and vegetables; The forgotten waste. Reuters. "Food Waste: Americans Throw Away Nearly Half Their Food, $165 Billion Annually, Study Says." The Huffington Post., 21 Aug. 2012. Web. 27 Oct. 2012. <>. . Parenting is changing. Ohio State Stadium "Zero Waste" Is America Lazy? Eichenseher, Tasha. ". "365 Trillion Gallons of Water Thrown Away With Our Food Every Year." National Geographic. N.p., Sept.-Oct. 2010. Web. 28 Sept. 2012. <.>. Please wait for instructions Thoughts about food. Baier, Bret. "Has America Become 'Lazy'?" Fox News. FOX News Network, 14 Nov. 2011. Web. 29 Oct. 2012. <>. Why are they important? Who donates!? 1609-1610 Jamestown Late 1700s- early 1800s Susannah Carter's cookbook 1900s Great Depression Limited food supply Two World Wars Bloom, Jonathan. American Wasteland: How America Throws Away Nearly Half of Its Food (and What We Can Do about It). Cambridge, MA: Da Capo, 2010. Print. Landfills are currently overflowing-moving to new locations. Rotten food produces Methane Gas Landfills account for 25% of U.S. Methane Emissions Lazy...Nah! We Are OSU! Calvin, Matt. "Mid-Ohio Food Bank Donations." Telephone interview. 1 Nov. 2012. "Mid-Ohio Food Bank Annual Report 2011." Feeding America, 2012. Web. 29 Oct. 2012. <>. Americans Waste: 365 Trillion Gallons of Water with their food 28% of the 350 lbs. of available food Why Does it matter? Mid-Ohio Food Bank With the amount of food Americans waste, there is no reason for a hungry soul,the nation's three thousand homeless shelters, or death from malnourishment; therefore, as a society we need to step up and MAKE A CHANGE Each American wastes an average of 1/2- 1 lb. of food each day! "Environmental Issues: Food and Agriculture." Reducing Food Waste and Losses in the U.S. Food Supply. N.p., 21 Aug. 2012. Web. 27 Oct. 2012. <>. Landfills 10% of the United States' total energy budget 50% of the U.S. land 80% of freshwater in the U.S. #excuses #lawsuit #trashcan #timelimits

powerpoint template

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