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Food Waste Powerpoint Template

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Food Waste

Transcript: Situation Overview The Global Trashcan Demographics Recruitment Method: Convenience Sampling Group 1: Classmates 6 People 20 Minutes Group 2: USC Graduate Students 5 People 25 Minutes People are bothered by wasting food because it is a waste of money, a waste of good food and because it makes them feel guilty. Most impactful messages in the US: 21 million Americans depend upon charitable food donations to prevent their families from going hungry, yet food banks’ emergency programs frequently run out of food. In 2009, 14% of U.S. households were food insecure –they didn´t know where their next meal would come from. Partner with the Feeding America Organization Help the US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) develop a communications campaign on “food waste.” Survey Students Associates Family members Friends In August '09 the Natural Resources Defense Counsel reported 40% of food goes to waste in the US 2010: 35 million tons of food was wasted On average, Americans waste $28-42 of food (20lbs) 2009: 14% of US Households were food insecure Questions? Focus Group Build Awareness about EPA Did you know... A diagnostic and Prescriptive Approach to Food Waste in China, Chile and the US photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Over the course of a Year... 5% of people have heard of EPA > Increase awareness from 5-20% 23% of people are very familiar with the consequences of food waste > Increase familiarity from 23% to 33% People say they throw away 24% of food on average > Decrease waste from 24% to 13% 27% of people say they don't plan their shopping > Increase pre-shopping planning from 27% to 37% 73% of people keep leftovers from 1-5 days before tossing them out > People should eat leftovers within 1-5 days 35% of people say they don't think about the financial cost of waste > Increase cost awareness from 35% to 45% International Perspective Focus Group Male: 1 Female: 10 USC Students Campaign Goal Increase Empathy Research Findings US Child Food Insecurity Rates Demographics To reduce the amount of food that ends up in the garbage of the household, by assessing awareness and ultimately changing the behavior of consumers so that less food is wasted. Most people have never heard of the EPA Most people view food waste as a social welfare issue but not as an environmental issue. >17% of landfills=food scraps >Greenhouse gasses >Global warming bandwagon Methods: Videos Advertisements Posters Research Goal So... Research Summary The US Environmental Protection Agency has asked us for help... Number of Participants: 1,400 People Invited 208 Surveys Started 165 Surveys Completed Survey Response Window: 10 days Number of Questions: 20 Reducing Food Waste at Home Campaign Benchmarks, Goals and Objectives The Global Trash Can Throwing away food = Throwing away money Rethink sales: buying more when there are sales will generally leads to wasting more food, thus wasting money Promote websites like With Patrick Pre-shopping planning Organizing Refrigerator and Shelves Donating Non-Perishables Composting Most people throw away food between 1&5 days >Create a "5 day plate" simple recipes to teach people how to recycle their food throughout a 5 day period Explain Financial Cost With Yuxin Research Findings Survey Recommendations Recruitment Method: Convenience Sampling Yahoo! Answers Facebook Twitter Word of Mouth RenRen Weibo QQ Research Goals A Prescriptive Diagnosis of Food Waste in China, Chile and the United States

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