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Food Vintage Powerpoint Template

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Transcript: Graphics researches the whole was too saturated tee shirt is not important * Give a new image of the soup Bring it up to date * Make it attractive for children title typography what does it have to look like ? CONCLUSION centrifugal * Ad the saucepan * Ad the background 1 -place all the elements on the bottom children Creation steps happiness, good humor = youngest children can understand µ* Ad the editor the picture temple people difficulties The text & its typography centered : create a frame which highlight the text an upward oblique : create a link with the front cover I reproduced typography dafont in the "Retro" section the real to the imaginary soup causes sensations, develops imagination An oblique composition = dynamism * Change colors happy soups THE BACK COVER Ad or not some gingham fabric ? after warm color, saturated soup causes euphoria a joyful and childlike spirit, and puns for the playful dimension a childlike hanwriting which speaks to the target. the composition : Creation steps A simple but powerful message Back cover Find a background which was well with the whole letters which are both round, script, big and large + HOOK TITLE the saucepan movement, projection WHAT IS VINTAGE ? ascentionnelle oblique * Cut * Create the composition Target -cut vegetables -compose -color change 5 A mix of styles to create a new one children become familiar with the soupe an exchange is creates difficulties pacaud style = Quirky, fun, does not conform to reality, play with colors the ladle orange or yellow background? Softer than the front cover * a joyful spirit which speaks to the target * well sized for children Intentions vintage = contrast BACK COVER The tools symbol of young INSPIRATION -write title and autors contact between the soup and the child 2 radiant 3 A vintage cookbook soup isa fluid flat, transmits this feature to children who wave, jump The theme INSPIRATION The colors curved FRONT COVER A vintage photomontage around 2 kitchen tools 4 colored tee shirt band colors or not? the composition : -cut child -replace their t-shirt by bright yellow background / faded vegetables modern saucepan / authentic vegetables serpentine THE front COVER vegetables schematic childish appetite orange background was disgusting , fade look yellow was more gay, punch Front cover the summary tempt people explosion in mouth -cut colored bands Graphics researches The colors before colors fade soup'd hate background with white gradient = progression -monotony to madness -kids love better soup -from bland colors to saturated colours

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