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Transcript: HEAVY PACKAGING LABEL DISADVANTAGES LAMINATED ALUMINUM POUCH Coefficient of Friction Folding carton with lamination Cardboard Divider Secondary Packaging Assisted 'Tear Here' for easy opening $1.25 Source: Food and Beverage Packaging Technology, Second Edition Thursday, 26 June 2015 Profiling of cap to add jagged surface to allow better grip when screw opening the cap LIGHT/UV PROTECTION Amber glass protects the light sensitive components in the health drink Product: Retort Health Collagen Drink Thickness DECORATIVE POSSIBILITIES Allows for large range of decorative accessories and labeling methods Processing steps 1. Contents are mixed together 2. Filled into packaging material 3. Sealed 4. Retorted @ 115°C for 15 minutes 5. Allowed to cool Aluminum has good barrier properties against UV, oxygen and water vapour GLASS BOTTLE Ong Wai Peng FRAGILE QUALITY IMAGE Glass is deemed as a 'high quality product and are prepared to pay premium for it RECOMMENDED PACKAGING FOR RETORTED HEALTH DRINK HEAT PROCESSABLE Glass is thermally stable and is suitable to undergo retort heating and in-container pasteurization Retort Collagen Drink's Content ALUMINUM SCREW CAP IMPERMEABILITY Glass is impermeable to oxygen and water vapour that can degrade the sensitive components in the drink RECOMMENDED PACKAGING FOR RETORTED HEALTH DRINK CHEMICAL INTEGRITY It is inert to all food products and do not migrate a taste or odour to the health drink. INGREDIENTS Peach Flavour Collagen Cynatine HNS Citric Acid Xylitol Water DSM Polimedical 11121 V3 with Biotin - Vitamin B1, B2, B6 - Biotin - Vitamin C - Niacin - Zinc Material Certificate of Analysis Oxygen Transipration Rate Temper evident Water Vapour Transipration Rate Seal Strength Flexible pouch to squeeze content in to mouth High barrier properties against water vapour, UV and oxygen Laminated to provide surface for printing and form a barrier between the health drink and aluminum Light weight and strong packaging Can be hermetically sealed Opening made easy with slits made along the cap RIGIDITY Can perform roll-on metal closures to allow the aluminum screw cap to form on it. Materials to make the glass: Silicon Dioxide (Sand) Calcium Carbonate Iron Oxide ADVANTAGES FOOD PACKAGING Cap interior lined with polypropylene liners to ensure water and air tight PRODUCT TREATMENT RealLife© Health Collagen Drink Collagen 7000mg Made in Singapore Supplement information Servings per package: 1 bottle Serving size: 50mL Each Bottle contains: Collagen 7000mg Cynatine 50mg Vitamin B1 13.33mg Vitamin B2 11.43mg Vitamin B6 13.33mg Vitamin C 640mg Biotin 52mg Niacin 50mg Zinc 1.28mg Other ingredients: Water, Xylitol, Critic Acid, Peach Flavour Keep Product in a cool and shady place Manufactured by: Molly Medical Company Pte Ltd 22 Sims Street #01-289 Yi An Factory Building Singapore 123456 Batch Serial No: BTH123456 Expiry Date: 28 06 2016 Collagen is a protein in connective tissues found in skin, bones and muscles Protein helps in tissue building and growth AMBER GLASS

Food packaging

Transcript: Food Packaging Sausages Sausage Preservation and Packaging Sausage products is one of the main part of processed meat products. In order to meet the needs of consumption, various types of sausage packaging machines are required to achieve massive production capacity. Sausage is a kind of food with rich nutrition and high moisture content. Its shelf life may only be 3 to 4 days for a short time and 6 months for a long time. The duration of preservation mainly depends on the moisture content and processing method of sausage. Processes related to sausage preservation Processes related to sausage preservation Considering the relationship between the packaging and preservation of sausages, there are basically the following situations: The sterilization conditions The sterilization conditions The period from sterilization to packaging The period from sterilization to packaging This period takes a few hours at least and a day and a night at most. After packaging After packaging The internal pollution of the products is continuing, and oxygen will enter through the film slowly, so the partial pressure of oxygen in the bag will gradually increase, and the residual bacteria and contaminated bacteria will begin to multiply. The higher the temperature of preservation, the faster the bacterial proliferation. Packaging Technology Packaging Technology The packaging of the sausage is based on different packaging and operation processes as it is sterilized after packaging and if the casing is breathable. Different processes according to the type of casing Different processes according to the type of casing Airtight casing As the casing is waterproof and microorganisms cannot pass, after sterilization, the product can be maintained in a long term and avoid secondary contamination. Avoids secondary contamination. Airtight casing Breathable casing Breathable casing Free juice, fat and water flow to the outside of the product. The free substance adheres to the surface of the product and becomes the nutrient source of the microorganism. Microorganisms on the surface of the products will multiply and form secondary contamination. Can generate secondary contamination. Packaging method Packaging method Packaging methods can be divided into vacuum packaging and gas filling packaging. The purpose of both methods is to reduce the effect of oxygen on product quality. Vacuum packing Vacuum packing The purpose is to reduce the influence of oxygen on products by deoxidation or vacuum. The effect of vacuum is to keep the gut and sausage under vacuum and inhibit the proliferation and oxidation of bacteria. Inert gas filling packaging Inert gas filling packaging Which uses an airtight film and fills it with inert gases (e.g. nitrogen). When filling with gas, oxygen must be removed from the bag before filling it. This type of packaging must be carried out under hygienic conditions. Secondary sterilization Secondary sterilization If a breathable sausage wrap is used, during the period from sterilization to packaging, the surface of the product may become contaminated. To restore the product needs heating or secondary sterilization after packaging. The temperature, time and cooling conditions of secondary sterilization vary depending on the degree of surface contamination. Billing and packaging date Billing and packaging date Materials and methods Materials and methods Products always have to be in contact with people, so contamination can occur at any time, so we must prevent bacterial contamination through packaging. Properties of Packaging Materials Properties of Packaging Materials Most of the packaging materials used for sausages are plastic. Plastics have a wide range of properties. Oxygen isolation. Anti-humidity. Light proof. Impact resistance. Cold Tolerance. Heat resistance. Formability. Heat shrinkage. Oil resistance. Thermal bonding. Sliding property. Spacing stability. Static dissipative. Transparency. Gloss. Deformation resistance. Thank you! The end By: Agustina De La Torre and Constanza Parodi


Transcript: Food Packaging Mirna Salem Intro into food packaging Intro Consumers today enjoy a wide array of food products from which to choose, but they also face a daunting challenge when trying to make healthful food choices. Packaging can influence consumer purchase decisions. When shopping for food, consumers face aisle after aisle of shelves filled with very similar products. Information from food industry reports and leaders indicates that consumers are spending less time on food shopping, making quick decisions at the shelf and placing great value on being able to get in and out of a store quickly. Product packaging is designed to influence those decisions. Influence on consumers decisions How does product packaging influence those decisions? Branding seeks to build, reinforce, and convey a product’s identity. Brands that are familiar, easily recognizable, and associated with positive attributes such as quality, value, health, or enjoyment generally have a competitive advantage over less recognizable brands (Aaker, 1991). On food packages, product images, names, slogans, symbols, logos, and licensed characters are all used to build, reinforce, or convey brand identity to consumers. Many packages also include product images or photographs that show the appearance of the food inside. Product claims include a wide range of messages, from descriptions of the product (e.g., “crispy toasted rice”) or how it is made (e.g., “organic”) to subjective evaluations (e.g., “delicious”) and nutrition-related claims. Nutrition claims can be structure/function claims (e.g., “calcium builds strong bones”), nutrient content claims (e.g., “zero calories” or “good source of vitamin C”), or health claims (e.g., “While many factors affect heart disease, diets low in saturated fats and cholesterol may reduce the risk of heart disease”). Promotions can include special offers (e.g., discounts, coupons), giveaways (e.g., toys, games), endorsements (e.g., from celebrities), partnerships (e.g., with professional sports leagues, hit movies), and sponsorships (e.g., of an event or for a cause) designed to increase product appeal to consumers. Products that use marketing methods Products that use those marketing methods are likely to be high in undesirable nutrients: An ad hoc committee identified evidence suggesting that a high percentage of food products bearing nutrition claims and other product information used in marketing are likely to be high in undesirable nutrients such as saturated and trans fats, sodium, and added sugars. Findings from these studies do not suggest that product packaging includes false claims that are in violation of food labeling regulations, rather that many packages containing foods high in undesirable nutrients include other claims about positive nutrient-related characteristics of the product. In other words, the package of a food high in fat would not claim it is low in fat, but might highlight that it is high in vitamin A. How packaging influences our choices: Promotional marketing on food packages may also influence consumer preferences and decisions. For example, research shows that a large majority (85 percent) of packaging targeting children uses cartoon-like graphics and typology (Elliott, 2008). To examine the effects of such on-package marketing, Roberto et al. (2010) had children ages 4-6 years taste and rate identical pairs of gummy fruit snacks, graham crackers, and carrots presented in packaging that did or did not include popular cartoon characters. After tasting both, children were also asked to select the product they would choose for a snack. Children preferred the taste of products that came in packages containing a cartoon character (Roberto et al., 2010). Influences our choices Proof#2 Study#2 In a randomized experiment, Kozup et al. (2003) examined consumer reactions to adding heart-healthy claims to packages of frozen lasagna dinner. Participants were 147 primary food shoppers who completed the study protocol online. Findings showed that those exposed to packages containing the claim reported significantly more favorable nutrition attitudes about the product than those who saw the same package without the label. These attitudes included judging the product to be “nutritious,” “good for your heart,” and “part of a healthy diet.” Negative influence on our health Negative influence on our health Chronic diseases, such as heart disease, cancer, stroke, and diabetes, are among the leading causes of death in the United States, accounting for at least 6 out of every 10 deaths each year (Kochanek et al., 2011) and placing a substantial burden on the nation’s healthcare spending (Schoenberg et al., 2007; Vogeli et al., 2007; Cunningham, 2009). The literature on epidemiological, clinical, and laboratory studies linking behavioral risk factors and mortality suggests that poor diet and lack of physical activity are strongly associated with mortality and may soon replace tobacco as a leading cause of An

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