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Follow up

Transcript: Welcome to the training EVERYBODY has been talking about the FOLLOW THROUGH training presented by Douglas and Bron first things first... announcements Getting started... today we are looking to find ways to follow through in obvious places we invite you to please participate in this training as we this week get a dialogue going on what is follow through? why do we not follow through? why do our employees not follow through? who loses and what are the consequences? later in the training we will discuss these and other points first we would like to show you a short video "Between the Folds" enjoy following the video we will ask that you please break up into groups await instructions on your project. team one (room 253) Dave, Tim, Denise and Trudy team two (room 204) Karla, Rebecca, Rob, John and Kezah team three (room 252) Derrick, Bill, Sue and Marla team four (room 202) Bob, Fred, Jason, Mike and Alan So, you all had a project to do, the same project make a "peace dove" one per each. How did that work out? so here were the differences in each group team one Dave, Tim, Denise and Trudy what did you have? any follow ups? team two (room 204) Karla, Rebecca, Rob, John and Kezah what did you have for the project? any follow ups? team three (room 252) Derrick, Bill, Sue and Marla what did you have? team four (room 202) Bob, Fred, Jason, Mike and Alan what did you have? you had a side project make a book mark. How did that work out? do you feel like you were excited about the project? Was there sufficient buy in? How about the expectations and time-frame, were they understood and sufficient to complete the task? did you start the project right away? How well did you manage your time? Did you take ownership of the project? if not who did? Were there any milestones you celebrated? How did you manage the process? What did your group need? did you ask for support? did you ask for supplies? did you ask for instructions?

Follow Up:

Transcript: Continual access to program staff and support services can have a tremendous effect on success. Your youth specialist can help you negotiate the world by providing guidance and instrumental assistance. Personal interaction between youth and youth specialist to provide counseling and mentorship. Contacts include phone calls, meetings and social and recreational activities. Retention Review Follow up services provide support and guidance after placement to promote retention in employment and education and assist in advancement in a job or educational ladder and personal development. Keep In Contact Sustained employment and connection to the workforce or continued participation in a long term education or job training program until completion. Includes achievement of higher employ ability skills, higher wages, benefits, better position, degrees or certificates. What Should I Do? Advancement Provide YS With Info/Docs Do Your Best! Contact YS regularly/Respond to YS immediately. Provide YS with Info/Docs Put forth your best effort. Follow Up: What Are My Responsibilities? At this point you have gained enough experience to know that your success depends on you. Person's Responsible Are You Youth Specialists will be with you to offer support and assistance as needed to help gain independence. Contact Critical performance data is gathered during the quarters after youth have exited the program. Tracking and data collection are required to measure and report performance and success. Such successes generates public support for Ola I Ka Hana

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