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Flower Petal Powerpoint Template

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Transcript: Flower Power The Subjects Chart The Matrix Singing THE FLOWER Step 1: Special Knowledges Helping Baking Singing Step 1 Step 2: People-Environments Learned at Home Learned from Training and Workshops Low (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr Love Quality Relationships Entertaining Driving How to take car of a pet Patience General Knowledge Saving Organize doodles Budapest San Francisco Enthusiasm Typing English Spanish Ceramics Cartooning Art Dance Public Speaking Advertising Psychology History Womens Studies Communications Math Taxes Teamwork Powerpoint Word Step 3: Working Conditions Step 7: Using there Tranferable Skills Shopping Entertaining Customer Service Animals Relationships Customer Service/Helping Notes Stockholm Drawing Singing Cupcake Decorating Working out Eating right Shopping Traveling (cc) photo by jimmyharris on Flickr Customer Service Teamwork Keeping Busy Helping Dealing w/money Working under pressure Time management Computers Cocktailing How to work in a fast paced environment Problem Solving Leadership Relationships Step 6: goals/Purposes/values (cc) photo by Franco Folini on Flickr Double click to crop it if necessary Low Public Speaking Active Listening Yoga Kickboxing Patience Basketball Singing Decorating Baking Kickboxing Helping Basketball Traveling High By Casey Chester E x p e r t i s e Step 4: Level of Responsibility and Salary Learned on the Job Baking Studied in High School or College (cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr High Important Details Waitressing Driving Working out Typing Dealing with Money Step 5: Where Learned in My Leisure Time

Flower Petal

Transcript: Flower Exercise By: Spencer Robillard The Seven Petals Seven Petals of Success This my Seven petals that help me identify and think about who I am and what type of person I want to be before going into a professional job inside the technology field. My Preferred Kinds of People to Work With: 1.Positive 2.Upbeat 3.Diligent 4.Hardworking 5.Focused Petal #1 My Favorite Working Conditions: 1.Calm 2.Relaxing 3.Clean 4.Collaborative 5.Flexible Petal #2 What I Can Do and Love to Do (My Favorite Transferable Skills: Petal #3 1.Coding 2.Creative 3.Gaming 4.Teamwork 5.Problem Solving 6.Projects 7.Time Management 8.Video/Website Creation 9.Leadership 10.Hardworking My Goal, Purpose, or Mission in Life (or my philosophy about Life): My Goal is to live life to my fullest doing what I love. I would like to do cybersecurity, coding, or online creations. Petal #4 My Favorite Knowledge or Fields of Interest: 1.Video or Online Creations 2.Coding 3.Gaming 4.Design 5.Cybersecurity Petal #5 Level of Responsibility I Would Like: I would like to be a team leader or be in a project manager for coding. Petal #6 My Preferred Salary Range: I would like to be in the 6 or 7 figure range. Other Rewards Hoped For: Chances for improvement or opportunities to improve in skills and My Preferred Places to Live: I would like to live in a small town and not too far from a big city location. Petal #7 My Preferred Geographical Factors: I would like to live by a beach or down south in the US. If the opportunity presented itself I would like to visit or live in Japan or in an asian continent.

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