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Florida Presentation

Transcript: Florida Presentation Angel Adonis Villalona *Orlando Universal *Florida Keys *Disney World *Magic Kingdom Sites/Evidence * Florida’s State animal is the panther. * A moonstone the fell from a meteorite in Florida was found and now it is known as the state gem. * Florida’s state flower is the orange blossom. * Florida’s state tree is the Sabal Palm. *Florida is the only state that has 2 rivers both with the same name. There is a Withlacoochee in north central Florida (Madison County) and a Withlacoochee in central Florida. They have nothing in common except the name. Artifacts coming up -Angel J.R. his assistant plox welp NHl: Florida Panthers, Tampa Bay Lightning. MLB: Miami Marlins, Tampa Bay Rays. NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars, Miami Dolphins, Tampa Bay Buccaneers. NBA: Orlando Magic, Miami Heat, Sports Teams in Florida NOBODY CARES *Dwight Gooden baseball player, Tampa Bay Rays. *Jarvis Landry football player, Miami dolphins, before he got traded to the browns. ;c (welp him) *Dan Marino football player, Miami Dolphins, retired in the year 2000. *Mike Evans football player, Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Famous Sports Players that play/ played for Florida. I love sports, but master Angel doesn't let me play them. Please convince him to let me play Amazing Creations made in Florida. * The largest cake in the world with a size of 827 square feet was made in Florida. It was a strawberry SHORTcake. * Gatorade was named after Florida Gators U. The drink was developed there. * The first graded road built in Florida was Old Kings Road in 1763. It was named for King George of England. * Miami Beach pharmacist Benjamin Green invented the first suntan cream in 1944. He accomplished this development by cooking cocoa butter in a granite coffee pot on his wife's stove. that cake isn't short though. Famous places in Florida * Florida was Founded on March 3, (my birthday) in the year 1845 and Florida became the 27th state to join the United States of America. * Ybor City was once known as the Cigar Capital of the World with nearly 12,000 tabaqueros (cigar-makers) employed in 200 factories. Ybor City produced an estimated 700 million cigars a year at the industry's peak. * In 1987 the Florida legislature designated the American alligator (Alligator mississippiensis) the official state reptile. Long an unofficial symbol of the state, the alligator originally symbolized Florida's extensive untamed wilderness and swamps.

Florida presentation

Transcript: The state is known as “The Sunshine State”. Florida has great beaches, Disney world, Kennedy Space Center and more... You could stay and eat in the Universal Orlando Resort In Florida, there are many forests, beaches, and animals. For example alligators, dolphins, horses, mockingbirds and there's also the Florida panther. Location designed by Péter Puklus for Prezi The state is very good. It's romantic, luxurious, the nature is great and it's worth the money. You are going to enjoy the holiday in this beautiful state! The Nature Flag In Florida, people mostly play basketball, football, hockey, and baseball The flag was approved in 1900. It consists of a white field, with a red cross and Florida's state seal. The cross was added because a white flag means surrender. The seal features a shoreline on which a Seminole woman is spreading hibiscus flowers and there's also a Sabal palm (Florida's state tree) in the background. Good things for a tourist to know about Florida The weather is very good. You should wear sunglasses, t-shirt, bikini or shorts. You should also get a cap if you don't have sunglasses but you probably do. Andrea Carrassco Castro Åstorp Sweden Population Sports Florida lies south to Mississippi, south to Alabama and south to Georgia. The Atlantic ocean and the Gulf of Mexico lie at Florida's coast. Over 20 million people live there. There are a lot of tourists in Florida. There were over 80 million tourists year 2009! In Florida you mostly speak English because the state lies in U.S.A, but over 60% of the population in Florida also speak spanish! The population are also christians. Flight to Florida Florida, the beautiful state Clothes Very good, at least 20°C every day and night but if a disaster happens, horrible stuff will happen to the state for example a hurricane The ticket costs only 2500kr. The flight takes 10 hours directly to Miami, Florida from Stockholm with Norwegian flights. Florida presentation Weather Famous sights

Florida Presentation

Transcript: Residential Price of Deer Hunting License: $17.00 Non-Resident Price of Deer Hunting License: $151.60 Average Amount Spent On a Student: $8,887 Child Support: $606 Taxes State Sales Tax: 7.5% Florida has no income tax Florida does have a lottery State Gas Tax: 53.4 cpg Diesel: 54.9 cpg Florida's Current State Constitution Was Written In 1968 The High School Exit Test Is Called FCAT To Purchase A Handgun In Florida, You Do Not Need A Permit, But You Do Need A Permit To Carry Your Handgun The Interstate Compact In Effect In Florida Is The Placement Of Children Drunk Driving: DUI First Conviction Can Be- Fine Of $250-500, 50 Hours Community Service, Probation For No More Than A Year, Imprisonment For No More Than 6 Months, Revoke License, Or DUI School For 12 Hours To Get A Learners Permit You Must Be 15 Years Old, Pass Required Written Test. To Get An Operators License You Must Be 16-17 Years Old, Held Permit For A Year, 50 Hours Driving Full License You Must Be 18 State Of Florida With Parental Consent: 16 or 17 years old Without Parental Consent: 18 years old Driving Other Info. Money Interstate Compact The End.!! :) Michelle Captain Capital- Tallahassee Seceretary Of State- Ken Detzner Min. Wage- $7.79 Florida by Michelle Capain Marriage Florida Does Have The Death Penatly. They Used Public Hanging, But In 1923 They Passed A Law Replacing Hanging With The Electric Chair. In 1997,Lethal Injection Was Used As A Backup Method If The Chair Were To Be Found Unconstitutional More Weird Info.

Florida Presentation

Transcript: Florida Fun Facts FL has the most golf courses of any state Fun Facts How many people move to Florida each day? 1000! No matter where you are in the state, you're never farther than 60 miles from a body of salt water Disneyworld workers have a special code for when someone tries to spread a family members ashes Flamingos are so pink because of the shrimp they eat MD Cost: $1,179 (Department of Health - BOM) No CSR Paper or Online Application Online Application Status Timeframe: 8-10 Weeks Requirements CBC Medical Degree Verification Exam Score Report ECFMG Verification (if applicable) State Licensure Verifications Post Grad Training Verification NPDB May be required to attend board meeting MD DO Cost: $755 (Department of Health - BOM) Timeframe: 6-8 Weeks Temp Offered Online Application Requirements CBC NBOME Scort Report State Licensure Verifications Post Grad Training Verifications AOA Profile FSMB Data Check NPDB DO PA Cost: $305 (Department of Health - BOM) Online or Paper Application Timeframe: 8-10 Weeks Requirements CBC PA Program Verification Verification of NCCPA State Licensure Verification Copy of diploma Two letters of recommendation PA Nursing Nursing Can be applied for at same time RN Cost: $110 (Board of Nursing) Online Application Timeframe: 6-8 weeks Not compact Requirements CBC CMEs Verification of Orinigal State of Licensure APRN Cost: $100 Paper Application Requirements National Certification Verification Proof of malpractice insurance or exemption Certificate verification (if applicable) License Verification

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