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Florida Atlantic University

Transcript: Psychology Criminal Justice Mathematics Architecture I would like to be a Psychologist. Bid Day is the last day to recruit new potential members as they receive bids to join chapters (sororities). Scholarships: Admission Requirements: Fall 2014: GPA: 3.44-4.19 Act: 22-26 Sat: 1520-1730 Teacher to Student Ratio: *High School transcript Ice Hockey Club Sororities- Alpha Delta Pi. Adam Jay Harris Memorial Coca Cola Scholarship Adelaide R. Joseph Snyder 25:1 The department of Psychology offers two undergraduate degrees leading to a Bachelor's Degree of Arts in Psychology. Psychology is one of the most popular majors at FAU. Offers Master's of the Arts and the Doctor of Philospohy Degree in Psychology. They have Developmental Psychology and Social Psychology. (Female to male ratio- 58:42) Majors: Clubs & Organization: A leadership program. Attractions of Boca Raton: Army ROTC- Non-Resident: on campus- $36.432 off campus- $36,454 777 Glades Road, Boca Raton, FL 33431 (561) 297-3000 Graduation Rate: South Beach park: It might not have a lot of traffic to get there but the sunset view is stunning and there is also a popular snorkeling activity that you can pursue. Florida Atlantic University Florida Atlantic University has an annual economic impact of $6.3 billion It stays very sunny as Florida is our sunshine state. Only Univerity in the country to have it's own recording label. Princeton Review has marked FAU's College of Buisness one of the best schools in the country. Undergraduate Cost: Image by goodtextures: Summer 2014: GPA: 3.28-3.92 Act: 20-23 Sat: 1410-1580 Museum of Art This dates back to the 1940's where people wanted to increase Boca's art presence. 60 years later, it preserves more than 4,000 pieces of art. 40% Fun Facts: Surf Club/ Team In-State on campus: Total- $22,432 In-State off campus: Total- $22,454

Florida Atlantic University

Transcript: Womens Admission Requirements! The annual tuition for Florida Atlantic University is $19,432 for instate and $31,553 for out of state. The tuition is almost double the cost if you live out of state. THANK YOU Basketball Baseball Tennis Football Swimming/Diving Cross-country Soccer Science Biological Sciences Chemistry Neuroscience and Behavior Physics Environmental Sciences Geology Pre-Health profession studies FAU offers a variety of sports for men and women to join on and be part of the FAU Owls! Softball Golf Swimming/Diving Beach Volleyball Soccer Track CLUBS Tuition Florida Atlantic University (FAU) offers a variety of degrees for most of the broad options. A few examples are: business, education, science, and the arts. At FAU, there are many dorms ready for students that would like to live on campus. Currently there are about 4,000 students living on campus in the dorms. Florida Atlantic University Arts Education SPORTS AND CLUBS Music Art History Graphic Design Studio art Graphic Design Commercial Studies Accounting Economics Finance Health Administration Basic Facts Summer Requirements DEGREES Acceptance Rate: 44% Graduation Rate: 48.4% Total Enrollment: 30,364 students as of 2015 Fall Requirements Early Care Edu. Elementary Edu. Exceptional Student Edu. Exercise and Health Promotion The residential halls have a lot of amenities that come along with them for free. Some of the amenities are free wifi, study lounges with large flat screen tv's, and BBQ grills There are also many clubs at this university that allow the students to be as creative as they would like. Why I Chose This College MENS The reason that I chose this college/university is the same as why I chose the first one I presented on, FAU has a great biological sciences department. Florida Atlantic University was one of the first options that showed up when I was researching for which college I wanted. Indian Spice Club Ballroom dance club German studies club Club of the Orient Spanish club Insane club The school's acceptance rate is low partially because of the amount of students that drop out. The university intends to raise the rates by raising the GPA average needed to for admission DORMS The requirements for the Fall enrollment are a little more difficult. GPA: 3.7-4.37 SAT: 1510-1740 ACT: 22-27 Go Owls The requirements to get into FAU are actually quite different when it comes to Fall admission and Summer admissions. The requirements when enrolling in the summer are a little more relaxed GPA: 3.2-3.9 SAT Score: 1420-1600 ACT: 20-24 Business German Studies Club

Florida Atlantic University

Transcript: Florida Atlantic University 777 Glades Road Boca Raton, FL 33431 Campus Life The following units of study in high school are required: English (3 with substantial composition): 4 units Mathematics (Algebra 1 level and above): 4 units Natural Science (2 with lab): 3 units Social Science: 3 units Foreign Language (of the same language): 2 units Academic Electives: 2 units Total: 18 units Campus tour There are many oppurtunities to get involved around campus. These opportunities can range from joining a student organization, campus employment, sports clubs or even assisting in research with faculty. FAU offers many sports such as: Baseball Basketball Cross Country Football Golf Soccer Swimming & Diving Tennis Frequently Asked Questions Campus Life (cont.) FAU has an extraordinary nursing program. Students have the opportunity to experience firsthand the excellent educational programs, accomplished faculty, dedicated alumni and talented students. Admissions Mission Statement Academics Florida Atlantic University Some activities include: Academic Initiatives Accounting Students Association-Boca Raton (ASA-Boca) Black Student Union (BSU) Collegiate DECA (DECA) MacArthur Campus Marine Biology Club at FAU Florida Atlantic University will be a leading internationally respected teaching and research university. It will embrace diversity and inclusiveness as core values and will be recognized as a university that opens opportunity to all who commit themselves to it. Florida Atlantic University will serve as a model for academic innovation, assessment and accountability while continuing to affirm its historic commitment to seeking learning and sharing knowledge. Thanks for watching!

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