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Transcript: Presented by PERSON for COMPANY Fleet Delivery Fleet Setup (Within Dhaka) Ashfaquzzaman Tonmoy Tanvir Arifin Delivery Fleet Setup (Within Dhaka) HUB Incharge: Samsur Rahman Sajib TEJ Fleet Number of Executives: 5 Number of Operators: 2 Numbers of Riders: 52 Executives Executives DHN Fleet DHN Fleet HUB Inchage: Ragib Rahman Number of Executives:3 Number of Operator:1 Number of Riders:19 Executives Executives MIR Fleet MIR Fleet HUB Incharge: MD. Rasel Numbers of Executives:3 Numbers of Operator:1 Numbers of Riders:10 Executives Executives Responsibilities and Routines Responsibilities and Routines Monitoring all activities of his hub. Solving minor day to day issues. Making sure that executives are doing their job in the shown way. Reporting daily to the manager with delivery rate. HUB Incharge HUB Incharge Executives Executives Allocating riders to different zones. Sending riders to delivery with ordered products. Solving issues of riders those create while delivering. Assigning operators to do specific jobs. Reporting to hub incharge with delivery rate. Operators Operators Do the assigned job properly. Processing cancelled products. Reciving products from network team. Reporting to executives Daliy/ Weekly/ Monthly tasks Daliy/ Weekly/ Monthly tasks Daily Tasks Daily Tasks Making aging report and removing errors. Noting riders performance. Keeping our HUB systemetically clear. Weekly Task Weekly Task Meeting with executives and managers about the week's performace to minimize mistakes and to make sure a soothing delivery process. Giving feedback to riders about their weekly performance. Monthly Tasks Monthly Tasks Creating KPI and Overtime report of whole month of each rider and executive . By making this we can clearly observe the performance of each hub. Issue escalation Issue escalation Sales force to solve issues. Skype for informal communication. Email for urgent and emergency communication. Sequence of delivery system Sequence of delivery system Receiving Product from Network Receiving Product from Network Sorting D1, NO COD products to get confirmation from the customer through delivery fleet CS Sorting D1, NO COD products to get confirmation from the custom... Sorting all the products according to zone Sorting all the products according to zone Making run sheets of products and send the riders to deliver Making run sheets of products and send the riders to deliver Before closing, riders confirm cancelled and rescheduled products through delivery fleet CS Before closing, riders confirm cancelled and reschedul... Posting attempt stickers with details in every cancelled and rescheduled product Posting attempt stickers with details in every cancelled and reschedul... Sending cancelled products to After-Sales Sending cancelled products to After-Sales R-Pick R-Pick Receiving cases from issue resolution Receiving cases from issue resolution Making run sheet to pick through riders Making run sheet to pick through riders Processing virtually and sending those picked products to After-Sales Processing virtually and sending those picked products to After-Sales


Transcript: ???? SEAs produced More than 500 employment references requested Filestream Development FLEET Deck and Tech Review We have also helped deliver a number of projects .......... SHORE Annual Reconciliation of Days Worked 659 uniforms ordered for new crew members FLEET 1,444 'change' letters written to employees SHORE Events...... Circa 5,000 rotation ready document queries 327 Contracts of employment issued (including FTC extensions) Another annual / adhoc here FLEET The HR Shared Services Journey 2013/14 ???? Letters produced SOX compliance achieved (includes starters, leavers, extensions) HR Team Pay Review Southampton FLEET ???? Calculations Over 300 OTT queries (Help Desk & People Admin) successfully transferred to 'Fleet' Payroll team FLEET: ???? Letters Produced Hotel Management Structure Annual & Adhoc More than 8,000 emails responded to 1,200+ contingent worker changes Corporate requirements met Over 3,000 accompanied travel requests Firstly, some of our 'BAU' activities.......... FLEET Another Annual / Adhoc here FLEET Thank you ???? declarations MLC Compliance achieved (HMS) SHORE SHORE Carnival House Over 28,000 emails from crew responded to FLEET A project to go here with 712 potential different combinations ! ???? Long Service Awards What can I put here (or do I just name the project Business Code of Ethics Dear HR We have recorded a short presentation to share what we have achieved during 2014. It has been fun working with you all last year. We look forward to the year ahead with further opportunities to help and engage with you all. Best Wishes, The Helpdesk & People Admin Team x FLEET FLEET Shore Payroll 456 letters produced SHORE Expenses 600+ sickness calculations SHORE SHORE: ???? Letters Produced

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