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Value Proposition Canvas

Transcript: --------------- --------- ------------ ------------ --------------- --------------- -------- -------- --------------- --------- --------------- --------- VPC PESAKRAF Value Proposition Canvas Prepared by: Farzihan Hassan (1161403585) Prepared for: Sir Mohd Fairuz Abd Rahim ENTREPRENEURSHIP (BEN 7134) CUSTOMER JOBS CUSTOMER JOBS Time saving Quality goods Risk reduction Functional Jobs Individuality Life personalization Life status Social Jobs Emotional Jobs Basic Needs Personal touch PRODUCTS & SERVICES PRODUCTS & SERVICES Personal customization of leather goods (Bespoke). Leather premium goods. Leather workshop. GAINS GAINS Have plenty of time to focus on core businesses Good quality premium leather in reasonable price Unique and creative design (No Duplication) Ease of use Luxury lifestyle GAIN CREATORS GAIN CREATORS Portray luxurious lifestyle without spending a fortune. Support team to assist client to reposition and rebuild their brand. Individuality without having to worry any duplication in the market. 3 years warranty. Return policy within 30 days. PAINS PAINS Short of fresh and creative ideas. Lack of time to come up with new and fresh design. Don't want to spend so much on creating personalized marketing team. Don't have time to focus on other thing besides core businesses. PAIN RELIEVERS PAIN RELIEVERS Design team to assist client needs and promoting client brand. Provide fresh and creative ideas and design according to client preferences. Only offer good quality premium leather goods with reasonable price. Personal customization that represent client brand. BMW EVENT (PESAKRAF) BMW EVENT (PESAKRAF) THANK U

Value Proposition Canvas

Transcript: Value Proposition Canvas Buyer: The product is going to help the customer satisfy a functional need by providing them with a heavy duty and sustainable bag that they can rely on. Co-Creator: This is going to help customers decrease their plastic waste while also providing funding for the local group Bag it Duluth. Transferrer: My product stands out because unlike plastic bags that break my product is thinker and reusable. The bag I am creating is also of better quality so it is easier to carry heavy objects, My product is trivial to the customer, it is not a need but it can be implemented into their everyday life. 1. Improving sustainability 2. Giving back to the community Pains Unlike the bags the grocery store gives you, my customer is going to need to purchase my product for around $2 which is a cost they didn't have before. Something that might frustrate my customers is when they forget their bag and get into a situation where they need one. A barrier that customers might face would be adapting to the change this product implements. My Product Customer Jobs The bag is going to save my customers time because you can fit more objects into one bag allows them to take less trips to the car. It is going to preform better than the current plastic bags that they are currently using. By switching to the reusable bag they are going to diminish negative social consequences of unneeded plastic waste. Pain Relievers The main benefit that my product is going to create is a functional gain. From this my customer will also feel a sense of importance because every time they use this bag they will know that they are doing their part in decreasing plastic waste. By using a reusable bag they are going to be helping not only themselves but they will also be improving the environment. Value Proposition My product is a line of reusable bags that have local designs on them. A big gain that my customers are going to achieve is the fact that they will be participating in the decrease of plastic waste within their community. Sustainability is becoming a huge global issue that communities are facing. An outcome they will not be expecting is a portion of ever bag will be donated to the local organization Bag it Duluth that focuses on implementing sustainability into their community. Functional/Basic: The product will help them to transport their goods without creating plastic waste. Social Jobs: The bags are going to bring attention to the organization Bag it Duluth. Emotional: The product will help customers make a change in the sustainability of their community. 1. Environmentally friendly 2. Heavy duty 3. Reusable Gains Gain Creators 1. Cost 2. Frustration 3. Change Customer Segment Products and Services 1. Save Time 2. Over preform 3. Diminish plastic waste

Value Proposition Canvas

Transcript: Interview - see the route and the fare so you don't wonder if you are paying more than usual - additional payment options - save money by using discount coupons - How do you think BiTaksi can improve itself? - I still don't trust drivers in Turkey. That's why i don't use BiTaksi late at nights. I would like to have a filtering option that only shows driver confirmed by BiTaksi. - use with any mobile phone - your phone can show wrong location Gains - you may experience problems during the transaction - save your time by mobile application - trace your old travels Products and Services - cheaper travel by some discounts and promotions - you can share your route with family and friends - some discounts on contracted merchants - you can pay online with your credit card - call a taxi - show your current location - comment your driver - show your drivers profile - calculate the fare before your travel - you can paywith cash or credit card - reviews are considered very carefully by BiTaksi employees - available in two major cities of Turkey - BiTaksi is trying to make more deals with drivers that doesn't use BiTaksi app Pain Relievers - you may not find taxis at anytime - rates and comments of drivers - You can call a taxi with one tap Pains - don't pay base fare if you use BKM Express - Gathering taxis with customers Value Proposition Canvas - call a taxi with one tap - What are the sides that you don't like about BiTaksi? - Sometimes the app is not showing my exact location. So drivers can't understand where i am and it makes us harder to meet. - customers don't want to give their credit card info - there are discounts and promotions available - company gives gifts to drivers - lets you calculate your fare - 7/24 customer services - comments may not be 100% trustful - drivers can find drivers easily - drivers may not want to pay an extra comission to the company - customers don't want to give their phone number - customers can unsubscribe if they don't want to get disturbed - working with Yandex to have a better location service - travel safer Customer Jobs - BiTaksi uses SSL to provide a safer payment - save time by not talking over phone - Which features do you like the most about BiTaksi? - I hate to pay services by cash. So BiTaksi allows me to pay with credit card without even taking it out from my wallet. - Your driver knows exactly where to go by gps system Gain Creators

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