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Transcript: Free Read PowerPoint Project Judith Rumelt, better known by her pen name Cassandra Clare, is an American author of young adult fiction. Main Characters Summary Prominent literary item Will Herondale-Will has dark hair and ocean blue eyes. Will is rude and cruel because he believes everyone that loves him will die. He believes this because a demon put a 'curse' on him. Tessa Gray- Tessa has blonde hair and grey eyes. She is very witty and enjoys literature. Recommendation of book Setting Jem Carstairs-Jem has silver hair and eyes, due to the drug he was tortured with before his family was killed. He plays the violin and is very kind, caring, and lovable. The most unique thing in Clockwork Angel is that there are supernatural occurrences such as demons, shape shifters, witches, vampires, and werewolves, etc. I definitely recommend Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare. I recommend this book because it uses great figurative language, such as "The machine walked like a man." Also, "There was a boy standing in front of her. He couldn´t have been much older than she was-seventeen or possibly eighteen. He was dressed in what looked like workman´s clothes-a frayed black jacket, trousers, and tough-looking boots. He wore no waistcoat, and thick leather straps crisscrossed his waist and chest. Attached to the straps were weapons-daggers and folding knives and things that looked like blades of ice. In His left hand-slim and long fingered-was bleeding where she had gashed the back of it with her pitcher. But that wasn´t what made her stare. He had the most beautiful face she had ever seen. Tangled black hair and eyes like blue glass. Elegant cheekbones,and long, thick lashes. He looked like every fictional hero she´d ever conjured up in her head. Tessa Gray goes to London to live with her brother. When she arrives Tessa is captured by twin sisters dubbed 'the Dark Sisters'. She was tortured and forced to use her gift of shape shifting for evil until Will Herondale rescues her. He then takes her to the institute, a place for shadowhunters to be cared for. Tessa meets the residents of the institute, Charlotte Branwell, the head of the institute, Henry Branwell, Charlotte's husband and inventor of a many great inventions, Jessamine Lovelace, girly and against all things shadowhunter, Jem Carstairs, a kind but very ill shadowhunter. Presentation Themes Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare Most unique thing in the book Presentation by Canaan Hall Clockwork Angel takes place in the institute, and the Dark Sister's home. The institute is an old church with very many rooms for passing visitors. The Dark Sister's house is large but sparsly furnished, in Tessa's room there is a bed with restraints, a mirror, and a nightstand with a few books. The themes for Clockwork angel are; you always need friends that you can trust, don't judge someone by their looks you don't know what they are going through, and even someone you wouldn't expect could be the hero. Cassandra Clare One prominent literary item in the book is personification. Personification is used throughout Clockwork Angel, such as "The machine walked like a man." Another example is, "The door creaked with a noise that sounded like a scream."

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Transcript: Innovation as part of your business strategy, a strategic vision of how you want your business to develop - if you dedicate your time to monitoring trends in your business sector, you can then focus your innovative efforts on the most important areas. Every process should increase organizational value by supporting the business vision and supporting strategies. To do otherwise would lower the utility of a change effort and would place it at risk because it probably would not gain the necessary organizational support to make it successful. When an idea has been identified, the organization needs to support the idea with resources, a budget, and attention. Often an employee trying to implement a new idea must work on both the new idea and her current job. Goals need to be quantified. Will the new program increase revenue or improve productivity and reduce expenses? Calculating this provides a way to judge the success or failure of a program. Innovative organizations must support the idea throughout, which includes providing backing from management, investment in equipment and technology, staff training, and marketing support. Innovation and Change To be successful in business, we should innovate something and change for something new. Pooling your resources with your suppliers or other business partners will help to produce and develop creative ideas. Potential partnerships can also be developed through business networking opportunities. Rewarding Failure Discover breakthrough solutions to satisfy your clients. Sources: The purpose of reviewing and evaluating change Sadly, not every innovation will succeed. There are many variables involved with any innovative idea and perils both known and unknown may prevent success. Once a project is underway, it is not uncommon to discover that accomplishing the goals cost more than expected, causing the project to be cancelled. Even failed initiatives result in new knowledge, lessons learned, and limitations understood. It is also common for individual aspects of an idea to become successful on their own. Companies need to accept that although many ideas fail they still need to reward the hard-working team that implemented the idea. The purpose of reviewing and evaluating change is to make sure that the changes that have been put into place are benefiting the business and that no other changes need to be made. If changes are not evaluated and reviewed then it may affect the business and if they are reviewed and evaluated then everyone knows exactly how the changes are affecting the business and if any other changes need to be made. Give the four principles of change!!! an act or process through which something becomes different make or become different give up or get rid of (something) in exchange for something else Change is always better! Change Include your vision in your business plan Developing a Playbook Stag an organization with people that can successfully support and execute the business processes. Measure process and product quality Communication involves not only listening to their needs but also actively observing their behavior around current products and services and generating ideas on how you can make improvements. An organization needs to constantly innovate to succeed. Innovation is about making things better, faster, or cheaper than your competition. It drives ongoing improvements and may help unleash a new idea that changes the rules.Companies need to approach innovation and change effectively and proactively. Introducing innovation can help you to: PLANNING INNOVATION Plan change efforts to maximize retudn on investment and minimize risk. The measurement of process and product quality permits an organization to determine its rate of change, which it can use to evaluate the success of a change effort. It also permits an organization to compare the rate of actual change against its planned change, and to allocate resources based on the gaps between actual and expected progress. Rewarding Innovation and Change Build a relationship with your customers. The four key principles underlying organizational change best practices. A company needs to provide staff with an incentive to innovate. With no reward, there is no good reason for employees to suggest or try new ideas. The first step in creating an innovative organization is to include change in an employee's goals, performance management process, and compensation plan. This needs to be implemented throughout the organization. Even mail-room staff and couriers can offer a perspective and make suggestions that a vice president would easily miss. Innovation Innovation and Change INNOVATION Businesses that fail to innovate run

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Transcript: Functional Survey Analysis • Capacity to store various file types and sizes • Scalability to store many files and support many group members • Be available to group members at all times. • The ability to backup and recover stored data. • Authorisation of users logging in and encryption of user data. • Uploaded files should be inaccessible to not authenticated users. • Logging of user activity to detect accidental or intentional destruction of data. • Administration capabilities for group manager • Ability to export data to a useful format. • Can be installed on networks easily. Scope Definition Content management systems were created as a “management system that allows content creators to work on specific pieces of content with familiar tools while maintaining the content in a format native to such tools.” Structural Design Thank you for watching. Web2Project Teambox PHProjekt PlanBox Human Edj Permission based File and Task sharing Requirements Non-Functional Target Audience Initial Design Requirements • Set up an account, and configure database access by the admin. • Initial set-up by the group manager, where user roles are defined and projects basic details are input. • Users are able to create a user account and choose their role in the group along with entering basic data such as contact info. • Authenticated users are able to upload files to the server and be able to set the attributes and permissions beforehand. • The ability to view uploaded files along with their metadata, and attributes. • Search and select uploaded files to be used in ‘view’ creation. • Create ‘views’ of selected files and save them to your user. • Share created ‘views’ with other group members with additional communication. • View statistics of uploaded files and views, such as total size and file types. Relevant assets inside Content Management System • Files – For uploading and applying tags to files. • Tasks – For creation of tasks • Views – For browsing files and selecting them for views. • Members – To view other group member, their roles and how to contact them. • Stats – Viewing the overall stats of uploaded files. • Account – For project manager management, and for users to manage their account. • To accompany these there also would be the standard footer content with links to a site map, privacy statement, sitemap and so on. Personas Analysis What Background Usability Sub tasks in sub-folders Keywords Hierarchical Tree Structure Functional Problems Usability Version control Naming conventions File redundancy Market type Project type Technical skills Attributes • Legal requirements should be clear, such as sharing copyrighted files • Accessibility features to meet legal standards. • Must be easy to learn, with tooltips for guidance • Must provide clear feedback from errors, such as interrupted uploads • I will need to gather end-user feedback at some point to determine ease of use. • Must be designed to be compatible across multiple browsers and devices • The interface design should be appropriate for both lower end users and the more complex role of the project manager. Competitive analysis Each task has folder Non-Functional Accessibility Organisation Sharing View 1 View 2 Resource allocation Communication Decision making What I Learned What I'd do better next time

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Transcript: BIOS ? Information is the buildings blocks of the “who,” “what,” “where,” “why,” “when,” and “how” decisions that are made on a day-to-day basis. If the information cannot be obtained when needed, or relied on to be accurate, then those decisions can be inaccurate or damaging to an individual or the institution. If sensitive information is not protected appropriately then individuals without authority to make decisions can dictate them. For example: a social security number, name, and address are compromised and obtained by a hacker who then maliciously uses those to commit identify theft negatively affecting an individual’s financial situation. Security Overview Impact Weaknesses Demonstration • THE PCS THAT HAS BEEN GIVEN TO CONSULTANTS (EAD-PCS) DOESN’T HAVE LIMITED ACCESS, CONSULTANTS CAN USE THE PC WITH FULL PRIVILEGES • EAD MAJOR NETWORK (EAD-CONSULTANTS) IS ALSO THE PUBLIC NETWORK FOR WIFI. History More templates available at: Analysis (Testing) IT Security - Risks Part 1 - Cyber-Crime How E-Waste is been sold ? Who's the buyers ? Is the device sold fully ? Deal (Open or Closed) ? Report of device status ? Is any part of devices is dedicated for maintenance ? No BIOS lock or password Analysis Sharing Level Intrusion System ? A flat design prezi. Use this minimalistic style designed template to create a professional looking presentation. • Authentication level is only WINDOWS level. • IT TECHNICAL SUPPORT TEAM DOESN’T HAVE A BADGE TO INDICATE THEY ARE FOR IT SUPPORT. • STAFF ARE NOT TRAINED ON SOCIAL ENGINEERING Procedures for E-Waste Domain name = "ERWDA" \\WEName • SHARED FOLDERS CAN BE ACCESSED BY ALL OF THE DEPARTMENTS. • EAD MAJOR NETWORK (EAD-CONSULTANTS) is shared for LAN AND WLAN . • EAD MAJOR NETWORK (EAD-CONSULTANTS), IS NOT SECURED WITH THE MINIMUM LEVEL OF SECURITY. Critical 8 Shared Folders FAQ Why would someone Hack me ? steal & Sale Find Gate for other department information Disturb the work Personal issues Live Demo What is the Risk ? View the information Modify the information Erase the information Full access to the system Find a gate to other connected parties No MAC-Address Filter SEPARATE ELEMENTS MAP Network Architecture • EAD GUESTS NETWORK (EAD-GUEST), IS NOT SECURED AS WELL, THE PAGE USER RECEIVE CONTAIN ONE OF THE TOP 20 PREDICTED PASSWORDS Untraceable Hack Password Break for stand alone pc Security Break, Access domain user account files Full access and Superuser administrative privileges, pull information Virus testing (level 1-3) EAD Main Issues Password Strength Intrusion Detection Predictability Windows Exploits Filtering System Identification DOF Searching! Sharing the best vulnerability you will give to the hacker all of the information he is looking for . (Domain Users) Analysis Password Level Administrator Users E-Waste Live Demonstration 2011 ISP1 1721 User 2011 ISP 2 Free Month Internet 2012 Security Line 2015 Big 4 Ethical Hacking (Security Break) Administrators user names --adm-ansha --adm-mohammed --adm-sarfraz --adm-sreenath --adm-Islam --adm-Kumar Domain = "ERWDA" Pins = "3 Digits, 500 sequence, 600 sequence" • THERE’S NO PROCEDURE FOR THE CONSULTANTS, TO HAVE A BADGE TO INDICATE THEY ARE CONSULTANTS (COMPUTERS CAN BE ACCESSIBLE BY FEW SOCIAL ENGINEERING SKILLS) System Core

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Transcript: The Routing PRELIMINARY LAYHET ROUTING PROTOCOL PREPARATION (3) out-neighbor Node A can reach node B but B cannot reach A A device which detects or measures a physical property and records, indicates, or otherwise responds to it . More templates available at: First Let us see What a Sensor is ? 1 minus the ratio of the number of packets Nd which are successfully received by node A and the total number of packets Ns sent by B WSN By -Niranjan Bhat Do U know what sensor network is Some important definition Due to asymmetry ,WSN protocols won't work here . 2 Main Phases By-Niranjan Bhat A flat design prezi. Use this minimalistic style designed template to create a professional looking presentation. Pv = 1- (Nd /Ns) Location-based Protocols Assigning layer numbers to the nodes and adjusting layer numbers periodically Data-centric Protocols DECIDING INITIAL LAYER NUMBERS Multipath-based Protocols she smells great ! The preparation This part is done by Algorithm NEIGHBOR RELATIONSHIPS :- What is ur problem? U SEPARATE ELEMENTS This is called Asymmetric sensor networks I can see U (1) In-out-neighbor Wireless sensor network (WSN) refers to a group of spatially dispersed and dedicated sensors for monitoring and recording the physical conditions of the environment Performance Guaranteed Routing Protocol for Asymmetric Sensor Networks (4) non-neighbor What is a Sensor ? Interconnected Sensors The sender broadcasting H times and the receivers forwarding messages with probabilities estimated from link states with neighbors. PACKET LOSS RATE OF A LINK I can't see (2) in-neighbor Two end nodes may not use the same path to communicate with each other.

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Transcript: The adsorption of contaminant molecules by catalysis The improvement of light absorption The improvement of charge separation and transportation ZnS QDs by precipitation method ( Zinc acetate, Sodium sulphide) ( T= 90º, t= 2h) (NaOH was used as a surfactant) (Low crystalyity) ZnS NPs by hydrothermal method ( Zinc chloride, Thioacetamide) (T=140º, t=5h) ZnS microspheres by hydrothermal method (Zinc chloride, Sodium thiosulfate) (T=180º, t=12h) The strongest material ever Optical Properties Synthesis of pure ZnS Secondary, the use of certain organic acids as additives (Formic acid) , in order to inhibit the growth of moulds, bacteria and yeasts. Graphite : narrow peak (2θ = 26.8º)(d=0.33 nm) ZnO nanorod : high intensity peak (002) (2θ = 34.331º) (JCPDS 00-001-1136) ZnS : sphalerite (111), (200), (220), (311) (JCPDS 00-001-0792) Graphite The mechanical and wear-resistance performance of the coating. 1 Morphology PL : The excessive of rGO can act a center for the recombination of electron-hole pairs instead of providing an electron pathway Solar cell device Synthesis of ZnS-based organic (graphene and polypyrrole) composite The intensity of the absorption peak of MB at 663 nm decreases with the increase of irradiation time D(%) = [(A(MB)0 - A(MB)t)/ A(MB)0] × 100 ZG-0 = 0.27% , ZG-1 = 59%, ZG-2 = 68%, ZG-3 = 79%, ZG-4 = 63% UV-vis absorbtion spectra Na2S + 2H2O 2NaOH + H2S (1) ZnO + H2S ZnS + H2O (2) Hummer's method Research Main Points The rule of graphene 300 times stronger than steel and much harder than diamond! Examples for nanomaterial that already used as a reinforcement in the coating XRD Pure ZnS QDs Publications Nanotechnology solutions hexagonal arrangement of carbon in layer stacked to each other One-pot synthesis Multi-step syntheis one-pot synthesis Multi-step synthesis synthesis of Graphene oxide nanosheets. ( Hummer's method) Graphene nanosheets (GNS) - Titanium dioxide composite Graphene Graphene : (2θ = 25.63º) PPy : amorphous (2θ = 26º) ZnS : Sphalerite ( 111), (220), (311) Insertion for a desired properties ZG-0 ( 0% GO), ZG-1 (0.5% GO), ZG-2 (1% GO), ZG-3 (1.5% GO), ZG-4 (2% GO) Synthesis of ZnS-based inorganic (ZnO-ZnS core-shell) composite Absorption XRD Characterization Morphology Synthesis of pure ZnS ZnO-ZnS core-shell nanostructure By Khaled El Sayed Mustafa The morphology of the core-shell structure is a mixture of round and rectangular shape Uv-vis absorption of ZnO-ZnS core-shell Photocatalytic measurement: Mild steel substrate XRD Characterization Improvement of high-surface area of catalysis (BET) Selective adsorption of the aromatic dye on the catalyst ( π electrons ) qe = ( Ci – Ce )V/m GO Intense and sharp peak ( 2θ = 10.6º ) (001) (d=0.83 nm) rGO very broad ( 2θ = 24.31º ) (002) ( d= 0.36 nm) very weak peak ( 2θ = 42.53º ) (100) ( d= 0.21 nm) ZG-0 Zinc blend ( 2θ = 28.609º, 33.153º, 47.591º, 56.473º, 59.227º, 69.583º, 76.894º ) (1 1 1), (2 0 0), (2 2 0), (3 1 1), (2 2 2), (4 0 0) and (3 3 1) ZG-0 Wurtzite ( 2θ = 27.081 ) Graphene : ideal ohmic ZnS nanoparticles : two fold light response, resistance of 3.23 × 10 23 Ωcm2 ZP : resistance of 2.81 × 10 23 Ωcm2 GZP : 1.35 × 10 23 Ω cm2 Hexagonal ZnO ZnS (111) Experimental XRD Characterization One-pot synthesis of ZnO-ZnS core-shell nanostructure Electrodeposition of rGO by Mg(NO3)2 Electrodeposition of ZnO nanorod arrays (ZnCl2, KOH, 1mM) anealing on the high purify Argon gas Sulfidation process ( thioacetamide) Photocatalytic Silo Corrosion failure The Anticorrosion Effect of Ni- RGO -TiO2 Nanocomposite Coating on Mild Steel in Neutral Environment The ZnS shell with an estimated tickness of 18 nm is observed Cathodic Protection synthesis of graphene nanosheets ( microwave assisted t=5min, 15 micro liter Hydrazine) PPy nanotube ( Pyrrol monomer, Fecl3, Methylene orange as a template) A red shift and increase in absorption edge of the UV-Vis spectra of ZnS were observed in the presence of graphene. The PL emission of ZnS-graphene decreased compared to the pure ZnS due to the presence of graphene the PL emission of the ZnO-ZnS core-shell nanostructure decreased due to the presense of ZnS shell and formation of type-II band alignment structure in the hetero-interface which is beneficial for solar cell devices. The presence of rGO in ZnS-rGO composite gives significant improvement in the degradation of methylene blue under visible light irradiation compared to pure ZnS, due to the increased adsorption of the dye, decrease in the band gap and stepwise structure of the energy levels in the composite. The presence of graphene and PPy in the GZP turnary composite lead to higher photocurrent response due to the creation of an interfacial separation between the graphene and the PPy by ZnS nanoparticles, which act as a bridge, and due to enhanced charge transport by graphene. ZnS microsphere-rGO composite Corrosion Inhibitors Crystal structure Bridging effect Charge separation Research Assistant Environmental Modifications Pt foil a counter

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