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Flashy Glasses

Transcript: Business Proposal Job Descriptions Questions Don't miss out on this special, once in a lifetime opportunity! Order them now! Flashy Glasses We sell these hand-made glasses for 2.66 euros ($3.00) each. But, you can also get two of our Flashy Glasses for only 4.43 euros ($5.00)! You can come and find us in Paris, France. Our main purpose is to make the ordinary person, something special, by wearing our Flashy Glasses! For those of you who already own a pair, we also do repairs. Created by Anna McCarthy, Jillian Arroyo-Mark, Caitlin Vinton, and Zion Defrancisco Flashy Glasses How we make the glasses: Flashy Glasses Manager: Their job is to manage the people actually doing the work (assembly line). They report to the owner. Their pay is 2.21 euros ($2.50) for 1 days work. The requirements are a degree in management. They need to at least have gone through high school. Retailer: Their job is to sell the product. They report to the manager. They make 1.77 euros ($2.00) for 1 days work. They need to have worked on assembly line for at least 3 months. They also need to have gone through high school. Workers (3) on assembly line: Their job is to make the products that are going to be sold. They report to the retailer. They make 1.55 euros ($1.75) for 1 days work. They don't need any requirements or education, however they must be at least 8 years old. We sell these very fashionable glasses for everyone: children, adults, and the elderly. Also if for any reason your glasses come apart or break, we will repair them for you (consumers). What Do We Do? Name: Flashy Glasses We sell and repair glasses Location: Paris, France (urban) because fashion is highly valued in Paris Hours: 8:00 AM - 9:00 PM We need 5 employees: 1 Manager, 3 workers on assembly line, and 1 retailer (cashier) Our business will succeed because our products are compelling to consumers who aspire to look good, therefore our sales will be very high, making our business a success.

Flashy Flappers

Transcript: Flashy Flappers I think the significance of the Flappers from the 1920s was that it was a way for the women to be somewhat equal to men. Like a women's revolution of sorts against the rigidy of the previous too-proper social demands made on them. How has the style of the "Flappers" changed the society for women today? What is the significance of the Flappers from the 1920s? Essential Question Flappers wanted to be able to enjoy themselves and do things that used to be disapproved of. They drank, smoked, more makeup, and went out with men without chaperones. They took to sunbathing, which was something quite new. They drove automobiles, and the most dashing flew aeroplanes. They also played sports, tennis, golf, and swimming. (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr What were some major impacts that the Flappers had on society? doodles Why were Flappers important for our society? notes Budapest San Francisco Results Stockholm The Flappers were important to the 1920's because they defined for the first time women and their independence breaking the "rules" of the common society where women were looked down upon. They set the pace for women of the future and made it so independence became more accepted and easier to accomplish. (cc) photo by jimmyharris on Flickr (cc) photo by Franco Folini on Flickr Research outlook Bibliography photo frame I think the style of the Flappers changed society for women, because they made a whole new style to express their feelings and freedom. They showed some signs of rebellion by smoking in public. details (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr Video Assets Important Details

Healthcare Presentation

Transcript: The Benefits of Medical Marijuana The DEA has an annual budget of $3 Billion, most of which is used to combat cannabis. the US spends almost $600 billion a year on housing 2.5 million inmates, 12% of whom are in for cannabis crimes. DOJ estimates that America spends $1 Billion annually fighting marijuana related crimes. in 2005, the FBI arrested 786,500 people for cannabis crimes, more than doublet the total arrests made in all of 1992 Anorexia and Cachexia Movement Disorders (Tourettes, Parkinsons, Etc.) Nausea Glaucoma Epilepsy Asthma Inflammation Diabetes Osteoporosis Hypertension Many others... By Sam Grunow Laws and Legislation Enforcement Yes! Scientific studies have time and again proven the non-addictive traits of cannabis. Non-carcinogenic (does not cause cancer.) Does not cause emphysema (unlike tobacco) Potential Profit Medical Applications Is it safe? Considered a controlled substance in most states (with few exceptions) Some western states have introduced legislation that legalizes the drug Still recognized as a controlled substance by the Federal Government Allowed to medical card holders as prescribed by doctors for specific conditions Cannabis has become a cash crop on the black market, if the government were able to fully harness the taxability, they could use the funds for universal healthcare. San Jose, California was able to generate almost $300,000 in one month after adding the 7% tax on medical cannabis. Annually, the city was able to raise $3.5 million dollars from the tax. There is a certain stigma in America regarding the legalization, consumption, and ethics behind the use of cannabis. Hopefully the following presentation can debunk some of the myths surrounding this herb.

Pocket Flashy

Transcript: Marketing Plan Arnav Guneta Price: Our price is not high for this advanced torch its only $19.99+s&H Place: Customers in Georgia, Alpharetta Promotion: I would advertise on some online shows, YouTube, and more TV shows. Product: Make convertible screens and torch parts Arnav Guneta "Business Day." Torchlight Energy Resources. The New York Times Company. Web. 4 Oct 2013. "TorchLight." Employer Service. TorchLight Hire LLC . Web. 4 Oct 2013. Picture. 2013. Graphic. GoogleWeb. 4 Oct 2013. <>. "On the Move" People who might think this product is good, might be above 15+ because most people 14 or lower of age are goofing around and wont care about a torch. But as they grow older they will want a torch for safety purposes. Most people that panic a lot might want this product as well. Intellectual Properties Pocket Flash "On the Move" Pocket Flash Target Market Our product is a convertible flashlight that fits in your pocket in case of any emergency.The customer will see a red and blue colored flashlight. if u press the bottom part, it will turn into a mini torchlight to fit in your pocket! It doesn't matter where you are you can always use a torchlight in case of an emergency. Work Cited Income Statement My 2 competitors are Torchlight Energy Resources Inc. and TorchLight company. Advantages: My Brand shrinks when needed I have high quality screen that never break. Disadvatages: They have colorful flash lights They have more kinds of flashlights than me. My invention needs a utility patent because it uses a lot of modern technologies to make and is a device to use. My invention has a trademark that protects the slogan, tittle, all of the design, and information. Keep on the move, and never stop. :D Market Research

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