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Fish Fry day

Transcript: BLUBBER! the squid and the octopus use jet propulsion to move around in the ocean. They do this by using a siphon! What is blubber? What Keeps Whales warm in the cold Arctic waters??? This ability to use jet propulsion is one way they can get away from predators. Plus, it means squid can move fast in open water and can change direction easily. They can even tighten up their bodies to become more streamlined to move even faster. Did you know that hermit crabs also use gills even though they can come out of the water too? However, they can only do this in humid conditions where the gills can pull the moisture from the air! Even though we can get oxygen from the air we breathe in, the air in our lungs is very moist to make it easier to exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide. How Does it Happen The blubber keeps them warm and also stores nutrients their body can use when there isn’t much food. Different species of whales have varying amounts of fat, which is why some whales migrate, and some do not. The Humpback whale migrates out of cold waters but lives mostly off of its blubber until it returns! The Narwhal, Beluga, and Bowhead whales generally stick around the colder temperature waters all year! A siphon refers to a way of carrying water from one area to another area through a tube. Both creatures have a siphon that acts as a funnel. They take water into a hole in their body called the mantle and then get rid of it through this funnel to move! The siphon also helps them gets rid of waste and with respiration. Unfortunately, their gills collapse and then can’t function properly to pull in the oxygen they need and circulate it through their system. Whales and Arctic mammals like penguins and polar bears, have a thick layer of fat under their skin called blubber. This fat can be anywhere from a couple of inches to a foot thick! Do fish have lungs? No, fish have gills instead of lungs and so they can’t take oxygen in from the air like we do. Instead they get their oxygen from the water. How Does a Squid Swim FISH FRY DAY How Do Fish Breathe Water goes in the mouth of the fish and out its gills. Gills are made of very thin tissue which acts like a filter to remove oxygen from the water and release carbon dioxide. Water moves through the fish gills, and as it does so the gills pull oxygen out of the water and into the blood to take it to all the cells in the fish’s body. LET'S TEST HOW BLUBBER WORKS! Why Can't Fish Breath Out of Water

"5K Fish Fry"

Transcript: Fish Fry 5K T-Shirt Timing Chip Meal Benefit of helping people!/5KFishFry!/events/394293117248135/?context=create Feeding the World Starting at Home OHS FFA partner with Lascassas Volunteer Fire Department Lascassas Food Bank 5k Fish Fry Feeding the World Starting at Home $2,500.00 $2,000.00 BUDGET! Meal Intro Social Networks Audience Oakland FFA Chapter Race Markers Google images "fish fry 5k". (n.d.). Retrieved from ish Fry 5K&gbv=2&oq=Fish Fry 5K&aq=f&aqi=g- S1&aql=&gs_sm=3&gs_upl=1562l7641l0l8312l14l14l1l1l1l0l110l970l10 Lascassas volunteer fire department. (2006). Retrieved from National FFA Organization. (n.d.). Retrieved from US Census Bureau. (2012, February 10). Rutherford county population. Retrieved from m=county:47149&dl=en&hl=en&q=rutherford county population TIMELINE Item $500.00. $3,ooo.oo $20,000 Raise $1500 70% membership participation 300 participants Promote hunger awareness $6,ooo.00 Raise funds for food bank Advertisment Conclusion $1,000.00 Help needy families OBJECTIVE Evaluation Advertisment Amount!/5KFishFry References Total Communities in Middle Tennessee Rutherford County Schools $5,000.00 Funds raised for food bank Oakland FFA member participation Total participants Promote hunger awareness T-Shirts March 7, 2012 brochures/flyers printed & delivered April 18, 2012 registration deadline May 12, 2012 5K Fish Fry Expect Success!!! Raise funds for needy families Family friendly Timing Chips Whats In It For Me? By: Holly Wilbanks Alyssa Summar Samantha Newman (cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr 5+7= Race Timer Websites Conclusion Water Strategic Plan

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