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Transcript: Education: You can go to a 4-year university for Fire Science, but really all you need is your Hazardous Materials Training, Firefighter Essentials which is your interior fire safety. Promotions/Steps needed to achieve this career: At age 14 you can become a Junior Firefighter, continuing at the age of 15 you can help out on the truck at calls and trainings. Starting at the age of 16 you can participate at calls onto helping at the vehicle on a patient or making sure your own company is alright at Structure Fire (house fire) making sure they can go back in. At the age of 18 you can become a Senior Firefighter which means you can go in to a burning building as long as you have your basic training as mentioned above. As long as we have fires, and vehicle accidents we will have a job. Career Requirements Math of Firefighting Pros- You get to help people in need. You get to help your community in many different ways. Cons- One of the most dangerous job in the United States. Future Out look on a Firefighter By: Dalton Mulberger Description- Firefighting isn't all fun and games that some people think that it is. Firefighting is one of the toughest and most dangerous jobs out there in the world. Most jobs you put in so many hours for you job, but for this one you may get a call at 2 o'clock and it may last 3-5 hours. Then you may get another call later in the day that longer maybe, no matter what you are doing you would have to drop it and go to that call. You may get a call during the middle of the night, and have to work in the morning but you go to that call knowing you helped someone in need of your support. To back up all of our praise and thanks that we get at calls, trainings and classes we take are to our advantage, we don't just do this job for the name, we do this job to help people in our community. 1.) You have to know the pressure at the nozzles. 2.) Knowing how many feet of hoses you need. 3.) Knowing how much water goes through what size hose. 4.) Knowing the gallons per minute going through a pump. 5.) Knowing a diameter to cut a hole for ventilation. Career Requirements Qualifications: You need your HazMat, EMT, EMS, Interior Firefighter. You also need to take 300 hours of a fire course, going through all of your interior, you also need truck training, pump training. Other than your training you also need Courage, Strength, and Mental Alertness. If you become a Paid Firefighter you need to have a MFESB( Metropolitan Fire & Emergency Services Board. Which that is 14 weeks. National Salary: 42,682-59,866 Average Pennsylvania Salary: 24,.332-27,001 Firefighting Firefighters You have 3000 gallons of water, and three 1 3/4" hoses to hit a Structure Fire by three ways, how much water will go through each hose ? (A) 100 PSI at 85 gallons per minute. Pros/Cons


Transcript: Nature of the job: Firefighter’s job is to stop people from either dying or getting seriously getting hurt from a fire and to put out the fire. They get specific orders from a superior officer and then they head into the fire. Almost every day there is a fire or an emergency and it is usually a firefighter at the scene first. Firefighters are always making sure their equipment is clean and is good to use Everyday on the job: everyday when you wake up from your room in the station you got to go do your chores like cleaning equipment or cooking food for the other fire fighters and you always got to be ready for when you hear a siren and once you do you race to get dressed and go and put out the fire or take someone to the hospital from a car accident and you got to work on the hottest days to the coldest nights saving life’s. Requirements: Depending on how big the department is depending on what requirements you need to join. If you wanted to join the New York City fire department you would need a high school degree and a couple years in college and a few months in the firefighting academy. if you want to rank up in the fire department you need to have at least 4 years in high school and 6 months in the fire academy with EMT training and a license. Earnings The entry wage of being a fire fighter is is a minimum of $16 dollars an hour, then the median wage is about $21 dollars an hour, and the highest amount you can earn is $25 an hour negative parts of the job: Some of the negative parts of being a fire fighter is you are putting your life in danger almost every day to save someone else’s. It isn’t as easy as walking in and saying I’m a fire fighter... You actually have to take years of classes and training to join. Benefits: There are many benefits to being a fire fighter for instance you are guaranteed life insurance so if you get hurt in a fire they will help you. Another benefit is that you might see yourself as a fire fighter but in some one else’s eyes you are a hero. Work cited Kris McGrath FireFighter Human Resources


Transcript: What do I want to be when I get older? I want to be a firefighter. Training and Education: All firefighters at least need to have a high school diploma. The fire deptartment will put them through the training that they need to be in. A few things hey will teach them are fire fighting techniques, local building codes, and emergency medical procedures like CPR, first aid and rescue equipment. Almost all fire deptartments require you to have at least the lowest level of EMT-basic certification. The personal qualities are mental alertness, self discipline, courage, endurance, strength, and sense of public service. Enviroment/Working Conditions: They will spend much of their time at the station. When the tones drop, they must respond no matter what the time or weather. They will risk their lives just to save someone elses. Common causes of death or injury are floors caving in, walls toppling, traffic accidents, and expose to smoke, poisonous, flamable or explosive chemicals. Many work up to 50 hours a week or more. Salary: The pay mainly depends on their position. Fire captain- $60,605- $72,716 Benefits: Medical and liability insurance Vacation and sick days some paid holidays Almost all departments provide their members with the gear and other supplies needed. What they do: Firefighter save lives. They go on MVAs and can cut people out of cars or keep someone alive till paramedics get there. They will risk their lives to go in a burning house just to try and save someone they dont even know and their house. They are trainded to put other people before themselves whatever the situation may be. Assistant Fire Cheif- $65,691- $83,748 Battalion Cheif- Z$6,851- $81,710 Fire lieutenant- $50,464- $60,772 Deputy Cheif- $69,166- $88,571 Fire Cheif- $78,672- $104,780 Engineer-$48,307- $62,265

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