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water and fire

Transcript: fire while making a fire be sure that it's a good place and not to close to trees or ells a forest fire will start. warning DID YOU KNOW: people who lose their pack, they make smoke signals with fire. how to mack a water filter need a container.If you can find a large, empty can, use it.Punch 5 to 10 holes in the bottom of the can.A large plastic bottle is also fine cut the end off evenly.If there is no container,you have to use any material that nature can provide, or that you brought with you. 2.first, you need to stop the sand to get out of the container.find some filter material you can place at the bottom.For instance:a couple of peddles.-a grass mesh, mack sure it's nonpoisonous grass.-or cotton material. 3.Add a layer of gravel 4.fill your bottle with sand 5.collet some water.pour your collected water through the filter.Catch it in another container at the bottom.Look at the water that comes out of the should be clear. water you can use coconut husks to make fires and also wood. You carve a stick to scrape the coconut husk. You carve the wood and you start smoking it. When it does put it on the coconut husk and apply a little bit of pressure on it and it will start smoking alot. The easiest way to purify water is to boil it. First find water and bring it to your camp. Start making a fire.Put the pot with the water in it.Wait 5 minutes or until there's bubbles. fire project by: Stephanie,Dascha, Ashley,Shawn and Ben water after purifying water be sure that it's good to drink or that you did it right thank you! ;)

Fire and Water

Transcript: Fire “…my hands dry and quiet on its dry pages. My throat, too, is dry, and my mouth. As I brush my fingers over my own wrist, the skin seems too white after the sunburned years, and too dry, powdery as blown dust when the rains failed, flaking with dryness as an old bone will flake and chalk, left out in a sun that grinds bone and flesh and earth to dust as though in a mortar of fire with a pestle of crushing light” (Laurence 54). Water Religion FIRE Job 29:18 “Then I thought, I shall die in my nest, and I shall multiply my days like the pheonix. Death Symbolize Life Support: Realisation of her spiritual longing for water Thesis: Fire and Water illustrate one's internal struggle's through destruction and rebirth Weakness Mark 1:17: "Come after Me, and I will make you become fishers of men." Support: Fish Imagery Murray F. Lees and Hagar sharing light “I wouldn’t cry in front of strangers, no matter what” (Laurence 242). VS. turning to ash “I drag myself to the surface” (Laurence 289). “Nothing is ever changed at a single stroke, I know that full well, although a person sometimes wishes it could be otherwise” (Laurence 88). - The phoenix is a symbol of Christ and his resurrection - Hagar strives to be reborn, yet cannot escape, she has lost hope in a God who is able to do so 6 And the tongue is a fire, a world of iniquity: so is the tongue among our members, that it defileth the whole body, and setteth on fire the course of nature; and it is set on fire of hell. “'I can’t, Matt.' I was crying, shaking by torments he never even suspected, wanting above all else to do the thing he asked, but unable to do it, unable to bend enough” (Laurence 25) This leads to... “I try a little, to pray, as one's meant to do at evening, thinking perhaps the knack of it will come to me here. But it works no better than it ever did” (Laurence 160). Fire and water consume and salvage “Marvin. He’s alone. My mind surfaces. Up from the sea comes the fish. A little further – try. There” (Laurence 303). “They’re not actually burned you know, not until afterward. It’s the smoke…. But how do I know its quick? It might not be. I’d only know for sure if it happened to me” (Laurence 233). “I wouldn’t cry in front of strangers whatever it cost me” (Laurence 242). “What's so merciful about him, I'd like to know?” (Laurence 120). “I wouldn’t let him see me cry, I was so enraged” (Laurence 9). realizing her fragility Passion “She only had herself to blame, for she was a flimsy, gutless creature.. caring with martyred devotion for an ungrateful fox-voiced mother... when Regina died... the old disreputable lady rose frrom sick- smelling sheets and lived. No need to say God rest her soul, for she must be laughing spitefully in hell, while virginal Regina sighs in heaven” (Laurence 4). Old Testament WATER New Testament Water representing God's love Hagar resists religion, being "caught in God's net", yet ends up cleansing herself of her guilt tangled in the fishing nets in the cannery. “My mind surfaces. Up from the sea comes the fish. A little further- try. There” (Laurence 303). “The leaves of my lilac bushes were burnt yellow, and the branches snapped if you touched them” (Laurence 169). Old Testament- often in the old testament water is used as examples of God's power and wrath, of fear, and of death “I wrest from her the glass, full of water to be had for the taking. I hold it in my own hands. There. There" (Laurence 308). Drought Support: Spiritual Thirst - warmth - light New Testament- water is connected with cleansing and the idea of eternal life being free from sin HAGARS NAME: means flight, yet she has never been able to fly away from her life into a new one, as a pheonix can, she is trapped, and wishes for the ability to create fresh starts, to burn away her past and begin anew. Intro comparing her pain to drowning Fire and Water Responsible life is uncontrolable and wild, like fire Support: Inability to escape Fire represents God's wrath Acceptance Water is a symbol of life, it is a necessary element which without, we as humans would not be able to survive. “I was never much a one for church... I'll tell you frankly. But I prayed like sixty when trouble came, as every person does... but nothing ever came of it” (Laurence 120). Fire and water are parallels Fire = a destroyer and yet a purifier water = a drowning force and a sustainer of life They contradict each other, and move in a constant cycle of good and evil. This ever shifting perspective on religion is something that most people face, it is very rare when someone goes through life without questioning their belief system or lack of one. Works Cited Water = feminity John and Dan = frail, like Hagar's mother “But this rain’s ease is deceptive. There’s an unpleasant persistence about it. It could get on a person’s nerves, to listen for long” (Laurence 161). 'I feel I might not be able to return, even if I open my eyes. I may be swept outward... forced into the rough sea, held under

Fire and Water

Transcript: Who came to Lake Town after they found out Smaug was dead? a) The Elven King b) The Elves c) Both a and c Both a and b. The Elven King and The Elves all came because news spread that Smaug was dead. Who joined as one army in the end, to go and get the treasure? a) The Elven King and the Elves b) The Humans and the Elves c) The Humans and the Elven King Helpers- The men of Lake-town tried to help kill the dragon to save their town. Also you could consider the old thrush a helper because he informs Bard of Smaug's weak spot in his armor. Which helped him kill the dragon. Test- Smaug goes and sets all of Lake-town up in flames. Bard (descendant of Girion and lord of Dale) killed Smaug. In the beginning of chapter 14, the people of Lake Town see Smaug (the dragon) coming from a distance away (some think at first that his fire is the river running with gold) and prepare archers amd many buckets of water to douse the flames that were heading their way. They didn't get much help, and the dragon gets closer and closer, flying over their little village and lighting every roof with fire. All the men's arrows were bouncing back off the dragons armor. When all the men leave the city, Bard, captain of archers, readied his last arrow. When a bird lands of his shoulder and said to look for the dragons weak spot on his left breast, he aims, and fires away. The arrow flew through the air and hit Smaug in the left breast. The dragon came plummeting down through the air and smack on the ground, destroying what was not already destroyed in Lake Town. Bard quickly jumped into the water with the rest of his people who were looking sad at their destroyed land and houses. Some of the town's people blamed the dwarves for even waking the beast, but most thought that they were already dead. Then the men remebered the gold in the Lonely Mountain and they quickly were eager to get the gold to re-pay the damages that were caused by Smaug, to re-build their village. People from far and wide soon heard about Smaugs death. This brings the Elven King and an army of Elves, who stop at Lake Town to help. The humans and Elves then gather together Hero Journey Elements Simile: "The lake was mightier than he" (pg. 298) Metaphor/ Personification: "The trees by the shores shone like copper and like blood with leaping shadows of dense black at their feet" (pg. 299) Personification: "The lake roared in" (pg. 301) Bard killed Smaug, with his last arrow, right through Smaug's heart where he had no armor. Answer Literacy Devices The correct answer is b. The humans and the Elves join into one army so they can go and retrieve the "treasure" that is there. Answer Question 2 In this chapter the Thrush lands on Bard's shoulder and explains to him about Smaug's weak spot right near his heart. Do you think of this as an example of Dues Ex Machina or not? Explain your thinking. Fire and Water Chapter 14 Answer Question 3 Discussion Topic Who killed Smaug? With what? Question 1 Summary

Fire and Water

Transcript: Robyn and Jaron Fire and Water Rituals Fire Rituals First Element in Dagara cosmological wheel. Connection to the Spirit World and Ancestors. Acts as rising force that makes us do, see, feel, love and hate. FIRE 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Water Rituals Symbolize more than just chemical components. Water is second element in cosmological wheel. Water us used all over the world for means of purification, cleansing, reconciling and making peace. WATER Challenges/Crisis are symptomatic of fire. When faced with said challenges/crisis, people turn to water. African healing wisdom look at physical illness as a fire moving a person's energy beyond the limit of what he or she can bear. Indigenous Beliefs 1. Many people in the Western World walk around like "time bombs". Until grief is restored in the West as the starting place where the modern man and woman might find peace, the culture will continue to abuse and ignore the power of water, and in turn will be fascinated with fire. When emotions are not allowed a fluid catharsis, one is left in a state of incompleteness. Emotions/Grief 2. "Western men in particular are grieving about the dead they didn't grieve properly because they were told that men don't cry." Discussion 3. A communal grief ritual is a ritual performed by a group or village for people struggling with any type of loss. A shrine is built using elements of Mother Nature. Villagers gather in groups to begin inner preparation. Small groups then come together and organize a processional toward ritual village. Once at the ritual village, there is a prayer to the ancestors followed by engaging in song. Each group walks to shrine and places object of grief upon it. Communal Grief Ritual 4.

Fire and Water

Transcript: some new and some old characters number into groups turtles Mount Bu Zhou dragons Writing Your Own Myth Yi - mythic archer/hero - courageous ex-god Other Elements Gong Gong breaks the sky explanation of existence ZHU RONG rivers Mount Buzhou acting requires everyone to participate gourd Xiu son of Gong Gong Pangu makes the earth Answer: Why is the world the way it is? flood number nine red beans clay Characters things being 'forgotten' evil Xiang Liu ghost sons of Gong Gong war Commonalities with Other Myths God of Thunder - father of Fu Xi - scares people with fire Zhu Rong GONG GONG Gong Gong - water demon/god - rebellious/vengeful/misguided Ch'i - son of Yu - rider of dragons and lover of music Themes dragon tilted sky and earth Rivers Flow Southwest trigrams Characters Yu the Great - dragon/hero born of Kun - powerful and courageous The Sky Falls gods with unknown motives Pan Gu - creator of earth -very, very big Mount Kunlun act out or read only immortality potion marriage Nu Wa Fixes Everything Xiu - god of travellers - pleasant and thoughtful Zhu Rong - god of fire - fierce/just/stoic/father creation of humans Fu Xi is son of God of Thunder Nu Wa - creator of humans - mother/sister/wife Symbols fantastic beasts The World rebellion Nu Wa gives sheng BATTLE Xiang Liu - officer of Gong Gong - fierce/uncompromising familial drama old characters in a similar but not necessarily identical role Fu You conflict between gods Fu Xi gives writing (trigrams) Mount Kunlun Nu Wa fixes the sky Differences from Other Myths reading requires descriptive story and emphatic telling divine birth fire/water/elements dragon slain Characters shape-shifting sun/moon/stars explanation of some universal fact WATER AND FIRE other elements and symbols God of Thunder shows fire Gong Gong Breaks Bu Zhou Other Elements Fu Xi gives fire, fishing nets and lute Fu Xi - bringer of wisdom - father/brother/husband/son snake nine heads Chang E - abandoning wife of Yi - ex-god turtle

Water and Fire

Transcript: Water and Fire Pictures of Water and Fire Why I Think Water Is Better Why Fire Is NOT My Favorite Element Fire is also important in some ways. Fires play an important role in the natural changes that occur in Earth's ecosystems. The diversity of plant and animal life in the world's forests, prairies, and wetlands is (partly) dependent on the effects of fire; in fact, some plants cannot reproduce without fire (fire breaks open the outside coating of some seeds and stimulates germination). What may at first look like total devastation soon becomes a panorama of new life. Fire initiates critical natural processes by breaking down organic matter into soil nutrients. Rain then moves these nutrients back into the soil providing a rejuvenated fertile seedbed for plants. With less competition and more sunlight, seedlings grow more quickly. Fire Why I Think You Should Like Water More Water Water is one of the most important substances on earth. All plants and animals must have water to survive. If there was no water there would be no life on earth. Apart from drinking it to survive, people have many other uses for water. The Great Chicago fire started at about 9:00 p.m. on October 8, in or around a small barn belonging to the O'Leary family. The shed next to the barn was the first building to be consumed by the fire, but city officials never determined the exact cause of the blaze. The most popular tale blames Mrs. O'Leary's cow, who allegedly knocked over a lantern; others state that a group of men were gambling inside the barn and knocked over a lantern. The fire's spread was aided by the city's use of wood as the predominant building material in a style called balloon frame; a drought before the fire; and strong southwest winds that carried flying embers toward the heart of the city. More than two thirds of the structures in Chicago at the time of the fire were made entirely of wood. Most houses and buildings were topped with highly flammable tar or shingle roofs. All the city's sidewalks and many roads were made of wood. Compounding this problem, Chicago had only received an inch of rain from July 4 to October 9 causing severe drought conditions. Water puts fires out. We drink water, we shower in water, and we swim in water. The average adult human body is 50-65% water, averaging around 57-60%. The percentage of water in infants is much higher, typically around 75-78% water, dropping to 65% by one year of age. Body composition varies according to gender and fitness level, because fatty tissue contains less water than lean tissue. Water is a very important part of your life. It all has to do with the unique properties that water exhibts Imagine what would happen if water became more dense? It would sink, allowing another layer of water to freeze. Eventually all the water across the entire surface of our planet would freeze, making life impossible.

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