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Film Template For Powerpoint

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Powerpoint for Civics

Transcript: 2000 2005 This event may have positive effect on the Japanese government and society in giving a good impression of Japan to the other countries. Respect... a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements. Definition - An right to join or associate with the politics without any disadvantageous requirements. The election system of Upper House in Japan has changed on 30th July Number of Districts will be arranged ( Smaller Number in Countryside) (Larger Number in Major City) References Content - Respect - Political Equality - Law of Rule - Being informed and getting involved - Reference Links 2010 Solution 1) Population Issue 2) Deliberation Religion Why is this important? - This issue is against the constitution - Upper House> House of Representatives Respect Smaller Maximum Number of vote value disparity Results may not change!! Event(news) Upper House vote reform falls short All citizens should informed and understood the laws, and they should involved. Communicate openly Participate individually and collectively in issues that shape their: - Community - Country, World (Wide Vote-Value Disparity) Must Be Rational Must Treat everyone indiscriminately Introduction -Do something respectful to people. -Be kind, be gentle. -Behave nicely. -Do whatever impress the others favorably. Effect and an action Law of Rule (Definition) Elements of Democracy Based on equality under the law (Item 1, Article 14) from Japanese Constitution, each citizen can vote only once at each election. Gender Political Equality Example for non-practicing Could be anyone with power Still be arrested Effects Small issue Victim did not suffer any injuries Japanese government confiscated passport from Mr. Sugimoto Local news, and the citizen complained about freedom of traveling. Government should inform and protect the citizens. Wealth Japanese football fans cleaned up the Arena Pernambuco after the opening game defeat in the world cup in Brazil. Everyone must follow the same law Including government Being Informed and getting involved Article: Equality under Democracy

film powerpoint

Transcript: mise-en-scene we chose this film for mise en scene because it contains mist and its dark which boosts the fear factor. It;s a great film to talk about because it makes the hairs from the back of your hair rise and it's a great movie. Furthermore the tension of the scene created makes you want to see what happens. this is the first scene we picked to demonstrate Mise-En-Scene An example of mis-en-scene in this clip is this the mist on the floor makes the house feel remote and deserted, which makes the father look alone. Also the dim lighting creates an air of mystery and tension because you have no idea what's going to happen next. Another example is the candles all over the house they tell you that this house is probably in a different time period, also there not very bright and are the only visable source of light apart from the torch. I think they were put there because it illustrates how different this alternate reality is from our own and therefore increases the hopelessness of the situation. Their clothes make them seem as if there from the 1960s, they live like the american dream. They look like the ordinary rich american family. But there like two face, half of them are good the rest are deceptive.... There is blue lighting making it seem cold. This can be used to make the scene more gloomy and creepy . The backround music is there to add tension to the scene. In the section where the women blinks you suddenly here a drum beat out of no-where this takes the audience by surprise, this removes the tension which is sadly the cost of creating a shock factor. Camera Angles and the Rule of Thirds! watch closely............. Did you see the example of the rule of thirds? It looks as if its focusing on the boy but really its tracing the man, the camera is following his every move. Going further when the man is shaking the camera also shakes too which makes you feel as if your're in the room with him. In other words the director is trying to make you feel as if your in the fathers shoes. why do we use close shots and long shots? This shows very little background, and concentrates on either a face, or a specific detail of mise en scène. Everything else is just a blur in the background. This shot magnifies the object (think of how big it looks on a cinema screen) and shows the importance of things, be it words written on paper, or the expression on someone's face. The close-up takes us into the mind of a character. In reality, we only let people that we really trust get THAT close to our face - mothers, children and lovers, usually - so a close up of a face is a very intimate shot. A film-maker may use this to make us feel extra comfortable or extremely uncomfortable about a character, and usually uses a zoom lens in order to get the required framing. Close Up The close-up takes us into the mind of a character. In reality, we only let people that we really trust get THAT close to our face - mothers, children and lovers, usually - so a close up of a face is a very intimate shot. A film-maker may use this to make us feel extra comfortable or extremely uncomfortable about a character, and usually uses a zoom lens in order to get the required framing. Extreme-Close Up As its name suggests, an extreme version of the close up, generally magnifying beyond what the human eye would experience in reality. An extreme close-up of a face, for instance, would show only the mouth or eyes, with no background detail whatsoever. This is a very artificial shot, and can be used for dramatic effect. The tight focus required means that extra care must be taken when setting up and lighting the shot - the slightest camera shake or error in taking the shot can ruin everything is very noticeable. Here you will see how camera angles make people seem inferior! As you can see the camera angle has changed to a low level in order to make the people look inferior and the others stronger! Sound ADR What does it Mean? Dubbing is the post-production process of recording and replacing voices on a motion picture or television soundtrack subsequent to the original shooting. The term most commonly refers to the substitution of the voices of the actors shown on the screen by those of different performers, who may be speaking a different language. The procedure was sometimes practiced in musicals when the actor had an unsatisfactory singing voice, and remains in use to enable the screening of audio-visual material to a mass audience in countries where viewers do not speak the same language as the original performers. "Dubbing" also describes the process of an actor re-recording lines spoken during filming in order to improve audio quality or reflect dialog changes. This process is called Automated Dialogue Replacement, Additional Dialogue Recording or ADR for short. Music is also dubbed onto a film after editing is completed. In shorter words: when the actor/actress' voice is replaced by someone in a recoring studio, e.g the red demon's voice.

PowerPoint for English

Transcript: Commander of the city's poor, my head soldiers Have you equip the soldiers Yes, sir, is it a strong army is ready to attack, sir, why do not guard because we do not have the hardware sir commander stolen from other cities Chapter VI Commander of the neighboring city of ours Yes, the captain tells you that our leader Can you Taerna some war materiel, tell your captain I will be OK to request Enairh all the war materiel that we have Thanks for your generosity Chapter VII Power Point for English Hey I am the commander-rich city commander city poor Phil surrender before you spend will not surrender without a fight to let it go down we fight man to man, and that kills the other in order to win not Be not falsely usually all Chapter II The story of the attack on the village rich The commander of the city went down to the battlefield and was riding a horse and all the holds in his hands sword and shield, and they are progressing toward each smote the commander-rich city commander villain with his sword in his head, killing him, and fled soldiers and defeated the evil right and wrong lost The story of the attack on the village rich Commander of the city dwellers Yes, captain, sir, we are ready to attack the rich city has sent spies have returned spies sir has told us that they had on We teach our attack will control the battle between us. I've stolen from the nearby cities of some of the materiel of war, sir, well, my head Is the army for soldiers ready to attack Yes, sir. Commander of the village rich Are you ready to fight Yes Dear Leader Chapter One Chapter III The story of the attack on the village rich Yes sir, my captain has given us the commander of the nearby town every war materiel descent good thing permission Prepare soldiers to defend the city. Chapter IV There were two men were planning to attack the village is rich because their village is very poor and he went to the village poor Chapter VIII Chapter IX Where rivals square off right and wrong and good and evil Chapter V Chairman of the soldiers Yes sir Did the soldiers are ready to defend the village, why do not ya head of the soldiers do not need more war materiel O commander contact the leader of the neighboring city and tell them that we want to borrow some of the materiel of war.

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