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Film Strip Presentation Template

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Strip presentation

Transcript: your virgin brazillian. Events STRIP Advertising Mediums virgin forest guidebook. concept stores. HABITS AND BEHAVIORS Grooming: increasingly popular Metrosexuality Finally! Brand & service awareness! SEXY CHEEKY PASSIONATE SASSY STYLISH FASHIONABLE Informative (on how "deforestation" takes place) after-care products. Newspapers PIONEERING Social Environmental Hygiene, Speed, Quality Hong Kong Create Trend Recommendations here's when we start on waxing your most sensitive region... Factors after waxing... Bach flower remedy for calming effect. (the part that you guys are secretly waiting for) Internet DIFFERENTIATION Magazines Internet Newspapers Events #2 one of the designs. before waxing begins... Kuala Lumpur end result. Target Market Online shopping Student packages and special rates More prominent with social responsibility Keeping up with trends Promotion the more you know, the less you fear! are you ready for your virgin prazillian experience?? Student packages Break through Conservatism VALUES AND NORMATIVE BELIEFS Asian cities, asian values Traditional and conservative Persuade Magazines done in 15 mins flat #3 chocolate, wildberry or lavendar dip Youth Affluence Success Tongue-in-cheek Sex appeal address your fears Manila COMPETITIVE Create Glamorous Lifestyle Singapore's unique home-grown Beauty and F&B brands 10 distinctive brands Annual Turnover of SGD$30m Dispel Myths More prominent Social Responsibility (no worries, the pain is minimal!) Spa Esprit to experience... Keeping up with trends quality! Are you ready? #1 one of the squeezy toys. Reinforce WHAT?! OH MAN. you must be kidding me! Bangkok Strip adheres strictly to its HSQ mantra: Shanghai YUPPIES To provide Brazilian waxing to all women! Researched on the art Modified its dynamics The birth of: "STRIP BRAZILIAN" Online Shopping by Spa Esprit Group All Strip’s Waxperts have to undergo 4 to 8 weeks of rigorous training at the STRIP training school in Singapore. REMINDER Strip: Ministry of Waxing Jakarta customers get to choose... FYI. Brand Personality Social Media 3 FORMs


Transcript: Feel like they need to be approved by men This can cause them to feel inadequate if they do not live up to the gender standards. Women will then try to change their bodies to match the impossible idea of how they are "supposed" to look and behave. Some women then become depressed. Others may resort to eating disorders Physical and Sexual Objectification Lyric Evaluation Repeated "I" and "me" "Got my shades on with my jays on" "Baby don't worry about your hair" "I wanna love ya" Summary "I'm about to make your pockets fatter" "Baby don't worry about your hair" "I'mma give you all of my money, money, money..." "I dress you in that designer" "Anything you want baby, you can have it all. Starting with my last name..." "Strip" by Chris Brown The narrator is most likely at a strip club Because he makes references to a stripper pole and a "pocket full of ones". He is enjoying the physical appearance of women, and would like to watch them strip. He then wishes to take one of them home. Female Dependency on Males Messages to women: + Male Dominance "You move it right" "I JUST wanna see you strip" (including the rest of the chorus) Repetition of "see" "If you ain't freaky, we ain't speaking" "Pants, shirt, you can take it all off. Panties bra, you can take it off. Red bottom heels, you can take 'em...wait, wait, leave 'em on cause I like my women tall" Tells women that they are just a body. In order to be acknowledged, they must be physically attractive and promiscuous. Women are only used for male entertainment Women can't do much or be successful in life without a man. = Common Themes: Impact on women +

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