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Transcript: ISM Fauvist artists' used colour specifically as a descriptor of their moods. Fauvists separated colour from it's descriptive, allowing it to exist on canvas as an independent element. Artists weren't using paint traditionally all the time, like using a brush for application. The were reacting to their emotions and the colours they feeling and would apply the paint or other media based on what they felt worked. Whether it was squeezing paint right from the tube or using their hands to paint. POST-IMPRESSIONISM Henri Matisse – Portrait of Madame Matisse (The Green Stripe) (1905) CUBISM Henri-Émile-Benoît Matisse, was a French Artist known as a printmaker, sculptor, and primarily an artist. Commonly labeled as a Fauve, he helped influence the progression of Modern Art. POINTILLISM Fauvism is a stem off of the larger movement known as Post-Impressionism. FAU Andre Derain was a French artist, painter, sculptor and co-founder of Fauvism with Henri Matisse. They worked together through the summer of 1905 in the Mediterranean village of Collioure and later that year displayed their highly innovative paintings at the Salon d'Automne. V NEO- IMPRESSIONISM EXPRESSIONISM SYMBOL- ISM Andre Derain - 1906 - Charing Cross Bridge By abandoning all these rules and expectations of what art was supposed to be, Fauvist and other Post-Impressionist artists could change the way colour was used in a piece , the way they interpret subject matter and where intuition, thoughts and emotions were valued. Fauvist artists were called "the fauves", French for "wild beasts", a term of derision used to indicate their apparent lack of discipline. The main focus of Fauvism was to capture expressions and emotions in a piece... THE ARTIST'S which rules and already-discovered ideas were discarded. post-im·pres·sion·ism pōstim. preSHə. nizəm/ When all the artists rebelled against impressionism and threw the rule book out of the window. FAUVISM? MORE LIKE FAB-VISM. The fauvist movement drew ideas and concepts from predecessor movements and artists like Expressionism and Post-Impressionism; and Vincent Van Gogh or Paul Cézanne, which experimented with different styles like paint application, subject matter and use of expressive lines; as well as symbolism which emphasises the artist’s internal vision and feelings. André Derain, 1906, Charing Cross Bridge ART HISTORY BY: DELANEY BEAUDOIN


Transcript: Sources: To Be Accepted Student Ratios Location SAT Score- 5229 ACT Score- 0729 Units 4-English 4-Math 3-Natural Science 3-Social Science 2-Foreign Language 2-Academic Electives Campus Area Dorm Needs Florida Atlantic University -Sheets, mattress cover, blankets, bedspread (beds are twin size, extra long 36 x 80) -Soap, shampoo, and other toiletries -Laundry basket and detergent (there are laundry rooms located in on-campus housing facilities) -Small area rug (see question on carpeting) -Dishes, drinking cups, silverware, dish soap and towels. -Alarm clock -Calendar/Organizer -Desk supplies (pens, pencils, notebooks and paper, desk lamp) -Dictionary and thesaurus -CD / MP3 player, headphones -Computer, printer, long network cable, surge protector -A good lock, if you bring a bike -Umbrella faculty to student: 20:1 around 28,000 students Graduation Rates Undergraduates On-Campus | Off-Campus Tuition $4,789 $4,789 Boards $11,556 $10,344 Graduates Tuition $6,657 $6,657 Boards $11,556 $10,344 Scholarships Offered Broward Campus- 300,000 sq feet Public or Private? -public, 4 year school -Florida Atlantic Owl FAU Boca Raton 777 Glades Road Boca Raton, FL 33431 561.297.3000 Mascot Extra Curricular Activities -FAU Presidential Scholarship- $16,000 -Spirit of FAU- $12,000 -Elite Owl Scholarship- $8,000 -Welcome to FAU Scholarship- $1,000 Majors Offered -Design and Social Inquiry -Business -College of Arts and Letters -Engineering -Science -Education Tuition and Fees -Register online -Application should be sent in a year advance -Graduated highschool -Have not attended any other college/university -18 NCAA Sports -co-ed volleyball -football -track and field -cross country -baseball -ect. Application Procedure

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