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Fast Food Presentation

Transcript: By Spencer Thomas and Caitlin Macler Due to budget cuts, Mr. Davis's 5th period class is debating whether or not we should incorporate fast food into our lunch to raise money, and we support this cause. The millennials/our generation have economic power which means we can keep the school running through fast food. Studies show that most of us are more interested in flavor than the tasteless "healthy" dishes the school serves us. Fast food uses social media to find out what the majority really wants. Calories Taco bell's main course: Beef Soft Taco Supreme, 220 calories. Beef Hard Taco Supreme, 200 calories. KFC's main course: Two piece meal, 260 calories. FCPS main course: Turkey Chili hot dog, 398 calories. Baked chicken tenders, 260 calories. If you add brown rice, 90 extra calories. Surveys Conclusion Fast Food Companies Feed Millennial Generation's Healthy Appetites. By The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Source: Newsela Facts from the Article E N Chew on This Facts Therefor we are for putting fast food into our school lunch. D Fast Food Presentation Interview questions THE Lots of the fast food companies are traveling out to war countries. Page 222 The first Hamburger was invented as a squished meatball in between two slices of bread. Page 2 A student consumed hamburgers for 13 weeks and was healthy. Page 6 70% of the people we interviewed said that fast food is the main cause of obesity when really it isn't. 70% think that the school lunches are adequately healthy but what you didn't know... 50% of the people said that they would feel so much better knowing the money spend on fast was going to the school and would definitely have their children buy the fast food. 90% of our surveys said that they would eat fast food once a week. 100% said that fast food has a large effect on child obesity. 100% felt like they were fairly in shape.

Fast Food Presentation

Transcript: By Anna, Emma, Hannah, Rachel, Rylee -Calories: 530, 30% DV -Total fat: 27, 52 % DV -Saturated fat: 10, 55% DV -Trans fat: 1 -Calories from fat: 240, -Cholesterol: 85, %DV -Sodium: 960 mg, %DV -Total carbs: 47 grams 16% DV -Dietary fiber: 3 g, 12%DV -Sugar: 9 g, -Protein: 24 g, 48%DV -Calcium: 260 mg, 30%DV Daily Double Bacon Clubhouse ways to burn off calories: - 122 min walk - 50 min jog - 37 min swim - 67 min cycle - Calories: 430 - Calories from fat: 200 - Total Fat: 22 g, 37% DV - Saturated Fat: 9 g, 45% DV - Trans Fat: 1 g - Cholesterol: 80 mg, 23% DV - Sodium: 760, 32% DV - Total Carbs: 34 g, 11% DV - Dietary Fibers: 2 g, 8% DV - Sugars: 7 g - Protein: 22 g, 46% DV - Calcium: 200 mg, 20% DV - Calories: 390 - Calories from Fat: - Total Fat: 170 g, 28% DV -Saturated Fat: 4 g, 20% DV - Trans Fat: 0 g - Cholesterol: 40 mg, 13% DV - Sodium: 590 mg, 27% DV - Total Carbs: 3 g, 13% DV - Dietary Fibers: 2 g, 8% DV - Sugars: 5 g - Proteins: 15 g, 30% DV - Calcium: 170 mg, 15% DV -Calories: 720 - Total Fat: 40 g, 62% DV - Trans Fat: 1.5 g - Saturated Fat: 15 g, 75% DV - Calories from Fat: 360 - Cholesterol: 120 mg, 38% DV - Sodium: 1,470 mg, 61% DV - Total Carbs: 52 g, 17% DV - Dietary Fibers: 3 g, 16% DV - Sugars: 14 g - Protein: 38 g, 78% DV - Calcium: 280 mg, 30% DV Fast Food Presentation: Mc Donalds ways to burn off calories: -153 mins walking -63 mins jogging -46 mins swimming -84 mins cycling Filet O' Fish ways to burn off calories: -186 min walk -77 min jog -56 min swim -102 min cycle ways to burn off calories: -108 min walk -45 min jog -32 n swim -59 min cycle Premium Crispy Chicken Club Sandwich 1. Grilled Chicken Ranch Snack Wrap 2. Caesar Salad With Chicken 3. Regular Hamburger ways to burn off calories: - 200 min walk - 80 min jog - 55 min swim - 104 min cycle - Calories: 670 - Calories from Fat: 300 - Total Fat: 33 g, 45% DV - Saturated Fat: 9 g, 35% DV - Trans Fat: 0 - Cholesterol: 85 mg, 23% DV - Sodium: 1,410 mg, 50% DV - Total Carbs: 58 g, 19% DV - Dietary Fiber: 3 g, 12% DV - Sugars: 11 g - Protein: 36 g, 62% DV - Calcium: 290 mg, 30% DV Big Mac 3 Healthiest Choices

Fast Food Presentation

Transcript: Fast Food Presentation By: Sophia Dion, Kailee DeFranco and Emily Cannon Bojangles Healthy The healthiest food item on the Bojangles menu is the garden salad and the least healthy was the 20 piece chicken 10 biscuit box Calories Calories The food item on the Bojangles menu with the least amount of calories is the chicken supreme. It has 90 calories. The menu item with the most amount of calories is the 20 piece and 10 biscuit box. It is 8,820 calories Fat Fat The menu item with the least amount of fat is the Bacon biscuit which has 17 grams of fat. The menu item with the most amount of fat is the eggy cheese biscuit. 34 grams of fat. Sodium Sodium The item with the least amount of sodium on the Bojangles menu is the picnic grits, it has 15 milligrams of sodium. The item with most amount of sodium is the 20 piece chicken 10 biscuit meal. It is 24,000 milligrams of sodium Sugar Sugar The item with the least amount of sugar is all of their chicken. It all has 0 grams of sugar. All of their bo-tato rounds and dirty rice have 0 grams as well. The item with the most amount of sugar is the 12 piece chicken and 6 biscuit box. Item most likely to eat Most likely to get The thing we would most want to eat is the Cajun fillet club sandwich. It has 640 calories, 28 grams of protein, 44 grams of carbs, 1,160 milligrams of sodium, and 12 grams of sugar.

fast-food presentation

Transcript: McDonald's used to sale pizza in the 70's. THE END Dunkin' Donuts now sells 30 cups of coffee every second, on average. The term "doughnut" was first used to describe a fried ball of dough by author Washington Irving in 1809 However, use of the spelling "donut" grew significantly after the company was launched in 1950. there's a McDonald's with turquoise arches in Sedona, Arizona. At $300 million, Starbucks spends more on healthcare insurance for its employees than on coffee beans. design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi Pizza Hut delivered a pizza to the International Space Station in 2001, paying the Russians $1 million to transport the pizza and make a commercial out of it. Pizza Hut planned to have their logo engraved on the moon using lasers. However, they had to scrap the plans because the logo would need to be the same size of Texas. McDonalds opens a new restaurant every 14.5 hours the first location featured fire pits and mariachi bands Wendy's introduced the first moder-day drive thru in 1971. the restaurants signature sauce is actually three sauces combined, Barbecue sauce, ranch, and honey mustard. it was the first national chain to list calorie counts There are over 87,000 possible drink combinations at Starbucks. Wendy's signature frosty has been on the menu since day one. The original subway sandwich was missing one key ingredient: lettuce. the gay marriage controversy actually boosted the company's profits Facts About the Top 10 Fast-Food Restaurants The logo has changed drastically over the years Panera Bread was originally called St. Louis Bread Taco Bell is named after the founder Glen Bell. Burger King has a special crown gold card available only to celebrities. The brand has delved into the style industry and strutted down the runway a time or two. √

Fast Food Presentation

Transcript: Wtf is Ferrous Sulfate? An ingredient used in hot cheetos to make hot cheetos taste Omazing. What else uses ferrous sulfate? Inks Tanning Water purification Treatment of anemia Sick, Fat, and Nearly Dead Follows the 60-day journey of Australian Joe Cross across the United States as he follows a juice fast to regain his health. Why this documentary? Mostly because of his accent. Very depressing tone at the beginning (why?) Near the end it's more cheerful and optimistic (why?) Ferrous Sulfate Attacked On Pandora/Spotify. Shrek Is Love TBHQ...?! What is it? To preserve foods Used for cosmetics, toiletries and medicines. (Nicotine patches, paints, etc.) Scott Cross...Crossin' My Mind. About Your Food Is Fooling You Scott Cross Fast Food Presentation Kids and teens, and moms and pops, buy the bars that top the tops. Munch 'em early, Munch 'em late, Morning, noon, and night, They're GREAT! 96 billion lbs. of food thrown away in the US 1 billion hungry people on earth 3 rules for dumpster diving 1. Never take more than you need 2. first person there dives first, but has to share 3. leave the dumpster cleaner than it was A chef who cooks meals out of dumpster food. Why did we choose to view this one? Bc the title was interesting..? “When it comes to food, we are, in essence, following an eating script that has been written into the circuits of our brains.” The human brain chemistry is hijacked by combinations of sugar, salt, and fat Young people are more at risk of forming bad eating habits Kessler responds with a method that doesn't promise a quick fix but instead offers some consoling advice on how to kick an overeating habit. Some specific details we enjoyed from the book are: Many fast food chains are specifically targeting children. How so? They advertise their products with cartoons, movies, and toys. Also they grab their attention by the use of colors.

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