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Farm Animals Powerpoint Template

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Farm Animals

Transcript: K.P.2.1: Classify objects by observable physical properties K.L.1.2: Compare characteristics of living and nonliving things The students will be asked if they have ever been to a farm and to tell what animals they know live on a farm. The teacher will list the animals the students name on a flip chart. They will then read the book The Big Red Barn by Margaret Wise Brown. Then the teacher will ask the students if there are any other animals they can add to their chart of animals that live on the farm. Students will watch video Walk Around the Farm. This will get them familiar with the different animals, what they look like and sound like. They will then watch another short video Farm Animal Train. Then the students will have an opportunity to explore farm animals with a Interactive Farm Activity. Students will create a book of eight farm animals in groups of four; each student will make their own book. They will color the animals the color they are supposed to be and be able to tell others in their group the name of each animal in their book. The students will share their books in the front of the class and each child will get to demonstrate the sound that each of the eight farm animals makes. They will tell what animal is their favorite and if they have ever seen that farm animal. They can also add in a few interesting facts they might know or have learned about some of the farm animals. Listening to what other students have to say about the farm animals will help the students with the next part of the lesson. Each student will be assigned a farm animal. They will tell what sound it makes, what it eats, what it produces or how it is used on the farm, and what makes it different or similar to another animal. Master- The student is able to identify at least three of the four tasks. Partial Mastery- The student is able to identify only two of the four tasks. Non-Mastery- The student is able to identify one or none of the four tasks. Engage Farm Animals Grade Level: Kindergarten Evaluate Elaborate Explore Explanation

Farm Animals

Transcript: Farm Animals! What's the first animal that comes to mind when you hear those words? The next animal you probably thought of was... When you think of a farm cat, do you think of this? Probably Not! No farm would be complete without Man's best friend! The Horse Sheep are another intersting farm animal. Cows are used for many things. Their two main purposes are: Milk producers Beef products (The Fainting Goats that is) Retrieved on 2/13/12 from Not to long ago, horses were used extensivly in farming and ranching, but now, althought they're still used for working cattle, they're more of a pet than anything else. Don't forget the Goats! A Farm Dog! Iowa is the United States' top Hog producing state. Basically, farm anilmals are pretty neat! Retrieved on 2/13/12 from Retrieved on 2/13/12 from Retrieved on 2/13/12 from Retrieved on 2/13/12 from Don't forget the chickens! The Cow? Retrieved on 2/13/12 from Retrieved on 2/13/12 from I think this sheep needs a haircut! Cows and horses aren't the only animls on the farm. Retrieved on 2/13/12 from Retrieved on 2/13/12 from Georgia is the highest broiler producing state. Pigs are another farm favorite. Who doesn't like bacon?

Farm Animals

Transcript: with a moo, moo here Old MacDonald had a farm E,I,E,I,O there a quack Animal Facts here a quack there a Blah Old MacDonald had a farm E,I,E,I,O and a moo, moo there E, I, E, I, O Old MacDonald had a farm. On this farm Old MacDonald had a duck On this farm he had some chicks E,I,E,I,O with a cluck, cluck here and a cluck, cluck there here a cluck, there a cluck everywhere a cluck, cluck Old MacDonald had a farm E,I,E,I,O there an oink On this farm he had a dog E,I,E,I,O H is for Horse with a bow wow here and a bow wow there and a oink, oink there here an oink From the Farm and a Blah, Blah there On this farm he had a cat E,I,E,I,O with a meow meow here and a meow meow there here a meow, there a meow everywhere a meow meow Old MacDonald had a farm E,I,E,I,O here a moo Old MacDonald had a farm there a wow there a moo On this farm he had some kids E,I,E,I,O here a Blah On this farm he had a pig E, I, E, I, O E, I,E,I,O Old MacDonald had a farm E,I,E,I,O everywhere a Blah, Blah On this farm he had a horse E,I,E,I,O with a neigh, neigh here and a neigh, neigh there here a neigh, there a neigh everywhere a neigh, neigh Old MacDonald had a farm E,I,E,I,O here a bow everywhere a bow wow Old MacDonald had a farm E,I,E,I,O He had a cow with a quack, quack here and a quack, quack there everywhere a quack, quack Old MacDonald had a farm E,I,E,I,O E, I, E, I, O with a Blah,Blah here everywhere a moo, moo everywhere an oink , oink with an oink, oink here On this farm he had some sheep E, I, E, I, O with a Baa, Baa, here and a Baa, Baa there here a Baa, there a Baa, everywhere a Baa, Baa E, I, E, I, O Old MacDonald had a farm E,I,E,O

powerpoint template

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