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Transcript: A study in 2017 showed that the average person spends 2hrs and 51mins a day on their phone. Which is 80+ hours a month. Time spent on smartphone The National Safety Council reported that cell phone use while driving leads to 1.6 million crashes per year. About 390,000 injuries are reported each year due to texting & driving. Total of 263 teens deaths from texting & driving accidents in 2016. Texting & Driving Simulator Time spent while driving Texting & Driving "Texting and Driving Accident Statistics" Edgar Synder & Associates. Copyright 2002-2018. "Turns Out, A Horrifying Number of People Use Their Phones While Driving." Aarian Marshall April 17,2017. When texting & driving you're 23x more likely to get into an accident. You're 6x as likely to get into an accident texting than drinking & driving. 1-4 car accidents in the U.S. are caused by texting. Estimated about 660,000 drivers use their phones while behind the wheel per day. Texting + Driving = Accidents Work Cited A driving analytic study found that drivers are using their phones for about 88% of their travel. About 3 1/2 minutes for every hour of driving. Answering a text takes about five seconds, while traveling at 55 mph, that's enough time to travel the length of a football field Fatalities Ways to stop Shut your phone off before entering a vehicle. Put your phone on airplane mode. Place your phone on the passenger side floor to avoid distractions. Buy a phone holder for your car.

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Transcript: Facebook & Fake News Natalie Rivero Facebook Facebook Users A social media platform created on February 2004 News Users Facebook has about one billion users as of today News With so many Facebook users, lots of fake news is always being shared News Fake News So many things are always being published, what are we even supposed to believe at this point. Examples Example The 2016 election The pope endorsed Donald Trump Hilary Clinton is running a child s*x ring out of a pizza shop. This was all fake news going around on the social media platform Concerns Concern The rise of fake news has reached unprecedented levels and has raised serious concerns about how citizens receive their news and form opinions Cite Cite All information was found in "" in the article "Facebook and Our Fake News Problem" Logo Instagram Instagram A social media platform created on October 2010 Users Users Instagram has about one billion users as of today News News With so many Instagram users, lots of fake news is always being shared News Fake News With so many active users, just for the attention, views, and likes, people just share things that are not true so what are people supposed to believe at this point. Example Example The app will add "false information" labels that obscure posts that have been debunked by Facebook's fact checkers Just so people do not believe everything being published, signs are being put up on the fake news post. Example Example Instagram will also warn users who attempt to share a post that has previously been blocked Cite Cite All the information was provided by from the article "Instagram adds 'false information' labels to prevent fake news from going viral". Logo

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Transcript: Info Photos Wall Friends List Friends Pages Relation to Me: Artemis is daughter of Zeus and Leto, and my twin sister. I am eternally grateful because without her, I would have never been born. After our mom, Leto, had given birth to Artemis, she knew that the island that Leto was on was not safe, and Leto would be attacked and, or die from the lack of medical assitance. So Artemis took Leto to the safe island of Delos (where I was born) and helped her finish giving birth. Relation to Me: Zues is the son of Kronos and Rhea, and my father. Zeus is also the wife of Hera but has been known to cheat on her with other gods, spirits, nymphs, and even mortals. This was how Artimes and I were born. When Zeus saw the beuty of my mother Leto, he fell madly in love with her. Later when Hera found out that Leto was pregnant and Zeus was the father, Hera became furious and Zeus and Leto never saw each other again. Relation to Me: I lead the muses choir, and other artistic groups. Since they are the goddesses of the arts, I am their leader. It is also rumored that they are also children of Zeus, making them my half-sisters. Blocked Pages (My Enemies) Relation To Me: (see Zeus page) ...Hera was furious with Zeus and was determined to get revenge. She decided that the best way was to kill Zeus's new lover and children (Leto, Artemis and I). So multiple times Hera sends beasts after us and I have to protect us and slay all of them. Relation to Me: A long time ago, back when a girl named Daphne and I were madly in love, I mocked Eros by saying that he was not worthy of using a bow. And so he became enraged and tried to hurt Daphne, but I was always there to protect her. But when He shot me with a cursed dart and was unable to protect her, Eros shot her with a special arrow, causing her to become repulsed by me. My Goal in Life: I hope to achieve many things that are represented by what I am god of. 1. I Hope to be able to save the world from disease. 2. I hope to be able to predict every disaster and save mortals from them. I hope to write a song/poem that will outshine all others and make all the gods stop and stare. ******** Quote: "Know Thyself" Relationship Status: Single Ugh, I dont feel like rising today. Do ppl rlly need the sun? only 5 billion years to retirement. TGIF!!! Zeus Gender: Female Who else is ready to win the team choir death match??? :-] Favorite Activity: Archery 714 people like this Gender: Male Birthday: June 21 Artemis Comments: Hera: Get over urself! God of: the sky and thunder, king of all gods Goddess of: the moon, the hunt, wild animals, wilderness, childbirth, virginity and young girls, bringing and relieving disease in women Artemis Ares Leto Helios Zeus Oracle At Delphi Oracle At Lebadea The Nine Muses Hermes Hyacinth Cyaparissus Hephestus See More... Genders: All Female 289 people like this A statue some mortal made of me Just rode past the inernational space station on my chariot. U shud hav seen ther faces. RISL (rolling in space laughing) Gender: Female 443 people like this 97 people like this My Family Some pics of me and my sis 806 people like this Genders: All female Goddesses of: The arts (i.e. poetry, dance, acting) Eros or Cupid 397 people like this Artemis Goddess of: women and marrige God of: light and the sun, truth and prophecy, healing,plague, music, poetry, the arts, and more Hometown: Delos (Patron of Delphi Gender: Male Gender: Male God of: Love Thats Me!!! Helios Hera 1114 people like this Me (as sophisticated as ever) Hobbies: Writing poetry, Telling fortunes, Apollo

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Transcript: Lady From AttackTheBlock I'm a nurse but I like to get robbed by children from my neighbourhood in my free time...joke! I hate the police all I did was steal Pick and Mix and now I'm doing community service?!!!! Nathan I kind of agree with Karl. We need to take matters of our society into our own hands. The police don't do anything so we should all become superhero's whether we are in costume or without costume and make our society a better place. Anyways guys I'm off this, add me on myspace :) Kick Ass Yoyo we agreein wiv Moses cos he iz so cool like! accept our friend request Moses! Probz and Mayhem Well Moses I don't agree with you because I think it is due to society that there is nothing done for the 'kidz' in your South London estate. The only solution is that we all violently revolt against the government and change the way our society is run. Who's with me??????? David Gauntlett Moses Karl Marx "We need to call the police" the poliice dnt do nefiin for d kidz or for da adolesentz in dis generatiion Actually I disagree with all of you because I think we all shape our society as I stated in my Grass Roots theory. We are our own distributors because the media we consume is the media that continues to be in the public eye. This means that if we consume media texts eg. news on the youth being bad then this will continue to be in the public eye which means the police and all of society will unconciously have the perspective that the youth in our generation is bad. In order to change society we must change the media and information that we limit our selves to.

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