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Fairy Tale

Transcript: Many, many years ago... In a land not so far away, there lived a Prince named Gabriel. Prince Gabriel had everything that anyone could ever dream of, but he was still unhappy. Gabriel was the son of a powerful King and Queen,and was being forced to marry a Princess from a nearby Kingdom. Finally the day came for him to meet his Princess Alexandria. She was more lovely than he had imagined. Her green eyes shone as bright as the sun, and her caramel skin was flawless,Coal black hair fell down past her shoulders. Her beauty was unmatched and Gabriel was glad that she would soon be his wife. Everyone in the Kingdom prepared for the royal wedding, but first they had to carry out the sacred marriage rituals. The rituals would last three months, and during that time the soon to be Princess would live with Gabriel and his family in the palace. Gabriel and Alexandria spent every moment together after her arrival. It wasn't long before he discovered that her outer beauty did not mirror the person he hoped she was. Alexandria was deeply vain, and selfish. She cared nothing about the welfare of her people or helping others. Gabriel saw this and was deeply saddened. One afternoon a female servant named Zuria saw the Prince and asked what troubled him so. Gabriel told Zuria all about Princess Alexandria and his reservations. Zuria comforted Gabriel and told him not to worry. As the days passed, Gabriel spent less time with Alexandria and more time with Zuria. Alexandria saw the growing friendship between Zuria and Gabriel and quickly divised a plan to end it. She sent word by her servants to the Sorceress on the far side of the desert. She asked the Sorceress to make a potion that would make her the desire of every man in the land, so the Prince would fall in love with her. The Sorceress had never made a potion with such great strength. It took many weeks to gather the ingredients and perfect the formula. She finished it just a few days before the ceremony was scheduled to take place,and delivered it to Alexandria on the eve of her wedding. That same night Gabriel's growing anxiety kept him awake. The more he thought of marrying Alexandria, the lower his spirit sank. The next morning, Alexandria's servants went to wake her, but she would not rise. The magic potion from the Sorceress had trapped her in time. The news of Alexandria's death soon spread throughout Gabriel's kingdom. Gabriel quietly rejoiced for now he could marry his one true love. He sent his servants to Zuria and told her to prepare at once to be married, she would be his Queen. The two lived happily ever after. Photo credits: 'horizon' by pierreyves @ flickr Takeaway. Bye. So... An Example: Sumbunda You get the idea 30 Here is something small...

Fairy Tale

Transcript: The fairy was very touched by Daisy’s story and offered to take her away from all of her troubles. At first, Daisy wasn’t convinced. She said that running away was licentious and that if she were caught, it would only cause more trouble. Once Iris began to leave, Daisy quickly changed her mind! She begged Iris take her away from her contentious village. One afternoon after basking in the sun at the Garden Club, Daisy made her way back to her abominable cottage. As soon as she walked inside, the evil witch conjured her to come up the stairs. When Daisy reached the top of the stairs, she saw Black Eyed Susan standing in the room with nothing but a pair of scissors. She told Daisy that she would be nothing without her beautiful petals and cut each one off while soft tears ran down Daisy’s face. Once upon a time….there was a village full of flowers. This village was called the Garden of Love. There were flowers of all kinds and ages and each flower was unique. Every morning the young seedlings would wake up and avidly sing songs on their way to kinder-garden. Although most of the young seedlings had not begun to bloom and take color, there was one seedling that stood out among the rest. Daisy-Rella Pictures by: Blair Watson She has an evil witch living in her Cottage named Black Eyed Susan. Black Eyed Susan practices diabolism and tortures Daisy day and night. Daisy is also unhappy because all of her friends have found their true love, but she feels like she is unlovable because she has been touched by the devil. Although Daisy was the prime pick for the boy flowers to marry, her unhappiness caused her to be aloof and to stray away from boys. Now, all of the nice boys such as, Geranium, Hibiscus, Crocus, and Daffodil have all been taken by Daisy’s best friends. When all hope seemed lost and Daisy felt like things couldn’t get any worse….they did. Unfortunately, Rose saw the whole incident happen and saw it as an opportune time to create a faction within the village. She planned to turn the majority of the village against her and have her kicked out. The next week when Daisy finally mustered up the courage to leave her cottage, she was bemused by the way some of her friends and other villagers were treating her. Then, a few days later the weird looks turned into beleaguering comments. Merry Gold, one of Daisy’s best friends, sarcastically told her that she looked especially beautiful and asked if she’d had a trim recently. This comment left Daisy completely perplexed. She took off for her cottage because she couldn’t stand to face the villagers’ calumny anymore. Her name was Daisy. The Pallor among her petals was breathtakingly beautiful and the dulcet tone of her voice was so powerful that it would cause even the oldest flowers to become inert. Daisy was the prodigious girl for a boy to fall in love with. This fact did not settle well with another girl seedling named Rose. Even after Rose began to mature and become a grown flower, she was still envious of the attention Daisy received from the rest of the flower villagers. She became so envious that ugly thorns began to form on her stem that made everyone else in the village evade her. There was no qualm about it that she was the meanest flower in the village. And they lived happily ever after…. Daisy was the most popular flower in the Garden Club. She had tons of friends that absolutely adored her. Her best friends were Chrysanthemum, Dalia, Merry Gold, and Petunia. Although Daisy’s life seemed to be perfect, she was hiding a deep chasm in her heart. Now, you probably think that Rose is the antagonist of this fairy tale, but just wait….it gets better. Daisy holds a deep dark secret that no one knows about. Once Daisy reached her cottage, the evil witch’s condemnation was worse than it ever had been before. Daisy ran away and locked herself in her room while letting out ecstatic cries. Because of her loud cries, she did not here the beautiful fairy named Iris float in through the window. Daisy had only heard about Iris through stories in her seedling-hood and didn’t actually believe she existed. When Iris asked Daisy why she was troubled, Daisy replied indignantly that her life had been ruined by the evil witch. Written by: Shelby Watson Without hesitation, the fairy whisked her away to the Garden of Peace, and with a flick of her wand, she made Daisy more beautiful than ever. In the Garden of Peace, Daisy was seen as a princess coming to rule over the Garden. Not long after she entered the Garden of Peace, Daisy began to feel sad because she still didn't have her true love. Then, one night she smelled the sweetest scent blowing in through her window. When she looked out, she saw the most handsome flower she'd ever seen. She knew immediately that this was her knight in shining armor coming to rescue her from her sadness and broken heart.

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