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Transcript: Faded, Out-of Esteem, At -Risk Students By: Angela Patterson Difficult Matt Matt is orange. Matt is a funny, charming, confident and quick-witted freshman boy. He likes to be the center of atttention, whether he gets negative or positive reinforcement from it. Matt likes to joke and purposely say incorrect answers outloud for the class to get a chuckle. Matt is very smart and practical, but he likes to take on the role of a performer. Out-of-Esteem Faded Matt When Matt's color is fading and he is acting out-of-esteem, he stops participating in class and does not complete his homework. He becomes argumentative with both the teacher and his peers. He acts out on purpose to receive detentions. He is unorganized with his materials for class. Interventions for Matt Help Give Matt the attention he needs through positive reinforcement Allow Matt to vent about anything that might be upsetting to him Give Matt some freedom in breaking/bending the rules, but provide clear consequences Pull Matt outside of the classroom to prevent any further confrontation Easy Austin is green. He is easygoing and loves to manipulate numbers and enjoys finding patterns and creating rules. He is logical and extremely analytical. He always thinks abstractly and is persistent when he is solving a complicated math problem. Austin Out-of-Esteem Faded Austin When Austin is out-of-esteem, he is withdrawn, aloof, refuses to participate in class, and becomes critical of himself and his peers. He has an anxious look about him and becomes upset about his performance on a test or quiz. Interventions Help Allow Austin independent time to manipulate mathematical concepts without madating he focus along with the rest of the class. Allow Austin to challenge ideas that are presented and defend his reasonsing for it Re-inforce the big picture of a concept to help Austin get past the small ideas that are difficult for him Quiet Leah is gold. She is organzied, color codes her notes, creates separate study guides from the ones given in class, and is depandable. Many of Leah's peers confer with her when they need some extra help. She is detail-oriented and is always on time to class. Leah Out-of-Esteem Faded Leah When Leah is out-of-esteem, she becomes overly critical of her work. Shes withdraws and is not helpful with her peers. She is anxious and worries about her grades. Leah is the exact opposite of her happy self and becomes moody. Interventions Help Consult with Leah's parents so they can address her anxiety at home and help provide tips for at school Talk to Leah privately about what might be bothering her and offer concrete suggestions. Provide Leah with step-by-step directions for a project so she does not feel overwhelmed. Give Leah specific ideas that she could use to improve her understanding of a topic Conclusions Final Thoughts After identifying some of my students by their colors and discussing interventions, I find that I need to start the next school year off by having my students take the color test. In doing so, I would be able to use many of the prevention strategies for fading colors instead of using more of the interventions.


Transcript: Hypothesis By: PMaryelle Montes & Victoria Agreda-Zapata Chromatography Procedure Variables Question Controlled variable would be the salt solution. Manipulated variable is the testing of the non-branded markers. Responding variable was the strengths of the colors that we measured. If we test Crayola markers but dipping it in to the solution then the color will last longer because Crayola has a stronger color intensity. If we test the non-brand markers by also dipping it into the solution then the color will fade out because they have a low grade color. Data Overtime, which type of marker shows a stronger color? Crayola Markers v.s. Non-Branded Markers To conclude this project, we found that the Crayola marker is the most reliable to use if you want a nice bold color to use. With the non-branded markers, you just get what you paid for. Materials Thank you. 1. Take 1 coffee filter & cut it into 3x3 squares. 2. Using a pencil, draw a line across the square 1 cm from the edge of the coffee filter. 3. On that line, put 6 dots of 6 different colors & label each dot the name of the color. 4. Prepare the salt solution into a clean bowl by mixing 1 tablespoon of salt and 3 cups of water. Stir until the salt dissolves. 5. Now, stand the filter paper inside the bowl, with the dots facing downwards and place the edge of the paper into the solution to wet it up with the salt solution just up to the 1 cm line. 6. A capillary action will draw the salt solution up the paper. As it passes through the dots, it will drag the color up with the salt solution. 7. Remove the paper, and place it down and wait 3 minutes. 8. Measure the length of the colors & recode the data. 9. REPEAT steps 1 through 8 with the other kind of markers. Conclusion 1. Crayola Markers 2. Non-branded Markers 3. Coffee Filters 4. Water 5. Table Salt 6. Measuring Cups 7. Ruler 8. Bowl Results


Transcript: FADED=v= 29/04/2018 Faded Alan Walker The information of the song "Faded" is a song by Norwegian record producer and DJ AlanWalker. Incorporating vocals provided by Norwegian recording artist Iselin Solheim, the single was originally set to be released on 25 November 2015, but was delayed to 3 December 2015. The song was highly successful, peaking in the top 10 in most of the countries it charted in, and reached the top spot in more than 10 countries. It is currently the 33rd most viewed video on YouTube, with 1.67 billion views as of April 2018. The lyrics of the song Faded You were the shadow to my light Did you feel us Another start You fade away Afraid our aim is out of sight Wanna see us Alive Where are you now Where are you now Where are you now Was it all in my fantasy Where are you now Were you only imaginary Where are you now Atlantis Under the sea Under the sea Where are you now Another dream The monsters running wild inside of me I'm faded I'm faded So lost I'm faded I'm faded So lost I'm faded These shallow waters, never met What I needed I'm letting go A deeper dive Eternal silence of the sea I'm breathing Alive Where are you now Where are you now Under the bright But faded lights You set my heart on fire Where are you now Where are you now Where are you now Atlantis Under the sea Under the sea Where are you now Another dream The monsters running wild inside of me I'm faded I'm faded So lost I'm faded I'm faded So lost I'm faded The Literary devices used in the song Hyperbole:Afraid our aim is out of light. Parallelism:Where you now? Where are you now? Where are you now? Metonymy:The monsters running wild inside of me. Metaphor:You were the shadow in my light. Theme of the song Theme A boy left home as a child, grew up and looked for a home with a photo. After a hard run, he found a house that was once a ruined house, and felt very sad


Transcript: work at student own (high) pace, but allow for touch points make clear and concise directions include time for fun when done with expected work assign tasks that are challenging What I did not try: allow student to set his own goals What I did try: Staying calm and clear Showing the total picture of the course or task What I didn't try as much: more independent study opportunities How to Prevent Further Erosion of positive identity What I did try: Provide structure within the classroom Allow time to give clear directions and rules have conversations about upcoming events or changes in the schedule What I did not try: give responsibilities acknowledge contributions What I have tried: to have needed resources ready to go when needed provide logic behind my decisions What I did not try: give opportunities to show Depth of Knowledge and attention to detail Interventions: Avoid confrontations in front of others Acknowledge and provide for movement, action, humor breaks throughout the day remain clam when dealing with the student What I did not try: don't attack the behaviors--discuss them, then turn back to the activity the class is doing remind him that"when it's over, it's over" How to Prevent Further Erosion of Positive Identity How to prevent further erosion of Positive Identity Orange-Difficult to Manage Disarm mis-behaviors with distraction, redirection or humor add logo here What I did try: make expectations clear focus on step by step pace tasks provide clear and simple rules What I did not do: prepare in advance for any change in the schedule ✳✱* Jane Shhhhhh.... Gold- Quiet Student Cole What I tried: Interventions: Faded Out-of-Esteem At-Risk Students What I did try: What I did try: Micah What I have tried: to encourage discussions and questions provide safe environment for intellectual exploration and growth What I did not try: to provide challenging tasks along with low level tasks Motivators to help avoid fadeout: Motivators Motivators: What I have not already tried: Interventions: Green- Easy to Manage What I did not try: Focus on the behavior in need of change/not the student What I did try: Deal with the student privately be specific focus on a fresh start involve parents


Transcript: First ReTweet South Beach: -Hot Spots Facebook -Our Facebook page will be used to drive awareness of FADED as well as encourage as many likes and comments on our page as possible -display new and existing menu items -"like this post and win a chance for a free dessert" -New menu item contest -Cross promotions with Instagram and Twitter Twitter @eatdrinkfade -Twitter page will give the location of the truck in real time -Answer customer questions and take suggestions -Allows us to interact with clubs/bars and other companies in the nightlife industry -KPI:7,000 followers by December Meet the Wolfpack Location, Location, Location Twitter: FADED Franchising Buzz Bar: Bus that goes through Miami selling alcoholic ice cream. Buzz Bar has six flavors of ice cream. Sweet & Tipsy: Online based company that specializes in alcohol infused cupcakes. They have 20 cupcake flavors. FADED Instagram will be our most useful social media platform #howifade weekly contest for free menu item Exclusive contests, previews and coupons Upload pictures of celebrities at our FADED truck KPI:10,000 followers by December Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday Projected Income Financial Information Thank you for your time! Instagram 10pm- 4am Food Truck Growth Brickell Our team has connections with the Opium Group in Miami which is the biggest promotional group in all of south beach. At the most basic promotional level Opium group can give out vouchers that include admission to a club as well as a coupon for the FADED truck that will be outside the club. Another promotion for some of Opium’s VIP clients will be a 20 percent off coupon for private parties given to a group after they receive bottle service at a club. The last promotional tool will be the FADED brand on some of the free stuff that is given away at clubs. Profitability Promotions Our overall marketing strategy will be grass-roots in nature and driven by promotion as well as word of mouth and social media. Twitter: @EatDrinkFade Facebook: FADEDMiami Instagram: EatDrinkFade FADED Menu Marketing Competitors By: Jamie, Jake, Gaby and Jared Jamie Lasky: Former CEO of Kraft Foods Jared Krim: CFO of Citi Group Jake Reisenberg: Former CMO of Adidas Gabriella Abdelnour: Head of VIP services at the SLS Hotel Hours of Operation The Faded ($12) - bourbon infused brownie, Captain Morgan ice cream, Pinnacle whipped cream and Kahlua hot fudge Coffee Cake infused with Patron($9) 'Bangin' wine infused Cupcakes ($5) Espresso with Kahlua ($5) "LIV " Lemon Drop Cookie ($5) "Lil Wayne" Lollipops ($3) **Must be 21+ to enjoy the FADED menu WE SCAN! Food truck specializing in alcohol infused desserts. Two guilty pleasures in one. Open to expand to New York, Los Angeles, Chicago Start up cost $100,000 with 6% royalty of annual net income for six years Requiring $200,000 in liquid assets and net worth of $400,000 Will provide training and support for first month of operations

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