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Transcript: I think toilet at MSU is clean. I think staff at front desk is not friendly with MSU students. I think there are many girl wearing baju kurung today. I feel most of the MSU's students using car to come a class. I think there are a minority of students using motorcycle. I think some MSU's students feel comfortable using cab when jammed on the road. My friends and i feel MSU is a best place for study. i really love to do a discussion group at MSu's library. i feel very cold at MSU's library. i love eat at U-Cafe because of their nice food. There are 20 levels in Management Tower. Every levels have a toilet. Toilet in MSU have female and male toilet. There are 9 classes in every levels which is from level 5 to 8. Every places has a tiles. Every level has a fire extinguisher. in MsU, there are 2 major groups which is lecturers and students. MsU also provide a swimming pool. MsU have 3 cafes. FACT ( CANNOT CHANGE ) FACT ( CAN CHANGE ) FACT OR OPINION ??? SITI FATIMAH BINTI MOHAMED 012012110785 SYED IBRAHIM HAIKAL 012012051862 I think MSU's bakery shop have a high sales because of variety of their bread. For me, Cinnamon Cafe have a cheap price rather than U-cafe. I think MSU will bankrupt one day in future. I think guard MSU are friendly. I feel parking lot for MSU;s students is not for safe for them. from my point of view, MSU have to limit or reduce the number of event. I think many of students feel lazy to come class today. I think that there are a miscommunication between MUS upper management with lower management. I feel very enjoyful studying at MSU. I think MSU staff especially front dest staff to improve their communication level. OPINION Admission Office at 3rd floor. Account Office at 3rd floor. C&C Office at 3rd floor. Every level has a guards. Timetable students are not fixed. MSU have total 100 classes available at one time. All examination result will appear at KLAS LEARNING system. MSU's classes will be available starting from 8am. Parking lot students at under the bridge. There are bangladesh guard working at MSU. All lecturer's car have to park inside in MSU. There are an expatriate lecturers working at MSU. There are both gender lecturer working at MSU. There are many races lecturer working at MSU. All mentoring activities for FBMP will be held on every Tuesday. Every students have their own mentor. Every students have to sit their final examination. Attendance below than 85% will be barred by MSU. There was an seminar for culinary art student on 9 October 2013. MSU stated in Shah Alam. MSU located near with highway. MsU have 3 towers. Library MSU have 3 levels. In year 2013, MSU's President is Datuk Wira Mohd Syukri.

Fact or FaCT

Transcript: Circe might be real because she lures people into her palace and no one ever comes out so we can't say she isn't real Circe is a goddess who takes people into her palace and drugs them with wine and the turns them into animals with her wand. Another reason for fake We don't know if Circe is real or fake because there is evidence that she is fake and evidence that proves she might be real . But it looks like she is a fake because you can't turn people into animals its flat out impossible. Another reason for fact Another reason that Circe might be real is that no one knows where her island is so people cant prove that she's fake But there is evidence that Circe is real because no one can prove she is not. So don't take candy from a lady on a magical island. She is a goddess who Odysseus encounters on his way back to Ithica Another reason that Circe is a fake is that this whole book is baced of of a bunch of myths that Odysseus encontures along his journey back to Ithaca. And Circe may be one of all of those myths. Circe Fact or Fake! Reasons for Fake photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli As you can see there is a lion in the backround so Circe can change any human into any animal. Circe This was a video of Odysseus watching his men turn into pigs because they drank Circe's wine. Reasons for a fact Circe might be fake because she turned people into pigs and transformation is not possible. Is Circe fact or fake? This is a picture of Circe looking at the people she turned into pigs

Status: Fact or Bluff

Transcript: FaceTwiGram Yow man, what I know with #RelevantIdeas are ideas connected to the topic and of course #IrrelevantIdeas are ideas that are not connected to our topic. #RelevantIdeas #IrrelevantIdeas #Purpose You know, students, #IrrelevantIdeas also called as "Odd Man Out" why? Because these ideas talks about a different thing than in what we are talking about in our main topic. That is why it becomes Odd, and what do we have to do with the Odds, we have to remove them because it may cause confusion to our reader or listener. #IrrelevantIdeas #BabalaAsawaNi? FaceTwiGram FaceTwiGram Hi! I guess #RelevantIdeas are the ideas that makes the main ideas more detailed and gives us more explanation about our main idea. #RelevantIdeas FaceTwiGram What I know, folks, #RelevantIdeas are the ideas that are necessary to what are we talking about It is necessary because it supports our topic. You know, to make the statements realistic and no bluffing. #RelevantIdea Song Joong Ki Lola Tinidora #RelevantIdeas is what we are talking about in a paragraph or our main idea. #RelevantIdeas Daniel Padilla Justin Bieber Presents: #RelevantIdea or #IrrelevantIdea We asked Celebrities, both local and international, on how can they define relevant and irrelevant ideas and this is how they responds. FaceTwiGram FaceTwiGram Status: Fact or Bluff Liza Soberano FaceTwiGram #IrrelevantIdeas are the Ideas the is next to the most important idea in the paragraph and supports our main topic. #IrrelevantIdeas Taylor Swift Ano ba kayo? #IrrelevantIdeas are the ideas that is not important and not related to our topic or main idea. This one is not needed to support our main topic. #IrrelevantIdeas Lola Nidora FaceTwiGram


Transcript: Characters -Walk into hospital and get told to wait for visit. -Suddenly on a trip through the woods -Liam tells Gabriella about planning his trip to the south -Gabriella storms off and disturbs a bear -Liam turns tail and runs, thus attracting the bear's attention -Gabriella goes into the fetal position and doesn't get mauled by the bear -look down -look back up, your in a hospital again. -Gabriella gets to see Liam for the first time without his bandages -Liam is to ugly so he gets dumped. Plot Conflict Figurative Language 1. "... Signing a one-year lease demanded a certain courage, a certain faith that the earth will keep holding them up..." -Pg 72 This passage shows personification, saying the earth will hold them up when times get hard. It is signifigant because it shows Gabriella and Liam are not well set off and sometimes struggle to get by. This shows that hiking is their way of getting away from the troubles of the world. 2. "... The dark greens of white spruce and tarnished golds of the poplars wove an intricate montane tartan." -Pg 72 The author compares the poplar trees in the fall to tarnished gold. This allows the reader to better picture the setting and get a better idea of what the characters are feeling. 3. The entire story has dramatic irony, the story starts out with Gabriella entering a hospital then cuts back to her and Liam hiking towards a lake. The reader knows from the beginning that something will happen to cause Liam to go to the hospital even though the characters have no idea. Theme Setting The theme of this story is that no matter the issues, true commitment can still emerge. In the story, Gabriella wants Liam to help her re-sign the lease but Liam wants to go live in a van. This shows the issues that they have been having as far as being committed towards the same thing. But when Liam makes the bear chase him so it doesn't go after Gabriella, it shows that he still cares about her and that he is committed to her, even through the toughest of times. It also shows committment when she is by his side at his hospital bed, even though his face is mangled from the attack. The theme of this story is that no matter the issues, true commitment can still emerge. In the story, Gabriella wants Liam to help her re-sign the lease but Liam wants to go live in a van. This shows the issues that they have been having as far as being committed towards the same thing. But when Liam makes the bear chase him so it doesn't go after Gabriella, it shows that he still cares about her and that he is committed to her, even through the toughest of times. It also shows committment when she is by his side at his hospital bed, even though his face is mangled from the attack. BLUFF Liam: He is a trail-blazer that loves the outdoors. Gabriella and Liam are currently dating in the story. He would love to be on the cover of outdoor magazines sporting expensive active-wear. He spends the little money he earns leading American and German tourists up easy mountain trails, on expensive outdoor wear. He is very clean cut looking for a hiker. He is very stubborn and doesn't like learning from people who know more than him. He has jett black hair in a very straight cut and modern style, his face has been weather from the outdoors and lightly tanned. He wants to travel out of Jasper, Alberta into the states, near Yosemite or New Mexico. Liam is a round character. The hospital in which Liam is recovering is Jasper hospital. The hospital has a modern feel with cold tiled floors. There is only one floor and mostly everything is white. Surprisingly enough it doesn't smell like medical liquids. The forest has a beautiful horizon line with a mountain range silhouettes. There is a valley below the mountain they are climbing that is abundant with white spruce and poplar trees. There is a lake in the valley with limestone rocks scattered along the shore. The shore is sandy and with pieces of dwarf birch and rock willows. By: Gail Helgason Gabriella says towards the beginning of the story that her landlord is waiting for her to sign a lease which is why she asked Liam to go for the hike. She was planning on discussing the lease with Liam during the hike because she was very unsure about whether or not to sign it. This type of conflict is man Vs. man. Gabriella's landlord has given her an ultimatum, either sign the lease or find another place to live which would be very difficult in Jasper. Another conflict is between Liam and the bear. The bear see's Gabriella and begins walking towards her but because Liam decided to run, the bear chased him instead. Liam did this knowing the bear would go after him instead so because of his actions, he saved Gabriella's life. This type of conflict is man Vs. nature. Gabriella: Gabriella is a biology teacher who also loves to hike. She is twenty five and is very eco-friendly. Gabriella is a flat character. Although, she could be a dynamic character because when she looks at Liam's face for the


Transcript: FACT OR BLUFF 1 1. The three stars in the Philippine Flag represents Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. FACT BLUFF OR ANSWER Bluff. Contrary to popular belief, Visayas is not represented in the three stars of the flag. The three stars in the flag embody Luzon, Panay, and Mindanao. 2 World War II, also known as the Second World War, was a global war that lasted 2. May 28 is the National Flag Day of the Philippines. FACT BLUFF OR Fact. As a show of respect toward the national coat of arms, Presidential Proclamation No. 374 was issued on March 6, 1965 declaring that May 28 is National Flag Day, an event that honors the Philippine flag's first unfurling in 1898. Executive Order No. 79 was issued on May 23, 1994, extending the period of National Flag Day's observance from May 28 to June 12. Filipinos are encouraged to "display the Philippine flag in offices, agencies and instruments of government, business establishments, schools, and private homes throughout this period." ANSWER 3 3. The three women who sewed the national flag in Kawit, Cavite were Marcela Agoncillo, the wife of the first Filipino diplomat Felipe Agoncillo, their daughter Lorenza, and a niece of Dr. Jose Rizal, Delfina Herbosa de Natividad. FACT FACT BLUFF OR Bluff. Not in Kawit Cavite but in Hong Kong ANSWER 4 4. The eight rays of the sun featured in the flag represent the first eight provinces that fought against the Spaniards namely, Manila, Cavite, Bulacan, Bataan, Tarlac, Batangas, Laguna, and Nueva Ecija. BLUFF FACT OR Bluff: instead of Bataan, it is Pampanga ANSWER 5 5. The blue field symbolizes peace, justice, and truth. The red field symbolizes patriotism and valor. During the state of war, the flag can also be hoisted upside down. The white triangle symbolizes courage, heroism, and bravery. FACT BLUFF OR Fact. ANSWER

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