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Transcript: Facet Book Chloe Stovall Humanities 1 October 18 Square 1 - Self Examination Who am I, really? Well that is a hard question to answer, because I am still figuring out myself. My name is Chloe Rayne Stovall, I am a young girl eager to explore the world around her. As I age I discover more than I have ever known, from academics to social skills. One of my favorite quotes is, "be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid." I don't necessarily believe that in a spiritual sense, but just as something to live by. Since quarantine began, I have struggled socially, but by taking chances and approaching others, I have made many new friends whom I cherish very much. I devote most of my time to my passions: music and theater. I have been performing since I was a little kid, and I don't think I will ever get sick of it. The adrenaline that fills your body before you step out on stage is a feeling like no other. These passions have really helped shape me as a person and helped me make some of my closest friends. I also love watching others perform, some of my best memories are from concerts. I love helping others and giving advice; watching people learn to love themselves and their lives fills me with so much joy. Square 1 My best Moments In a Different World Triangles 1 and 2 A peaceful day Surrounded with love Relaxing in bed Tunes going through my head Cats purring A sense of nature surrounds me Late nights staring at the stars The moon glimmering in the sky I am home Chaos unfolds Yet its only 7:30 Teenagers scurrying from class to class With no class Pushing and Pulling Finding a way to get through Breathing heavy, body shaking Nail biting and foot tapping The aroma of anxiety surrounds my body 10 hours a day 5 days a week 10 months a year 13 years in a cold building with unforgiving souls Song Both sides now is an inspiring song about getting different perspecives on life, while it isn't about living multiple lifes, I feel that it connects to the topic, because it can reveal how you see your former self after overcoming living in multiple situations. Images Family Interview : Mom Square 2 My mom, Roxane Stovall, is one of my closest friends, and she has helped me achieve a lot. Aside from being in my life, she has had an eventful life, to say the least. As a child she loved to sing and dance around the house, but she was very shy. One day her grandmother, who she called, Mamaw, saw her and decide to enroll her in a theatre club. she had so much fun, and performed all over San Antonio. When she was 11 years old, Roxane participated in her school talent show, she sang and danced to, "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy." At that talent show, the writer and director of an up and coming Nickelodeon show saw her perform, and loved her! She was asked to join the show, and she happily accepted. At 13 years old she moved to Ontario, Canada alone. She met many amazing people there, and learned a lot of life lessons, from memorization to working in the acting buisness. After filming in Canada, they continued filming in Orlando, at Universal Studios, and by her junior year, she was back home in San Antonio. My Mom has been acting since the days of roaming around the halls in her house. She also helped me become confident in my performing, which I am very grateful for. When Roxane started at Texas State in 1994, she participated in, "West Side Story," where she met my dad! What she has taken from all of this is that you need to accept any opprotunites you get, because they can change your life forever and there is always time for hugs. She has always shown myself and others how to be a kinder person and to love all. Roxane is a light in all of her friends' and family's lives, and will continue to strive to bring this world a little more love. Her Highlights My mom and Ryan Reynolds on Nickelodeon together! How to Raise Sucessful Kids Without Overparenting In my life I have been very lucky when it comes to overparenting. While many of my friends' parents were hyperfixated on their grades and where they were every second of every hour, my parents are not. They grew up with parents thet were focused on scores and understood how detrimental it can be to a childs mental state. In the novel, Lindo Jong overparents. She states that Chinese people are hardworking and Americans are lazy. She thinks Waverly playing chess is worthless, but as Waverly improves she understands this can get her to great places in life. Waverly enjoys playing chess, but Lindo takes it to am extreme. Chess is flooding Waverly's life and she is so sick of it, so she runs away. Wavery gets in a lot of trouble for doing so. What Lindo isn't comprehending is that Waverly has her own life, she is focused on making sure Waverly stays connected to her roots and achieves greatness. She needs to know that Waverly has her own life to live, even if she just wants what is best for her. Triangle 3 Character Identification The character I feel I allign

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