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Transcript: Tara - Personally, my opinion on Julia Sharpe is that she is very caring. She showed great kindness to Peter and Anna, letting them hide in her house which if she got caught, could've got her in serious trouble. This shows that she cares a lot about other people and treats Surplus’s as equals, not as lower then her.​ Eliza - Honestly, I really do like the character Julia Sharpe. She reflects how people should be more like in the real world. Julia is a very different character to the others in the novel, she is kind and caring and cares a lot for Anna. Ms Sharpe is a very risky lady though, hiding Peter and Anna and lying? Hmmm not sure!! Mia - My opinion of mrs. sharp is that she is a caring and kind to Peter and Anna, i admire her for hiding Peter and Anna because she cares for them but it is quite unprofessional and not trustworthy to the school,she does care a lot for Peter and Anna.​ I would say one of the main motivations for Ms Sharpe would be, the idea of freedom and rebelling slightly against things she thought were wrong. For example, hiding Peter and Anna away in her shed and then when the catchers came she said that she had lost the key. This shows the she is prepared to stick up for what she thinks is right. Longevity doesn’t cure gravity, unfortunately, Mrs. Sharpe had told her when she’d been caught frowning at a particularly painful-looking thing that she discovered was called an ‘Uplifter’.​ 'She was the nicest, kindest woman- once I was cleaning her bed and she offered to to let me try on some lipstick.’​ This shows that she is kind to others and doesn't look down on the surplus's. ‘Mrs Sharpe talked to me almost like a wasn’t a surplus.’ She treated the surplus’s well​ Final Character Summary - Everyone! :) I wish i were still her house keeper (Mrs Sharpe) she never even hit me once.​ Julia Sharpe Quotes - Mia :) like comment share Character Motivations - Eliza :) like comment share THANK YOU :)))) Character Summary - Eliza :) like comment share Julia Sharpe, 'droopy', old age makes her skin sag. The longevity drug makes her young on the outside but does nothing for her on the inside. Mrs Sharpe is in her 50's, but she is also 125 years old. Julia Sharpe was quoted to be the nicest, kindest woman. Anna worked for Mrs Sharpe for an internship for three weeks. Mrs Sharpe's house was painted in warm and bright colours. Her house had a massive garden that you could see out of all the windows. Mrs Sharpe always had flowers on the go. The bright and refreshing smell would make Anna want to eat the flowers. Mrs Sharpe traveled all around the world as you could see by all of the photos surrounding her house. Facebook Profile Character Changes - Tara :)

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Transcript: FACEBOOK PROFILE GROUP C Sexual selection Age: 40 years old Occupation: lawyer Single Parental Investment Theory-Trivers Asymmetries between the sexes in effort Careerist Single mother Expecting more parental investment Relationship preferences Relationship duration: Women - long-term Men - short-term Ideal partner age: Women - older partner Men - younger partner --> fertility “(…) while men are looking for women who can bear many children and thus are attracted to women’s youth, health and beauty.’’ (Pines, 1998) Beauty = health and fertility Physical attractiveness Symmetry Philosophy of Long Hair Makeup usage Social selection or Sexual selection? Slimness vs. plumpness Fertility - hip ratio References Facebook profile references Barber, N. (1995). The Evolutionary Psychology of Physical Attractiveness: Sexual Selection and Human Morphology. Ethology and Sociobiology, 16, 395-424. Bereczkei, T., Vörös, S., Gál, Á. & Bernáth, L. (1997). Resources, Attractiveness, Family commitment; Reproductive Decisions in Human Mate Choice. Ethology, 103, 681-699. Buss, D. M. (1989). Sex differences in human mate preferences: Evolutionary hypotheses tested in 37 cultures. Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 12, 1-49. Little, A. C., Burriss, R. P., Jones, B. C., DeBruine, L. M., & Caldwell, C. A. (2008). Social influence in human face preference: Men and women are influenced more for long-term than short-term attractiveness decisions. Evolution and Human Behavior, 29, 140–146. evolhumbehav.2007.11.007 Lyon, B. E. & Montgomerie, R. (2012). Sexual selection is a form of social selection. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B, 367, 2266-2273. A-L M-Z Pines, A. M. (1998). A prospective study of personality and gender differences in romantic attraction. Personality and Individual Differences, 25, 147-157. Puts, D. A. (2010). Beauty and the beast: mechanisms of sexual selection in humans. Evolution and Human Behavior, 31, 157-175. Street, S. E., Morgan, T. J. H., Thornton, A., Brown, G. R., Laland, K. N. & Cross, P. C. (2018). Human mate-choice copying is domain-general social learning. Scientific Reports, 8, 1715. 10.1038/s41598-018-19770-8 Wu, Q., Liu, Z., Liu, X. & Chen, D. (2022) The cost of beauty: Perception of makeup and male mate choice. Current Psychology, 65.

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Transcript: Marilyn's friends agreed that her heart was set on winning the affections of John F. Kennedy. On one occasion they were caught by a former Kennedy advisor, Peter Summers, who saw them come out from the bathroom together. Marilyn was wearing just a towel. Summers was quoted as saying, "She had clearly been in there, in the shower, with him. It was obvious, but neither of them seemed worried about it." Work Experience -University of California, Los Angeles -Van Nuys High School -Actors Studio Los Angeles, California Shared a Photo This is completely absurd! How could I ever? Actress for 16 years 29 movies Top 3 Movies: 1. The Seven-Year-Itch (1955) 2. How to Marry a Millionaire(1953) 3. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953) Beneath the makeup and behind the smile I am just a girl who wishes for the world. I'm in love with the idea of falling in love. Photos like comment share like comment share Status Update Marilyn at it again John F. Kennedy Robert Kennedy Ella Fitzgerald Poetry Bloomingdale's Romanoff's Dom Perignon 1953. Falling in love “Trying to build myself up with the fact that I have done things right that were even good and have had moments that were excellent but the bad is heavier to carry around and feel have no confidence.” “It's often just enough to be with someone. I don't need to touch them. Not even talk. A feeling passes between you both. You're not alone.” "I have too many fantasies to be a housewife.... I guess I am a fantasy." Marilyn Monroe like comment share Education Lives In Shared a Link Interests

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