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Ey Presentation Template

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PLC EY presentation

Transcript: Presented by EY PLC ESH Early Years PLC 16/17 GOAL GOAL Broaden their ICT skills by interacting with the smartboa... Broaden their ICT skills by interacting with the smartboard, beebots, laptops and other ICT resources. BY THE END OF THE 2016/2017 SCHOOLYEAR OUR STUDENTS WILL... LEARN FROM EACH OTHER AND TEAM BUILDING LEARN FROM EACH OTHER AND TEAM BUILDING TIMELINE TIMELINE Sep2016 Decide on a goal (vote) Workshops/ mentoring from ICT coordinator Broke the goal into smaller steps Topic based research of smartboard lessons and games Practice our new skills and trial with children Discuss outcomes and our next steps 2017 WHY? WHY? Not used to their full potential Not used to their full potential CURIOSITY CURIOSITY New resources New skills So this doesn't happen to us... So this doesn't happen to us... WHAT? WHAT? EVIDENCE EVIDENCE Beebots Beebots Camera Camera SMARTBOARD SMARTBOARD Interactive games Interactive games Skype calls Skype calls Writing, drawing and pencil grip Writing, drawing and pencil grip Talking buttons and pegs Talking buttons and pegs Laptops Laptops WHAT THE EXPERTS THINK WHAT THE EXPERTS THINK About the talking pegs and buttons About the talking pegs and buttons About the Smartboard About the Smartboard About the laptops About the laptops About using the camera About using the camera About the beebots About the beebots HOW? HOW? Workshops/mentoring Workshops/mentoring Experimenting Experimenting Sharing knowledge Sharing knowledge WHAT NEXT? WHAT NEXT? Our goal for this year has been acomplished Our goal for this year has been acomplished DIGITAL PORTFOLIO DIGITAL PORTFOLIO iPAD iPAD TRIAL: 3 teachers NEAR FUTURE: 1 per class

EY Presentation #2

Transcript: Tactic Submit a brief statement on the name similarity to the Huffington Post 2009 & 2010 Revenue declines for two consecutive years Informing the Public Global Press Release 2011 & 2012 Revenues increase due to global acquisitions Causing inconsistency in messaging and brand "Building a better working world" has always been their mission, it differentiates themselves from competitors With Vision 2020, EY will not just keep pace with change but stay ahead of the curve Actions Key Messages These similarities will have no effect on the company, because: Individuals searching "EY" will understand the difference The benefits of rebranding outweigh the bad press Questions Employee handbooks Advertisements Office Designs Research Think Long Term Global Focus Search Engine Optimization Anticipate the worst case scenario and have a plan Only proceed if the positives outweigh the negatives Jordan Gover, Faith Gachii & Maryna Rath The Bad Press releases SEO & Google AdWords Addressing the EY! Magazine issue Magazine Mix Up 2013 EY places #3 Big 4 firms Far behind Deloitte and PwC 1. Unify organization globally Adopted a global brand name, tag line and logo Appointed a global chairman and CEO Changing the name to EY will provide consistency and ease of use for clients Overall - EY rebranding was successful 2012 Global Review The Good Social media platforms Use of an outside agency Billboard launch Appearance change in all offices Firm-wide webcasts Consistent message (follows new business strategy) Employee handout EY Vision 2020 Rebranding Tactics Recommendations 2. Reposition in competitive market Consulted with industry experts, clients, partners and discussion groups Established a long-term vision (2020) Actions Lessons Learned What should have been done/ how to proceed Do you think the benefits outweigh the repercussions from EY! Magazine? Make sure the public understands your message Run teaser ads Have the new CEO & Global Chairman talk to employees Talk to the press Ernst & Young LLP. vs EY US EY let the magazine issue play out on its own Generated buzz about its re- branding Address the magazine Focus more on future media relations 1. Unify the organization globally Consistency and ease of use Brand recognition 2. Reposition company in the competitive market Create high performing teams and great client services Combat industry trends of stagnation Key Messages EY Vision 2020 Rebranding Strategy Situation

EY Example Presentation

Transcript: Reflects whether you have paid past credit accounts on time EY Example Presentation Files that can be uploaded consist of PDF, JPG, PNG. Screen Shots should be acceptable to insert from a PowerPoint. Charts can be made in Photoshop and Illustrator to be inserted here also. 3D backgrounds can be added that will allow the background to zoom in and out as the presentation flow commands Themes can be created to properly represent EY's brand 2013 Pay your bill on time to improve your credit score Available Charts Pre-made by Prezi Equifax (Picture) TransUnion Truths About Credit Scores (Picture) Experian What Determines Your Credit Score? (Picture) The later the payments are past due, the greater the reduction to your credit score Payment History Myths About My Credit Score There are 2 predominant credit score systems FICO scores are the most commonly used FICO scores range from 300-850 The higher the score, the less risk you pose You have multiple credit scores One for each credit agency (insert graphic) Major Credit Agencies 2004 This Concludes Prezi Example Presentation Shapes can be customized to a certain extent Backgrounds can be changed Customizable logos can be added (upgraded version) Font's can be changed to few selections Text does not have customizable animations (probably not needed with such dynamic transitions) My credit score is the sole factor used to determine whether I can obtain new credit A poor credit score will haunt me forever My credit score will drop significantly when I apply for new credit Sharing my credit score infringes upon my privacy (Insert Chart Here) 2007 2010 Unfortunately, No Bar Charts or Pie Charts come Pre-made AND customizeable in Prezi

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