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Transcript: EXCLUSIVE: CHief longo talks about the most difficult 35 days of his career On September 13th, 2014, a University of Virginia student went missing early in the morning while trying to find her way home alone from a party. Drunk and lost, surveillance cameras from the town of Charlottesville caught Hannah wondering around and even caught her running. After 35 long days of searching and hoping for a happy ending, on October 18th, this nightmare ended when human remains were found in an abandoned cabin only a couple miles from the campus. After forensic studies, the Charlottesville police identified the remains who are of Hannah's and found the DNA of Jesse Matthew under her fingernails. Before the findings of Jesse's DNA, he was a suspect person-of-interest because he was the person last seen with her the night she disappeared. The head chief in the investigation, Longo, shows great empathy for the Graham family and friends. “I’m passionate about life, I’m passionate about this job. I’m passionate about the message I communicated and the way that I do that and if that’s offensive and is something to be criticized for, I’ll fully accept the criticism, now let’s move on!” Longo adds. SOLIDARITY MODERNISM CORRELATION Now Let's Make the COnnection: SOLUTION: Considering the case, there are many problems within the minds of people and within the police department. Two other girls were abducted and sexually assaulted and left dead for the police to find. Forensic testing has brought us far but we need to explore a way to catch the criminal at the first action of assault, not the third. What are ways we can limit the errors in the criminal justice department? SOLIDARITY Textbook Definition: The degree of integration or unity within a particular society; the extent to which individuals feel connected to other members of their group (Days later, Hannah’s mother Susan pleads with the public, “Please, please, please help end this nightmare. Please help us to bring Hannah home.”) “We can come together for a common good and achieve a result, in this case that result was painful, it was very painful, it is very painful, but it’s also a result that honors a commitment that was made,” he says. “I don’t know how that can’t touch you, and it’s touched me and continues to do so.” The connection: Charlottesville Police Tip Line UVA held a vigil Community supports Graham Family in search DISCUSSION: How can we decrease the chances of these types of tragedies taking place? Is there a way to create "Rapport" (a close relationship in which people or groups concerned understand eachother's feelings and show sympathy) in our society? CORRELATION: Textbook definition: a relationship between variables in which they can change and may or may not be causal "Forensic evidence links Jesse Matthew Jr. to the disappearance of Morgan Harrington, a Virginia Tech student who vanished from Charlottesville on Oct. 17, 2009. Her remains were found 101 days later. Forensic evidence also linked Matthew to a 2005 sex assault in Fairfax. He was recently indicted for attempted capital murder, abduction with intent to defile, and sexual penetration with an object in the sexual assault of a 26-year-old woman, almost 10 years ago in Fairfax. His trial date for that case will be set soon." MODERNISM Textbook Definition: a paradigm that places trust in the power of science and technology to create progress, solve problems, and improve life. "The remains were sent to the Chief Medical Examiner's office in Richmond for identification. On October 24, the remains were positively identified as Graham. That same day, Graham's parents visited the property where she was found." Through forensic studies and genetic testing, the remains were processed through technology and have provided the identification of the victim and the DNA of the suspect.


Transcript: The New Forest References Anon,2013.New forest logo[13th Feb 14]. Available from: Anon,2013.New forest logo[13th Feb 14]. Available from: Anon. (2013). New Forest: Tourism and Travel . Available: Last accessed 26th Feb 2014 Bee, R. and Bee F, 1997. Project Management the people challenge. London: Cromwell Press Field. M. and Keller l. 1998. Project management. London: International Thompson Business Press Meredith, J.R. Mantel S.J. 1995. Project Management, a managerial approach. 3rd ed. USA: Wiley and Sons lnc. New Forest, 2012. Customer Review. [Online] [Viewed 15 February 2014].Available from: Trustees board. 2009. Financial Report. [Online][Viewed 17 February 2014]. Available from: New Forest, 2009. Tour Information. [Online] [Viewed 22 February 2014]. Available from: New Forest, 2012. Tour Guide. [Online] [viewed 22 February 2014]. Available from: New Forest, 2009. Bus Info. [Online] [Viewed 22 February 2014]. Available from: http:// New Forest, 2010. Cycling Information. [Online][Viewed 25 February 2014]. Available from: If our consultancy group were to be hired our methodology would be: Check to see if the brief is still viable with the client as circumstances could of changed Undertake primary and secondary research on the agreed brief Some of the areas we would look at are: 1. National park authorities. 2. Daily Echo. 3. BBC Radio Solent The New Forest is a national park which is a large area of land that is protected by law for the benefit of the nation Tourism creates over 8000 jobs in the forest and generates nearly £400 million in tourism expenditure The new forest is visited by approximately 13.5 million people every year Our research shows customers are currently satisfied with some of the factors of the new forest these include: Customers who already live within the area are taking holidays here showing it’s a perfect holiday location. The creation of almost 8.000 jobs shows good service. Visits of 13.5 million tourists yearly. Tourists get to enjoy the beaches during the summer e.g. Milford beach and Boscombe. Methodology Our research shows although there is a official website of the new forest there are many other websites so finding information is difficult. The new forest is very busy during peak times and accommodation can become very limited. Damage to the landscape e.g. litter, disturbance to livestock and traffic congestion and pollution. EXCLUSIVE SWOT analysis Customer satisfaction relating to the New Forest Introduction Why you should hire us Travel & Tourism sector has been the fastest growing in employment terms since 2010, being responsible for one third of the net increase in UK jobs. Tourism was worth £127 billion during 2013 representing 9% of UK’s gross domestic product. During 2013 spending reached £113 billion in the tourism sector, with international visitors spending £24 billion on visits to the Uk and domestic visitors spending £89 billion. Strengths -Communities of people are involved and encouraged to plant trees and to manage trees. -Sustainable environment with ecological benefits to the residents, agriculture and wildlife Weaknesses -Parking only available at weekends -Wildlife most visible in summer Opportunities -Rural tourism scheme -More visitors results in increased sales. Threats -Weather i.e. rain -Health and Safety issues -Insurance issues Product strategy -Billboards and bus stops Advertising strategy -Tour guides Marketing/Advertising Strategies We suggest you operate one website as that will save you lots of money. We suggest creating more cabins as there are currently 27 hotels. Use other companies to advertise on your website as it generates income. Advertise at Heathrow and other main entry check in points. Travel & Tourism Sector Current Issues Thank you for listening Any questions ?

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