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Event Proposal

Transcript: ($$ Thirds Method) Starters (Choose One)- Mixed Green Salad with Assorted Dressings -or- Classic Cesar Salad with homemade croutons, Parmesan and Cesar dressing Main Course (Choose One)- Beef Short Rib served with risotto -or- Smoked Pecan Crusted Tanglewood Chicken served with Sweet Potato Gnocchi and fresh Peas Mushroom Sage Reduction Dessert (Choose One)- Chocolate Napoleon-or- Rasberry Key Lime Tart Beverage- Assorted Soda/ Water/ Tea/ Regular/Decaf Coffe/ Domestic Beer/ House Wine Room Set-up FRIDAY Lunch Buffet ($$ Thirds Method) Assorted Soda/ Water/ Tea/ Juice Assorted Meats/ Assorted Cheese/ Assorted Bread Assorted Condiments Assorted Potato Chips Homemade Cookies Directors Dinner ($$ Multplier Method) Hors d' Oeuvres- Crab and shrimp cakes topped with Tangerine Aioli Oysters on a half shell, Champagne-Habanero Mignonette with cocktail sauce and fresh lemon Bay Scallop and Mango Ceviche shooters. Plated Dinner- choice of Black Angus Grilled Tenderloin with cream cognac peppercorn sauce, Au Gratis Potatoes with baby carrots and sauteed Asparagus -or- Red Snapper over purple sticky coconut infused rice and seasonal vegetables. Dessert- Red Velvet cake or Chocolate Mousse with Chocolate Ganache Beverage- Assorted Soda/ water/ tea/ domestic beer/ house wines/ house champagne/ regular and decaf coffee. Thursday Our Hotel is Affiliated with various companies that specialize in decorations, entertainment and lighting. However, our hotel does offer a Production and Creative Department that can offer Line Array Audio Systems, Multi-Camera Component Packages and the latest in Intelligent lighting. We also specialize in graphic and signage services in our Event Technology Department. We have our own Banquet and hotel staff that are full time or on call ready to service all of your event needs. We have meeting equipment on premises such as AV equipment, CD Player, Film Projector, LCD Panel and Projector, Microphone, Overhead Projector, Rear Screen Projection, TV, Video Camera as well as various tables and sizes, stages, linens and dance floors. As far as decorations we have accumulated a good amount of decorations from previous events we have housed. Contact our Events Department for further details on what we have. Farewell Luau ($$ Multiplier Method) Seafood- Panko Fish and Crab Legs with warm butter Poultry- Baked Chicken and BBQ Chicken Pork- BBQ Pulled Pork, Grilled Pork Chops Beef- Prime Rib with Au Jus and Island Ribs Starches- Brown Rice, Roasted Potatoes and Jasmine Bread with Butter Mixed Green Salad with Assorted Dressings Corn on the Cob, Green Beans, Broccoli and califlower Various types of Pasta Salad Fresh Assorted Island Fruit Dessert- Caramelized Banana Pudding, Strawberry Cheescake, Lemon Bars and Chocolate Cake Beverage- Assorted Soda/ Water/ Tea/ Island Drinks with Well Liquor/ Domestic Beer/ House Wine/ Regular and Decaf Coffee. Hospitality Suite ($$ CM Method) Assorted Sodas/ Water/ Tea Antipasto Display Vegetable Display with Dipping Sauces Assorted Cheese Display with various types of crackers. Seminars- Schoolroom Set-Up General Session- Theater Set-up * We have all available AV listed on the previous slide as well as applicable amount of staff available for the needs of each session Wednesday Award's Banquet President's Breakfast ($$ Thirds Method) Assorted Juice/ Assorted Soda/ Water/ Regular and Decaf coffee Omelet Station with egg & egg beaters prepared to order with filling and topping choices Belgian Waffle station- waffles made to order with assorted toppings Fresh Fruit/ Selection of yogurts and pastries/ Assorted Cereals/ Sausage/ bacon/ breakfast potatoes Room Set-Up Sunday FRIDAY Morning Refreshment Break ($$ Per Person) Regular Coffee/ Decaf Coffee Assorted Soda/ Assorted Juices/ Water/ Tea Assorted Bagels with Cream Cheese Assorted Yogurts Assorted Pastries Fresh Fruit Afternoon Refreshment Break ($$ Per Person) Regular Coffee/ Decaf Coffee Assorted Soda/ Water/ Tea Snack Bars Fresh Baked Cookies Buffet Dinner ($$ CM Method) Assorted Soda/ Water/ Tea/ Domestic Beer/ House Wine Fresh Spinach Salad with Assorted Dressings Fresh Dinner Rolls Carved Whole Chicken/ Fresh Grouper in a Lemon Butter sauce Homemade Mashed Potatoes with a side of gravy Fresh Seasonal Vegetables Dessert- NY Cheescake and Fruit Tart served with Regular and Decaf Coffee Event Proposal HFT 3519 Amanda Caldwell What Our Hotel Offers Saturday The Awards Banquet and Luau will be setup in crescent rounds with the stage and dance floor setup in the front of the venue. The Luau will be setup buffet style on the side of the room whereas, the Awards Banquet will be plated and served to the guests.

Proposal template

Transcript: The Impact of Self-Grading on Middle School English Students’ Writing Skills Angelica Smith - University of Maryland Abstract Superficial teacher feedback on writing assignments combined with little to no student effort to reflect on any feedback keeps students from the opportunity to refine essential metacognitive skills. Previous research indicates that self-grading is an effective strategy for students to practice metacognitive awareness. After 9 weeks of instruction incorporating either self-grading or providing traditional teacher feedback for reflection on writing assignments, gains of 85 seventh graders’ writing scores for organization will be analyzed to determine the extent to which the metacognitive experience of self-grading improves performance. Empirical evidence should help teachers ascertain whether the time-consuming practice of self-grading is valuable to student learning. Statement of Problem Peer- and Self-assessment are not as widely practiced as they could be because teachers' goals are to save as much time as possible and to ensure grade accuracy for all students. Logistical, pedagogical, and metacognitive benefits of peer- and self-assessment were contested and needed to be put to the test. Students don't reflect on teacher feedback on writing assignments and miss out on opportunities to refine metacognitive skills necessary for learning. Significance The proposed study contributes more knowledge about the benefits of self-assessment on student learning The proposed study helps teachers ascertain the value of incorporating self-assessment into their regular practice in improving performance, despite how much time is required for planning and preparation. Research Foundation The Impact of Self- and Peer-Grading on Student Learning Philip M. Sadler and Eddie Good After a Supreme Court decision in favor of peer-grading in classrooms, Sadler and Good decide to put benefits of self- and peer-grading to the test that are of teacher interest (p. 13) Participants included four middle school science classrooms Issues of interest: Student grades as substitute for teacher grades Student grading as a tool for student learning Results: High correlation between teacher and student grades Bias within student grading in self- and peer-assessment Self-assessment students made most gains in test scores Rationale for Proposed Study Test familiarity could have effected results Realistic assessment to determine student learning Research Questions / Hypotheses To what extent does the experience of self-assessment (training and process) impact students' writing organizational skills? Students who participate in self-assessment will improve their writing organizational skills significantly more than comparison students. Methods Participants 113 students in 4 sections of seventh grade English and their teacher No previous instruction on concept being taught during data collection Same age-range as students in original study / Studying different content Measure Scoring Guide for Writing - five or six traits writing rubric; traits include: Ideas & Content, Organization, Word Choice, (Voice,) Sentence Fluency, and Conventions; scores range from 1-lowest to 5-highest. The proposed study will target scores in Organziation. Different from measure in original study in that it is county-/teacher-designed, not student-designed, and assessess aspects of writing instead of science. Procedure All students receive instruction on the Well-Developed Paragraph (WDP) formula: a tool students are required to use to structure WDP's when writing literary analysis. 2 sections in control group (receive traditional teacher feedback on writing assessments); 2 sections in experimental group (trained and participate in self-assessment process) Of the four WDP's written to assess mastery of reading and writing skills, organization scores for first and fourth WDP will be collected. Data Analysis To what extent does the experience of self-assessment impact student's writing organizational skills? Descriptive statistics (means and standard deviations) are calculated in both groups for the first and fourth WDP. Gains from first to fourth WDP are calculated, and mean gains are found. t-test is conducted to determine the significance of the gains in both groups. EDHD 662 Fall 2012 Awareness of progress and performance Ability to modify strategies mid-task Evaluating Reference Sadler, P. M., & Good, E. (2006). The Impact of Self- and Peer-Grading on Student Learning. Educational Assessment, 11(1), 1-31. Assess final product Evaluate strategies used Planning Monitoring Theoretical Foundation: Metacognitive Regulation Selecting strategies Choosing/acquiring resources

Proposal Powerpoint

Transcript: - Sleep apnea, snoring, and insomnia - Lung, liver, and heart disease - Stroke, blood clots, inflamed veins - Various cancers - Additional health issues Solutions - "Freshman 15" - College students gain, on average, 12 lbs - Lack of exercise, sleep, and water - Excessive amounts of alcohol, stress, and junk food - Semi-annual health seminars - Health book - Healthier snacks made more available Health Book - No seminar equals no awareness - Students just don't care - Without health book, information is unavailable - Students may not have tools or materials to succeed - Personal health is at risk - Better access to fruits/veggies - Even amount of healthy VS unhealthy - Encouragement/promotion of healthier snacks Statistics Consequences Students gain more than knowledge - You can be unhealthy at any weight - "Freshman 15" is completely preventable - Make your health a top priority - Week-long event for students - Exposure to healthy alternatives - Boosted morale and physical health - Excessive eating in college students, leads to weight gain - Problem that continues to grow - Years of extensive research to back the issue - Integrated into school handbook - Guide for students - Personal health made easier Introduction Longterm Health Snacks by: Jonathan Lopez & Krissian Hargreaves Flaws of Solutions - Practical for institution budget - Beneficial to faculty as well - Increased student academic performance Undergrad Food Consumption Explanation Health Seminar (continued) - Majority gain between 12 - 37 lbs - 76% of females & 33% of males stress eat - less than half do at least the minimum amount of recommended exercise - 26% do not exercise at all - Cost of specialist for seminars - If seminar is not made mandatory, students may neglect to attend - Cost of handbook, not utilized - Students may not gravitate towards healthier options Conclusion Health Seminars

Event proposal

Transcript: THEME: Monster candy party Appetizer: Cold Lemon Chicken with “Fragrant Green” Ingredients: 3 pcs white onions lemon juice 3 kilos of chicken breast soy sauce Celery leaves lettuce leaves Cilantro leaves Procedure: • In a saucepan, put the onion, chicken breast, and celery leaves with just enough water to cover. • Bring to a slow boil, cover and simmer over medium heat for 10 minutes. • Remove from the heat and allow the chicken to cool in the liquid. When it is cool, skin and boned the chicken and slice it. • Marinate the chicken slices and a mixture of lemon sauce and soy sauce for 45 mins. • Serve cool. Soup: Cream of Shrimp Ingredients: 3 kilos Shrimp 1 Liter fresh milk 1 onion 2 box cream 5 carrots butter 5 potatoes salt and pepper Flour parsley Procedure: • In a soup pan, add the butter and sauté the onion, carrots, potatoes, and shrimp. • Add the fresh milk and cream • Season it with salt and pepper • In a separate sauté pan, mix the butter and flour to make a roux • Add the roux to the mixture to thicken. • Finally add chopped parsley for garnish. Soup: Cream of Shrimp Ingredients: 3 kilos Shrimp 1 Liter fresh milk 1 onion 2 box cream 5 carrots butter 5 potatoes salt and pepper Flour parsley Procedure: • In a soup pan, add the butter and sauté the onion, carrots, potatoes, and shrimp. • Add the fresh milk and cream • Season it with salt and pepper • In a separate sauté pan, mix the butter and flour to make a roux • Add the roux to the mixture to thicken. • Finally add chopped parsley for garnish. Main Course: Steak Diane Ingredients: 5 kilos beef tenderloin shitake mushrooms Olive oil Worcestershire sauce 3 onions brandy Garlic mustard Cream parsley Butter salt/pepper Procedure: • In a sauté pan, add olive oil and slightly pan fry the beef tenderloin. Set aside. • For the sauce, sauté the onion, add the shitake mushrooms cook it for a few minutes and then add some butter garlic and a splash of Worcestershire sauce. • After a few minutes add brandy, cream and parsley for garnish. • After making the sauce, bring back the beef and cook it with the sauce. Dessert: Fruit Salad Ingredients: 3 cans condense milk 1 can corn 5 box cream 1 box cheese 1 can of fruit cocktail Procedure: • Mix all the said ingredients and let it cool inside the freezer. Food Costing Quantity Ingredient Unit price Total Cost 7 pcs White onion 10/pc 70 3 kg Chicken breast 128/kg 384 1 bundle Celery leaves 41/bundle 41 1 bundle Cilantro 21/bundle 21 1 kg Lemon(juice) 60/kg 60 1 bottle Soy sauce 15/bottle 15 8 pcs Lettuce 46/pc 276 3 kg Shrimp 240/kg 720 5 pcs Carrots 10/pc 50 5 pcs Potatoes 10/pc 50 1 box Flour 30/box 30 1 liter Milk 70/liter 70 5 boxes Cream 27/box 135 2 bars Butter 36/bar 72 1 pack Salt 30/pack 30 1 pack Pepper 20/pack 20 2 bundle Parsley 24/bundle 48 60 pcs Egg 5/pc 300 1 bottle Mustard 67/bottle 67 4 pack Mayo 28/pack 112 1 bottle Rose mary 50/bottle 50 1 bottle Thyme 50/Bottle 50 1 bottle Basil 50/bottle 50 1 jar Olive oil 118/jar 118 3 pcs Garlic 5/pc 15 6 pack Shitake mushroom 14/pack 84 2 bottle Worcestershire 150/bottle 300 1 bottle Brandy 45/bottle 45 5 kg Top round steak 180/kg 1100 TOTAL = P4,383 1.) TFRC/Pax 4383 / 20 = 219.15 2.) 4383 x .10 = 438.3 + 4383 = 4821.3 4821.3 / .30 = 6267.69 VAT 12% 6267.69 x .12 = 752 LABOR 25% 6267.69 x .25 = 1566.92 OVERHEAD 13% 6267.69 x.13 = 940.15 SERVICE 10% 6267.69 x .10 = 626.76 RENTAL 10% 6267.69 x .10 = 626.76 TOTAL = 8581.89 number of guest:20pax No. of Tables: 2 Round tables No. of Tables: 2 Round tables Staff: Manager: Bryan Addison De Guzman, Dana Marie N. Notarte, Asst. Manager: Krizzia M. Mitra Aireen c. Rodolfo Marketing Manager: Dina Serpa C. Tolentino Almyrah Obligacion Receptionist: Marcheve Micah Valencia Food Runner: CzarinaTirona Barman: Reynald Mongcal Head Steward: Mark David Austria Aldrin Torreda Gino Alejandro Chefs: Jiezielyn O. Sioloon Mary Ann Murillo Jolly Fe Lupina Set up and Services: Cherrylyn Laurio Marivic Roaquin Armilla Frias Karl Angelo Bacolcol Ysabelle’s Garden Equipment Rentals: Quantity Price Total Tables (Round) 2 100 per table 200 Chairs (Monoblocks) 20 20 per chair 400 Ribbon (Violet) 10 20 per ribbon Ribbon (Fuschia Pink) 10 Table Runner (Lavender) Table Runner ( Fuschia Pink) Table Cloth (Black) Table Cloth (White) Chair Cover Table Napkin Skirting: White Fuschia Pink Lavender Chocolate Fountain Ysabelle’s Garden Quantity Material 5 chopping board 5 knife 12 ramekin 3 saute pan 2 soup pan 5 mixing bowl 3 food tong 3 wooden spoon 1 soup ladle Presented To: Ms. Karleen Kalinisan Presented By: Alejandro, Gino Austria, Mark David Bacolcol, Karl Angelo De Guzman, Bryan Addison Frias, Armilla Laurio, Cherrylyn Lupina, jolly Fe Mitra, Krizzia M. Mongcal, Reynald Murillo, Mary Ann Notarte, Dana Marie N. Obligacion, Almyrah Roaquin, Marivic C. Rodolfo, Aireen C. Sioloon, Jiezielyn O. Tirona, Czarina Torreda, Aldrin Tolentino, Dina Serpa C. Valencia, Marcheve Micah Menu List: 20 pax Appetizer: Cold Lemon Chicken with “Fragrant Green”

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