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Transcript: 1. What was one of the main obstacles of white settlers moving west? Why?! One obstacle of moving west was the indians. This is because, the indians did not want the whites to live and move onto their land. 2. Who played a major role in acquiring Indian land?! Andrew Jackson played a major role in acquiring Indian land. 3. List some of the ways the United States acquired land from the Native Americans.! Three ways that United States gained land was force, voluntarily, and treaties. 4. In 1823 the Supreme Court stated, “Indians could occupy lands within the United States, but could not hold titles to those lands...” What does this mean?! This meant that they could be on the land and live on the land, but they could not own the land. The land was the governments or the whites. 5. Although most Native American Tribes resisted relocation some did move voluntarily. Why?! They gave land voluntarily because, the indians thought that if they gave them some of their land that they would be able to keep some of it. But, that didn’t work out 6. What were some of the non-violent strategies used by the Indian nations to resist relocation?! One method was to adopt Anglo-American practices such as large scale farming, Western education, and slave holding. 7. Describe Andrew Jackson’s attitude toward the Native Americans.! Jackson's attitude toward Native Americans was paternalistic and patronizing. He viewed the Indians as children, and thought that his opinion was correct. He believed that if they were to remove the Indians it would benefit them too. If they could be far enough away to govern themselves, and not bother the United States. Many saw this as an excuse to brutalize the Indians. 8. How many Native Americans had been removed by the Jackson administration and how much land had been gained?! The Jackson Administration has removed around 46,000 Native Americans. He also gained around 25 million acres for white settlers. Benchmark 4 Content Expanding west brought many successful outcomes to the American people. No one really knew what was out West. However, the travelers got very lucky and discovered the rich soil in the west. Not to mention the plentiful amount of rain they get. The soil and climate made growing good crops an easy thing. Also expanding west brought many new resources, such as timber, water, precious metal, salt, limestone, and many other things to sell or trade. The most important, was gold. The California gold rush brought thousands of money crazed people to California. The gold rush gave a name to the state, people realized how great the West was. The expansion also bought many chances of opportunity. Because of the unknown land, there were jobs that needed to be taken up. Starting your own business was a huge opportunity, especially when the demand for your product is high. Most businesses didn’t sell things like candles, they mostly sold cattle, timber, metals, and tools. The daily necessities the people sold make some families very wealthy. Another aspect of the west made some very happy, and other not so much. That aspect was authority. Unlike the colonies, there wasn’t anyone to enforce the rules and restrictions. This made some families rich off of theft and robbery, while others were executed for their insubordinate actions. Overall the excruciating pain and struggles some people went through to get out West was worth it. Bill Rasmussen was fired from his job as the communications manager for the New England Whalers. Bill, being the sports fanatic he is immediately started talking to Ed Eagan about starting a sports network for Connecticut. Putting away his furious emotions, he asked the owner of the Whalers if they would be the main aspect of the network. The Rasmussens and other assets of the company started to seek out support from other cable operators. They began to pitch their Idea in June of 1978, inviting 12 representatives of other cable companies to a conference. no one really respected their idea, but 5 representatives did come. Then they invited 35 reporters, but only four came. Those four reporters were not enthusiastic about the idea at all. One man thought that the company was going no where and left immediately, leaving only the three. They couldn’t find a cable company that would take this big of a risk. So they rethought their idea. The father and son thought that they would make the show broadcast 24 hours a day, with a 30 minute live act on sports. They would have trucks to transport them around to various locations to broadcast the events. Eventually they came up with a plan. The first show aired on September 7, 1979 at 7:00 p.m. The debut had about 30,000 people watching. However, the show was not an instant hit. In the early years, financially, ESPN struggled. They ended up getting 6 million in investments and that helped build the company back up. The company was bigger and better, and was a major hit this time. There has been many ups and downs throughout the

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