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Escape Room

Transcript: Arvanitaki Archontoula an in-service special education teacher and a PhD candidate in School of Humanities, Department of Preschool Education Sciences and Educational Design, University of the Aegean Title: “Educational Escape room for approaching the concept of length on blind students” Research Questions - What factors are considered for designing an "Escape Room" game for visually impaired children? - How did players with visual impairment respond to the "Escape Room" game? - How did the players perceive the Museum's premises through the calculation and measurement of the length? - What was the tactile behavior of players like during the game? - What is the impact of the game on the socio-emotional state of the players? Escape Room from the Museum The Scenario This is the first time you visit the Tactile Museum for the History of Mathematics and you are excited. You can touch all the exhibits and learn their story. While you have spent many hours in the Museum, it's time to shut down. The guard warns you that you have 5 more minutes and then you have to leave. After the time has passed, the guard closes the Museum. You are still in. You must do something to find the exit key and escape. You are given 60 minutes to solve the puzzles and exit the Museum, otherwise the guard in the morning will turn you into exhibits!! Hurry up!! The Puzzles At the entrance of the museum there is an odometer. "The odometer is a construction of the Heron, which consists of a cluster of gears and screws capable of converting the movement into units of measurement. With the odometer, they measured road distances in antiquity ". And now you have to work together and find the length of the distance from where you are, to the door leading to the next exhibits, straight ahead. To calculate the length of the distance you will use the odometer. What is the length of the distance? Your correct answer will generate the code to open the door that will take you to the next room. Hurry up, time passes!!! Subtopic 3 Subtopic 3 Topic 4 Topic 4

Escape Room

Transcript: 3.14=pi ESCAPE! START Escape Room Angelika, Adam, Akshara, David Story You are trapped on a remote island with no food or water. The island is sinking into the water and will be fully submerged by the end of the period. You have to escape the island by the end of the period or you will suffer a horrible death. Potentially with sharks. You have to build a boat to escape and figure out where you are on earth. Luckily, the island has 5 treasure chests that can only be opened with certain 4-digit codes, and if you get the codes and open them you they will contain things that help you out. A note has been left for you from the last person who was trapped on the island with information about the chests. Chests 1, 2, and 3 have pieces of the boat, chest 4 has a super strong glue that will hold the boat together, and chest 5 has a clue about where you are on earth. There are also 5 envelopes under the note. Each envelope has a number corresponding to the chest it is used for. Story Envelope 1 The envelope reads: The code for the 1st chest can not be disclosed. However, I have left you some items that will hopefully help you figure it out. *Here is the link for you to access the items:*. Envelope 1 Envelope 2 The envelope reads: I have left you a cylinder and some pieces of paper with letters. They will tell you everything you need to know to get this code. Good luck. *Access the items at this link:* Good luck getting off the island, and remember that the time is ticking, so do it quickly. Envelope 2 Envelope 3 Envelope 3 The envelope reads: Here are some items that might prove useful in getting the 3rd code. Best of luck! *Here is the link for you to access the items:*. And remember, the circle must be 2 powerful. (P.S: Round to the nearest ones digit, and you may use a calculator if you are having a very hard time) Envelope 4 The envelope reads: to find out this code, you will need to explore the island. I have provided you with a map of the island, *Find the map at this link:* I have also provided maps for specific parts of the island *The links for these will be provided in the map given. If you click the name of a certain part of the island it will bring you there*. The maps are very old, so some of the letters might be smudged. I've written on the sides clues for the code. Good luck! And ingore remainders! Envelope 4 Envelope 5 Envelope 5 You will have to enter a cave on the island to figure out this code. I have left you with directions to the cave *click here to access the cave I have also left you some paper in the cave with hints to your code. Chests Click this link to access the chests: Fill out the form by writing the codes to open the chests. If you don't know these codes go to the envelopes. Follow the instructions in the form. The form will be collecting names and email addresses. Chests

escape room

Transcript: Papo robbery at the market We have a problem. We will love to eat an omelet for dinner but we don't have enough potatoes. No one in the room have money for go and take some. So we have to plan our rob Get our objective Our plan Biography Biography names: Papo Gutierrez , Pepo Gutierrez, Popa Gutierrez, Pupo Gutierrez years: 5000 b.c Hobbies: sunbathing and drinking mojo Family: Papa bonita Papa negra Papa rosada Papa loca Were are they from: Canary Island Our team Our team We all live in the same students apartment and we take turns making the food. That night it was Martín turn and we discovered that we didn´t have enough potatoes. Like that we start planing our rob ??? Martín Masedo Morales Andrea Hernandez Hernandez Nicole Morales Amador Diego Alejandro Sanz Nuñez Clic para editar texto Materials Potato peeler backpack gun ski mask Materials / equipment Procedure Procedure We wait for the market to close, at 12 o'clock they begin to collect and store all the food and resources they have for sale. We are observing where they keep the potatoes. We need nothing more and nothing less than 3 potatoes. We had to wear binoculars to be able to see from a distance where they could hardly see us Step 1 Step 1 Step 2 Step 2 Riddles riddles Main door code What is the 4 digit number in which the first digit is one-fifth of the last, and the second and third digits are the last digit multiplied by 3? First Riddle: Main door code. a 1155 b 1005 1125 c Save box What do snowmen eat for breakfast? Second Riddle: To unlock save Box Cameras

Escape Room

Transcript: Demographics of Team Delta Overall performance Coding Interaction MBTI types of Delta: More communication before the escape room An assignment of a formal leader More Interaction Collaboration Organization during the escape room A system of work Giga - Doer (3,25) Kata - Doer, Innovator & Team Builder (3,625) Kathy - Doer (3,875) Louis - Team Builder (3,625) Mathias - Team Builder (3,625) Results are reported as a four-letter personality type Extraversion (E) or introversion (I) Sensing (S) or intuition (N) Thinking (T) or feeling (F) Judging (J) or perceiving (P) Team Delta Implications Coordination e Excel coding sheet, rows on: Coordinating Communication Conflict Collaboration Encouragement Offensive words and behavior Mood Role as a person approach 6 roles: Organizer, Doer, Challenger, Innovator, Team Builder, Connector Average score from 1 to 5 5 strongest preference toward role A team-development tool A team-building tool A recruitment tool Escape rooms can be used as For game masters Three different types in team Delta Plots Different levels of difficulty of escape rooms Only three hints are given A decrease of time, when hint is wanted Riddles More pressure on the players Promotion of the escape rooms Recommendations Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality inventory Forming Storming Norming Lack of Communication Organization Team homogeneity Consul (ESFJ-A) - Kata, Kathy and Mathias Strong Practical Skills Strong Sense of Duty Reluctant to Innovate or Improvise Logistician (ISTJ) - Giga Honest and Direct Create and Enforce Order Stubborn Entertainer (ESFP) - Louis Practical Observant Sensitive For team Delta Interaction Coordination Hints Riddles solved Team Role Experience and Orientation (TREO) scale Analysis of Team Delta Graphs from coding information Amount of interaction A lot of tasks cannot be solved by only one person McGrath (1984) four goals Generating Executing Negotiating Choosing

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