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Transcript: (TIMING) Set performance targets to be achieved for the product segment and related items. High impact, high visibility (A Pareto Class A product, not a B or C). Two Largely self (The lower number of components and workplaces shared with other products of the highest). Good People (With the resistance to change, at least not more than usual). Stability (No major changes pending, no deep structural problems present that would prevent the implementation Quick-Slice). Applicability (Lessons learned here apply to the rest of the company). DEFINICIÓN DEL PROCESO Deben aplicarse en todos los productos, hay razones importantes para ello: La facilidad: será casi tan fácil de implementar S & OP en todos los productos. Beneficios: S & OP, proporcionará beneficios significativos antes de que tengan cualquiera de los otros elementos de ERP establecidos. Implementación: Quick-Slice representa una victoria antes de tiempo, que promueven el cambio de actitud. Resto: con tanta atención en el Quick-Slice, es importante ver el resto de los productos para asegurarse de que los recursos no están siendo desperdiciados. Motivador: una vez que todos los aspectos del Quick-Slice se implementan, una importante diferencia será evidente para el grupo de alta Dirección. Incluye sólo aquellas personas clave que van participar directamente con la parte: gestores de los departamentos de Marketing, Producción, Planeación, Compras, Ventas y Sistemas, Servicio al Cliente, más el Líder del Proyecto seleccionado. Mientras que el informe de auditoría / evaluación está siendo completado, las siguientes actividades pueden tener lugar dentro de un período de varios días: Presentación de la auditoría / evaluación del reporte. Creación de la declaración de la visión. Elaboración del estudio de costo / beneficio. Establecimiento de los objetivos de rendimiento. Creación del Comité de Dirección, el equipo del proyecto y el Jefe de proyecto. Establecer los objetivos de rendimiento que buscan lograrse para el segmento de productos y elementos relacionados. (Item Data) Sales & Operations Planning should be implemented on all product families, not just the slice. There are important reasons for this: Ease. It will be almost as easy to implement S&OP on all products as it will on the slice product(s) only. Benefits. S&OP, of and by itself, will provide significant benefits prior to having any of the other ERP elements in place. Early win. Quick Slice represents an early win. Implementing S&OP completely, within Quick Slice, is an early, early win. Early successes promote behavior change. Balance. With so much attention on the Quick Slice, it’s important to watch the rest of the products to ensure that resources aren’t being drained from them. S&OP will facilitate minding that part of the store. Motivator. Once all aspects of Quick Slice are implemented, an important difference will be apparent to the top management group. There are two problems in using the prallel method for the planning and scheduling side of ERP.First of all, its dificult. Its cumbersome to maintain and operate two systems side by side.There may not be enough staff to do all that and still compare the new system output to the old. The right way to do it is with a pilot. Select a group of products, or ne product, or one product, or a part of one product, which involve no more than several hundred part numbers in all—and do a big bang on those. The purpose is to prove that master scheduling and MRP are working before cutting over all 5,000 or 50,000 or 500,000 items into the system. ERP: (DATA INTEGRITY) The amount of work to be done. The time available to do so. The resources can be applied. (Going on the Air—Supply Chain Integration) (Work Center Data) AVANZAR A LOS CENTROS DE DISTRIBUCIÓN Órdenes de los Clientes The tool of choice here carries the acronym DRP, which stands for distribution requirements planning or, alternatively, distribution resource planning. Distribution requirements planning, which we’ll call “little DRP,” is a tool to schedule replenishment of inventory at remote locations such as distribution centers (DCs). It addresses when and how much of each product should be sent to which stocking points. While, the “big DRP,” adds the dimensions of freight planning (full carloads, truckloads), and space and manpower planning at the DCs. Here’s a simplified look at supplier scheduling: Establish long-term contractual relationships with suppliers. Create a group of people (supplier schedulers) who are in direct contact with both suppliers and MRP, eliminating purchase requisitions for production items. Give suppliers weekly or more frequent schedules, eliminating hard-copy purchase orders. Get buyers out of the expedite-and-paperwork mode, freeing up their time to do the important parts of their jobs. The accuracy target for bills of material is even higher than on inventory balances: 98 percent minimum in terms of item number, unit of measure, quantity per parent item, and


Transcript: •Efficiency and productive can increase without quality suffering. •GPs and patients work in partnership through informed decision making and greater choice. •It is a clinically proven approach to faster patient recovery. What is the potential impact? By Helen Evbuomwan Aims of the programme - Enhanced recovery a.k.a. rapid recovery is a new evidence based model that creates fitter patients who recover faster from major surgery. - It is the modern way for treating patients for whom day surgery is not appropriate •The patients receive an overall better experience due the higher quality of care. And service. •It introduces innovative best practices that empower and motivate staff. •It accelerates the clinical decision making process by empowering Multi-Disciplinary Teams (MDTs), whilst not increasing the workloads of the MDTs. •It ensures the most efficient use of healthcare resources. •Best practice is day surgery or an enhanced recovery pathway. An introduction For primary care and commissioning continued... The Enhanced Recovery Partnership Programme has been recognised in the Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention (QIPP) Challenge as a high impact example for change in the NHS. •Helps people to recover sooner so that life can return to normal as quickly as possible •People leave having had a better overall experience due to a higher quality of care. •The patients get to choose what’s best for them throughout the course of their treatment with guidance from their GP and the wider health team. •Patients who have experienced enhanced recovery said that it made their stay in hospital less stressful. Benefits For primary care and commissioning: •The impact is dependent on the local health community in implementing this across the multidisciplinary team. •Examples already show reductions to the length of stay by as much as 10 days for colorectal procedures and 4/5 days for hip and knee replacements. For patients: 1) Improve the quality of patient care and outcomes. 2) Reduce the length of the elective care pathway across the NHS by sharing the good practice principles if enhance recovery models of care. •The patients receive an overall better experience due the higher quality of care. And service. •The GPs are in control of commissioning the right pathways for their patients. •Earlier patient discharge does not creat more work for the primary or social care providers. An introduction to ERP For the providers: The QIPP Agenda


Transcript: From product planning to product distribution -Advanced planning and scheduling (APS) Include: » IFS -structure of production system Competitors Generate schedules for operations and raw materials based on: -Reduce Inventory Today we'll learn about History of ERP -Customer Relationship Management (CRM) -Increase Productivity » Syspro Generally there is no problem with the software, the most common problems in all the companies is: Benefits of having a ERP Various departments can more easily share information and communicate with each other What is ERP -Identify inventory requirements -Current inventory levels » Exact -Allow you to make better and faster business decisions. Enterprise Resource Planning Nowadays SAP is the #1 ERP in the world because Is a software that includes all the particular needs of departments across a company that allows an organization to manage the business. -The fear to change » SAGE -The resistance of the people when its about trying new things » Oracle’s ERP -All departments of a company can have the same information. -Setting targets This software is used to controlling production processes Maintaining an appropriate level of stock in a warehouse » Epicor -You can track orders more easily -Supply Chain Management (SCM) -Reporting inventory status » Microsoft Dynamics » Intacct Which are the problems with ERP -Production requirements of finished goods Integrates business activities for across functional departments What is SAP? » Info Global -Monitoring items Usage

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