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Transcript: The foundation of an ePortfolio is critical to ensure it can: ePortfolios can be defined as: "personalized, Web-based collections of work, responses to work, and self-reflections used to demonstrate key skills and accomplishments for a variety of contexts and time-periods," as defined on the website. In Summary. . . It requires each ePortfolio author to use it as an administrative tool, so they can manage and organize the work they create for all different applications. The author is in total control of who can ultimately see the work. The foundation (structure) of an ePortfolio is very similar to that of a database! When "building" a master template for the ePortfolio we must ensure that all components are contained within the template - not unlike a database. Based upon the requirements of each Hospitality Instructor, components not needed can easily be hidden for that course. When hidden, they are only viewable by the author, not the end user. They can be reinstated by the author at any time - and expanded for the student's additional coursework in other classes. How does an ePortfolio compare to a database? Provide a digitized collection of artifacts, including text-based, graphic, or multimedia elements archived on a website or on other electronic media such as a CD-ROM or a DVD. An administrative tool that manages and organizes the students' coursework created with different applications and allows them to control who can see the work. Why the proper foundation (or navigation structure) is critical for creating an common ePortfolio template. The Importance of a Common ePortfolio Template How do we define an ePortfolio?


Transcript: About Me Cover Story In terms one and two i had to be peer support leaders with Jules and Alex to a group of new year 7 students. It this was going to be an easy task to remember their names having had 4 Matt's in our group out of 10 kids. It was challenging for us some times when it came to having to quiet down the group because all 4 matts had such strong personalities and got on rreally well which gave us a headache when trying to remember which matts which. Some times a small group became a little bit of trouble and annoyed the rest of the group which got others irritated. Overall our group was'nt that bad they all got on well most of the time and when they did'nt they moved on from the problem quick. I have one brother named Ben he is 13 i enjoy playing aussie rules footy for the Heathmont Jets and have been there for 3 years after leaving forest hill. In the summer and autumn i play Cricket for Forest Hill and have enjoyed that for many years. I enjoy playing games with my brother whether it be ones he's good at or bad at. I would like a Job at Lazy Moe’s being a Kitchen hand because I am an aspiring Chef and would one day like to work as a fully qualified Chef, but for the moment as I am still in school studying, so for the time being I am aiming for a job in the Kitchen environment. I am determined to get a job in the cooking industry and am currently trying to get into Kitchen operations for unit 1 and 2 next year. I am hard working and determined when my mind is set on something, I play cricket and footy so I am used to working with a team. I live locally near Brentford square, am currently in year 10 at Forest Hill College and have completed an Occupational Health and Safety program developed by the Victorian Department of Education and training for the purpose of work experience. Peer Support Reflection OHS ePortfolio Joshua Charles Simpkins Resume RESUME Joshua Simpkins 24 Stevens Road Forest Hill Home: 98782649 Mobile: 0409071138 Date of Birth: 05/04/1996 Education Forest Hill College 2009 – Present Currently undertaking Year 10 •English •Maths •Health and Human development unit 1 &2 •Health / Physical Education •Essential Science •Design 2.0 •growth •sports leaders •foods Part-Time Employment 2010 Football season – Forest Hill Football Club Home game Gate Keeper Responsibilities •Cash Handling •Customer Service •Child minding Attributes •Reliable •Team Player •Patience •Courteous •Trust worthy •Maturity Special Skills •Patience and Tolerance •Mathematical skills Hobbies •EFL player for Heathmont Jets -Off season at the moment •Cricket player for Forest Hill Zebras -Training on Thursdays may change Referees Will be supplied upon request

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