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EPIC presentation

Transcript: We will evaluate this campaign by tracking the number of bikers who sign up and participate in Ride for Water, as well as how many more twitter followers and Facebook friends EPIC gains in Louisiana. We want to generate publicity in order to get at least 20 bikers to sign up for the Ride for Water. We seek to show the public, whether bikers or not, what EPIC is all about. Programming: Sending press releases to radio stations and news media Creating kits for the media to see what Ride for Water is about, as well as EPIC Contacting the Dick’s Sporting Goods to see what they think about setting up a table in front of the store Communicating with Jeff, Jackie and Johnny about what a table display could look like in Baton Rouge Creating a Prize Wheel to be used at pre-race gala and hand out prizes WHEN AND WHERE? Through research conducted via Google and Twitter, we found information about Ride for Water. Ashley had a discussion via email with Johnny Clancy, the organizer of Ride for Water. Our research resulted in the decision to move forward in planning an event one week before the Ride. WHO? Print/online: The Advocate,,,, Bicycling Magazine, Radio: WJBO 1150, Bayou 1450, WTIX 690 Blog: Singletracks Blog,, Single Track World WHAT? WHY?? HOW? RIDE FOR WATER CAMPAIGN WE RESEARCHED EVALUATION... November 18, 2011 Dick's Sporting Goods Zone E in Baton Rouge mall By: Ashley, Abbey, and Nick

Epic presentation

Transcript: Enter Museum From slavery to music gallery The history of African-American sadly started with years of slavery. Discover how music rythmed their lives throughout this difficult period. Work songs Slave songs Work songs were created by enslaved blacks in the south of the United States as a way to help them get through the day and make the work easier. They usually were in synchronization with the tasks they had to do, and as a result they are very rhythmic songs. A lot them were influenced by religion as african americans were a very religious people Slave songs of the United States In 1867, three northerners abolitionists, made a compilation of 136 slave songs. It was the first collection of african american music at the time, and thus was very influential. The first collection of slave songs Notable songs Song presentations Audio guide on "Nobody knows the trouble I've seen" by Joachim Link : Audio guide on "the graveyard" by Helori Link : Audio guide on "lay this body down" by kleden link: Some examples of work songs: Various other songs Song #94 : Rock my soul Prison song : Early in the morning Note : Most of the recording are cover by recent artist, as we don't have recording from the period of slavery Song #104 : Down in the river to pray Jimmy Crack Corn : A song that denounces slavery Song #31 : Michael Row the Boat Ashore Birth of blues What it became After being song that stayed in head, African American songs started to be written down and published. A new music style named blues inherit the spiritual themes or the call and response pattern from those work songs. Robert Johnson was an important singer and guitarist in blues music. His death was the first of the famous 27 club Some famous blues songs "Every day I have the blues" interpreted by B.B. King "Sweet home Chicago" interpreted by Robert Johnson "Born under a bad sign" interpreted by Albert King "I am a man" interpreted by Bo Diddley "Catfish blues" interpreted by Muddy Waters

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