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Transcript: We hope you enjoyed our presentation about the land of Earthlings. Until now, so long, fellow space learners. :) Prepare for a rocky landing! Climate We all know Earth has day and night, but do you know why? Well, this occurs because when one side of Earth faces the Sun it becomes day and the other side is night. It takes 24 hours for the Earth to rotates on its axis. That is why one day is 24 hours. Lucky for us, we have day and night to work and rest! Our awesome planet is the only place that we can breath on because it is covered with a thin blanket of gasses, called the atmosphere. As you are probably aware, some countries on Earth are hot and some are cold. If you are wondering why, it is because near the equator is hot and near the pole is cold. it also depends on the season, for example: In Dubai (approximately ) Summer: 43C Spring: 32C Autumn: 30C Winter: 18C Earth- no not Earth worms- planet Earth. This article is designed to fill your brain cells with formal information about... EPIC EARTH Epic Earth Introduction Time on Earth Appearance The Earth is the 3rd planet from the Sun. Amazingly, it is covered with 70% water and 30% land. The North and South Pole can be seen as white cotton candy. Go outside at night... what do you see? The Moon; our fabulous planet has 1 moon which orbits it . As a matter of fact, the Earth orbits the sun in 365 days, which adds up to one calendar year. Ending - Unfortunatly :( ) Size Earth is round like a basketball, but it's also slightly squashed. For this reason we say that its shape is roughly spherical. Size: 6371 km radius Population: 7.046 billion earthlings

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Transcript: The "Serial" Killer Who the killer is Main Suspect Jay looks to be the culprit of the murder because more than once, his story changes. His information does not add up. Also Jay was known to sell weed so he wasn't really a "good" kid. Jay Wilds "Jay is saying I figured there were security cameras at Best Buy so that's why I lied-because I didnt want to be associated with it." (Koenig 96) Quote Why this connects Why this doesnt add up This connects due to security camera not being avaliable during that time. Why would you be scared of them when there are not existant? What doesnt add up False Stories? During his stories, he talks about how in one instance he didn't have any involvment in the murder, but he had to take off his clothes and throw them out. Why would someone who had no involvement in a murder take off their clothes and throw them out if they didnt have any sort of invovlement in the murder and burial. A call was made using Adnan's phone at 3:32pm on the day Hae dissapeared. Adnan said he did not have his ohone at the time and Jay had it. Also, how did Adnan call Jay with a payphone at Bestbuy of there was no payphones at the Bestbuy? BetBuy Blueprint Explanation What this means This means that the phone booth may have been fake. No one rememebered the phone booth, and there were no records of the booth either. Quote "Jay wasnt along when the body was buried?, In my opinion, no. In my understanding-, -but he thrown away all of his clothes and he's wiping fingerprints off of shovels, things of that nature-." (Koeing 26). What this means Explanation Why would someone inncoent throw out clothes? If they checked your clothes, they would find nothing bad if you had no involvement in the burial proccess of Hae's body. Jay threw out his clothes, and you would only do that if you were involved with a murder and had evidence on you. Jay seems suspicous. Jay's involvement Involvement In on version of his story, Jay says he helped Adnad bury Hae's body in Leakin Park. But in the other version of Jay's story he said that he had nothing to do with the murder or the burial of Hae Min Lee. The Cell Phone records don't line up with Jay's story, wheather its the wrong cell tower that was pinged or a different person that was called. The times were right, but the towers were wrong. Pictures Cell Tower Map What this means Explanation This is a photo of the cell towers in jay's story. The cell tower behind the Best Buy is where the phone tower is pinged. This does not match up with the story Jay told. How He Escaped Escape He could of gone off the hook by using the cops and telling them false accusations about Adnan. And since he was their only witness and lead they had no other choice but to take his word for it. How he may have covered this up Cover Up Jay could have covered it up by making up a story and telling it to others. He may have also been acting, just to make him seem like he didnt even do anything. Many people got different verions of his stories, so either he was very scared and was getting details wrong, or he didnt remeber a good story to tell people to cover it up. Quotes Quote "In the first interview, Jay says Adnan only told him that same say that he was going to kill Hae. Two weeks later, Jay says that Adnan started talking about it before hand - four or five days before" (koenig 90) "Her brother Saad was at Rabia's office too the first time I went. He's 33, a mortgage broker, more laid back than Rabia. They told me about Adnan Syed, their friend-- not just a good kid, but an especially good kid-- smart, kind, goofy, handsome. So that when he was arrested for murder, so many people who know him were stunned" (Koenig 6). What this means Explanation People remember Adnan as a good person. He may have tried to make Adnan seem like a bad person, just like how the prosecutor tried to make Adnan seem like a monster. Other possible suspects Others involved Mr.S, Mr.S was the person who found Hae's body deep into the woods of Leakin Park. His record of running around in public flashing people doesn't help his case. (aka a streaker) The Serial Killer that escped a few days before Hae's dissapearance could also be a suspect. Like what are the odds of some random serial killer escaping and then a few days later someone goes missing in generally the same area. Works Cited Sources Serial, from This American Life and WBEZ Chicago, 3 October 2014,

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Transcript: We will evaluate this campaign by tracking the number of bikers who sign up and participate in Ride for Water, as well as how many more twitter followers and Facebook friends EPIC gains in Louisiana. We want to generate publicity in order to get at least 20 bikers to sign up for the Ride for Water. We seek to show the public, whether bikers or not, what EPIC is all about. Programming: Sending press releases to radio stations and news media Creating kits for the media to see what Ride for Water is about, as well as EPIC Contacting the Dick’s Sporting Goods to see what they think about setting up a table in front of the store Communicating with Jeff, Jackie and Johnny about what a table display could look like in Baton Rouge Creating a Prize Wheel to be used at pre-race gala and hand out prizes WHEN AND WHERE? Through research conducted via Google and Twitter, we found information about Ride for Water. Ashley had a discussion via email with Johnny Clancy, the organizer of Ride for Water. Our research resulted in the decision to move forward in planning an event one week before the Ride. WHO? Print/online: The Advocate,,,, Bicycling Magazine, Radio: WJBO 1150, Bayou 1450, WTIX 690 Blog: Singletracks Blog,, Single Track World WHAT? WHY?? HOW? RIDE FOR WATER CAMPAIGN WE RESEARCHED EVALUATION... November 18, 2011 Dick's Sporting Goods Zone E in Baton Rouge mall By: Ashley, Abbey, and Nick

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Transcript: Enter Museum From slavery to music gallery The history of African-American sadly started with years of slavery. Discover how music rythmed their lives throughout this difficult period. Work songs Slave songs Work songs were created by enslaved blacks in the south of the United States as a way to help them get through the day and make the work easier. They usually were in synchronization with the tasks they had to do, and as a result they are very rhythmic songs. A lot them were influenced by religion as african americans were a very religious people Slave songs of the United States In 1867, three northerners abolitionists, made a compilation of 136 slave songs. It was the first collection of african american music at the time, and thus was very influential. The first collection of slave songs Notable songs Song presentations Audio guide on "Nobody knows the trouble I've seen" by Joachim Link : Audio guide on "the graveyard" by Helori Link : Audio guide on "lay this body down" by kleden link: Some examples of work songs: Various other songs Song #94 : Rock my soul Prison song : Early in the morning Note : Most of the recording are cover by recent artist, as we don't have recording from the period of slavery Song #104 : Down in the river to pray Jimmy Crack Corn : A song that denounces slavery Song #31 : Michael Row the Boat Ashore Birth of blues What it became After being song that stayed in head, African American songs started to be written down and published. A new music style named blues inherit the spiritual themes or the call and response pattern from those work songs. Robert Johnson was an important singer and guitarist in blues music. His death was the first of the famous 27 club Some famous blues songs "Every day I have the blues" interpreted by B.B. King "Sweet home Chicago" interpreted by Robert Johnson "Born under a bad sign" interpreted by Albert King "I am a man" interpreted by Bo Diddley "Catfish blues" interpreted by Muddy Waters

The Epic EARTH

Transcript: Diameter & Mass Gravitational Pull The Earth's axis is tilted 23.5 degrees away from the ecliptic Rotation Direction & Revolution Times Bibliography Life Forms Existence of Magnetic Field What Earth is Made of? The Earth's mantle is made up of silicon,iron,magnesium,aluminum,oxygen, and other minerals The Earth's crust is made up of mostly the same things but with potassium and calcium The Earth's core is extremely hot and is composed of nickel and iron The rotation direction of the Earth passes through the North and South poles of the planet. The time it takes for the Earth to make a full revolution is approximately 365 days Humans ... DUHHH Unfortunately, Earth has no rings at all Earth's atmosphere is a mixture of nitrogen, oxygen, and other gases that surround the Earth The Earth's atmosphere keeps us from being peppered by meteorites, basically a screen against deadly radiation The atmosphere has 5 major layers Troposphere: layer that provides most of our weather Stratosphere: ozone layer, blocks most of the suns harmful ultraviolet rays Mesosphere: meteors generally burn up in this layer Ionosphere: the ions in this layer create an electrical layer that reflects radio waves, allowing radio waves messages to be sent across oceans in the days before communication satellites Exosphere: solar systems compress this layer Earth's Distance From the Sun The Earth's magnetic field is 3.5 billion years old The magnetic field purpose is to protect the Earth's atmosphere from the solar wind. The Epic EARTH Axis and tilt humans,trees,animals,flowers etc. all of these things are living and they live on Earth. The highest temperature recorded on Earth was 136 degrees located in the Libyan desert The coldest temperature recorded on Earth 126 degrees located in Antartica. Earth's Moons Earth has one moon and that moon goes through phases as a result in the moons rotation. The Earth's moon goes through 8 phases and the reason we can see the moon is because it reflects light from the sun Earth's distance from the sun is about 92,900,000 miles (149,500,000 km) Earth is third planet away from the sun The Earth's diameter is 7,918 miles (12,742 km) The Earth's gravitational pull is 9.807 m/s2 Eric Rose, Deanna Squires, Chassidy Khamninh, Christina Goodwin Range of Temperatures on Earth Rings? or Not Construction? Earth's Atmosphere

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