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Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Transcript: Today's Purpose Enterprise Rent-A-Car Remarketing Car Sales What is Remarketing Car Sales? It involves the selling of the used rental fleet. Types of Vehicles Sold For: Daily Rental Commercial Trucks Car Sales Enterprise Fleet Management Over All, our Remarketing Team sells more than 1 million vehicles each year Paris Boyd Remarketing Senior Account Manager Blast of the Past THANK YOU All Kinds! Every Make and Model that you can think of Based on placement in the US, you are going to be subject to other types of vehicles If you want a car that’s within the boarding states of your state, you can get it transferred to a closer dealership. The closest Enterprise Car Dealership is in Waukesha, WI design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi Janesville To give a valid introduction into Enterprise's Re-marketing Car Sales Brad Graham Benefits of Remarketing Providing Quality Vehicles To Dealerships Some big and some small Vehicles are sold at the Highest Resale Values Creates relationships with Dealerships and Consumers 12 month Buy Back Guarantee How Does A Car Become Remarketed in Car Sales? Introduction: Types of Cars When a rentable vehicle becomes unrentable due to high mileage or deemed other wise unrentable, it will be pulled from that fleet and classified a DELETE. These vehicles are then added to a list of other vehicles, thus beginning the process of Remarketing. Cars are taken out of the rental fleet (only top 3-5%) Can’t have any damage (OX, DX), up to date on maintenance, no recalls, low miles Enterprise Rent, Buy and Share Office Location Back then, Enterprise used to heavily rely on Auctions and Manufacture Buybacks to help control the multitude of cars.

Enterprise Rent a Car

Transcript: Outdoor Advertising Billboards Magnetic Car Signs Digital Media Tourist Websites Print Media Flyers Posters Business Cards Other Promotional Methods Sponsored Charity Event Family Fun Run Conclusion Media Plan Media schedule GREENFIELDS Media Objectives Pavement Stencils Brief Description Campaign Theme: Families touring Ireland Strong use of Emotional and Rational appeals Factual and Visual execution! Emma Spencer Cost Process Flexability Brand Recognition Promotional awareness Profit & Sales Market Research The target audience is at aimed at young families 25-40 June - August Locations Campaign Outcome “To increase brand awareness & the retail sector” Factors... Media Budget Loren O' Shea Families Aged 25-40 Choose Enterprise, Travel Ireland Creative Strategy Have no worries...we'll pick you up Advertising Objectives Alison Storey Covered all aspects: Outdoor Advertising, Ambient Marketing, Digital Media, Regional Radio Advertising, Promotional event, GAA Sponsorship, Print Media Media Schedule: Summer months however some media methods will run yearly Media Budget: Our budget came to €2990 Target Audience Domestic Irish Tourists Kate Slattery Currently ERAC’s brand awareness is relatively low among our target audience Our advertising campaign aims to Increase brand awareness Increase brand recognition & customer loyalty Improve consumer’s perception of Enterprise car rental service Advertising Evaluation Primary Market Research Increase the retail sector from 27-30% to 40-50%. Increase brand awareness & brand recognition among the target group by up to 80%. Increase ERAC’s market share in the rental market among the target group in the Kilkenny/Waterford regions by 2013. Ensure brand loyalty is attained in these regions by 2013. Ambient Marketing

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Transcript: From the moment you walk in the door of your local Enterprise Rent-A-Car you are greeted with a big smile, offered a hot cup of coffee or a water, and asked how you can be helped today. The appearance of the office, along with the way all the employees dress, gives you a sense of professionalism in the workplace. Even in a big crowd you leave feeling like the most important client that walked through the building. Customer service at Enterprise could be best defined as "An under promised and over delivered" experience! "So you mean you will really come pick me up?" "I can not explain to you how much trouble you are saving me!" "And once I bring the car back I will have a ride home?" "Everyone in the office sure does seem to love their job!" "You guys are much easier to deal with than the insurance companies!" You first experience with Enterprise For most companies customer service simply means getting the customer out of the door in a timely manner. Working at Enterprise has taught me that excellent customer service begins with meeting the needs of each individual customer in a way that will ensure they will always rent from us again. Going over and beyond for every customer is what makes renting a car from Enterprise "an experience like none other!" After the first week of working for Enterprise I had a much better grasp on the true definition of customer service. Our customer service ranged from washing cars, to inspecting them for damage, to making sure the customer was fully satisfied before pulling the car off the lot. Outstanding Customer Service It's simple, the customer service provided at Enterprise is the reason that we always have repeating clients. We are the only car rental company that will come to your home and pick you up to get a rental. Our goal is to make sure that each and every customer leaves with complete satisfaction. Before working for Enterprise Rent-A-Car I thought that I had a pretty good idea of what customer service was all about. I was under the impression that all summer long I would do nothing more than tell each customer where they could find their rental when they walked in to the office. I could not have been more wrong. I have been "completely satisfied" with my internship opportunity with Enterprise Rent-A-Car Examples of Great Customer Service Enterprise Rent-A-Car Things you hear working at Enterprise ESQI What is excellent customer service? What I have learned while working for Enterprise Rent-A-Car What makes Enterprise different? Free upgrades for not having the car class the customer reserved. Picking people up on the edge of our driving zones. Making sure each car is thoroughly cleaned and examined before rented to the next customer. Giving discounts to unhappy customers upon return. Bringing customers replacement vehicles if a problem occurs with the original one. Staying late after work to give rides to customers.

Enterprise Rent-a-Car

Transcript: It offers a variety of vehicle selections for customers Provides car sharing Offers car sales Human Resources actively recruiting Rewards & Incentives Better communication Flexibility with customers Better reservation management Get as many vehicles on the road as possible Get cusotmers to add additional options for their rental such as pre-paid fuel, or Enterprise insurance What is Enterprise Rent-A-Car? Rental car company that provides a rental service of vehicles for corporate, dealership, insurance claim, and leisure customers. Alarm sensing box that sounds if tampered with Survelliance cameras around premises Manager to solely oversee commercial truck division Car Rental Locations Challenges Launch Pad System for City branches Automatic Car Wash Customer Service Reputation Delivering Vehicles Assortment of Vehicles Constraints and/or Bottlenecks New Innovations of Enterprise Distribution of vehicles Availability of vehicles at certain time periods Return of damaged vehicles Implemented Strategies No drop-off box Losing out on opportunity costs Expansion of commercial truck division To make sure the branch is receiving quality vehicles and maintaining the quality throughout its existence with the branch Writing up damage reports Maintain continuous improvement Allocating damaged vehicles to a varitey of repair shops and dealerships Have safety stock Planning and controllng of inventories Layout Facility The Production/Operation Process What does Enterprise produce? Employee Turnover Rate Customer Service rating Low Rental Rates in the winter season Best Practices of Enterprise 1. Vehicles acquired from dealrships 2. Distributed to airports 3. De-fleet vehicles to city branches 4. City branches inspect vehicles 5. Inventory vehicles into branch system 6. Clean vehicles 7. Stock accoridng to size 8. Vehicles ready to be rented By Ebe Afram & Jameica Miller Unresolved Challenges Recommendations for Improvement Role of Operations Manager

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Transcript: President & CEO - Pamela Nicholson Executive Chairman - Andrew C. Taylor Vice Chairman – Donald Ross Executive VP & Chief Strategy Officer - Greg Stubblefield Enterprise is a privately owned company founded by Jack Taylor in 1957 Originally named the “Executive Leasing Company” until 1969 Headquartered in Clayton, Missouri Official Rent-A-Car of the NCAA, NHL and NHLPA Ranked highest in rental car customer satisfaction among North American airport rentals by J.D. Power and Associates eight times in the past ten years In 2007, Enterprise acquired Vanguard Automotive Group, the parent company of National Car Rental and Alamo Rent a Car In 2009, Enterprise became a subsidiary of Enterprise Holdings Inc Has over 8,100 locations in the United States, Canada, the U.K., Ireland, Germany, France and Spain 5,500 Enterprise Rent A Car locations, located within 15 miles of 90 percent of the U.S. population 1.4 million cars available Employs over 78,000 people 48,000 are Enterprise Rent A Car Revenue of $16.4 million per year The Enterprise Way 40% discount off retail price Full Coverage on Any Vehicle Class 20% discount off retail price >100 rentals/month would be 40% discount off retail price No Coverage Included Any Vehicle Class Typical Rental We'll pick you up! Enterprise Holdings Inc. Premium All Included! Enterprise Holdings Inc: Company Insight We feature all vehicle sizes! If you need a small car - we have it! If you need a truck or SUV - we have it! We are here to service you! Not only will we help you get where you need to go, but we will be happy to pick you up or deliver! We want it to be convenient for you! Fullsize vehicle: Discounted 25% Car + Basic Coverage +Tax Yearly Cost: $24,637 Let's Compare! Thank you! Fullsize vehicle: Average daily rental cost: $90/day Car + Basic Coverage + Tax Yearly Cost: $32,850 Silver Package Options: Discounted Rental Enterprise Rent-A-Car 25% discount off retail price >100 rentals/month would be 40% discount off retail price Includes choice of coverages: DW & PAI DW & RAP DW & SLP Any Vehicle Class Gold Why choose Enterprise? UNLIMITED MILEAGE ON ALL OF OUR VEHICLES OPTION TO RENT MONTH TO MONTH WE COME TO YOU! DELIVERY FEE - $10 - NO MATTER HOW MANY VEHICLES Grow With Us

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