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Transcript: (STEAL IT) Designing Visual Engaging Presentations GREAT ARE MAGIC ALIGNMENT SPACING & KEEP IT (IT'S A GOOD THING) SYMBOLS DESIGN FONTS RESOURCES do not overcrowd slides with text and visuals 25-30 slides max keep one main idea per slide cover no more than 3 main ideas to support overall goal or message less slides mean more time for interaction BRAND & SIMPLE before (LESS IS MORE) keep in mind AFSCME's logo, brand and colors when representing the union's message and goals LENGTH WHITE DESIGN instead of using words use symbols i.e. for a yes or a positive use a thumbs up symbol Battles will continue in state capitols across the country. The challenges are increasing for cities and counties. We must focus on jobs, protecting Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and other vitally important programs. And electing pro-worker candidates to state legislatures, Congress and the White House. Florida IMAGES SOCIAL SECURITY take apart you favorite ads, websites and magazines see something you like visually; remix it and make something new taking things that you have an affinity for and finding a way to make it fit in using images is a great way to evoke emotion and engage your audience in the topic visuals can bring your presentation to life themes and structure should be reinforced and consistent throughout presentation MEDICARE STUNNING TOP TIPS Use no more than 2-3 styles of the same family line things up, use of white space dont's use the boring fonts installed your system download beautiful fun ones after The Lay of the Land 2012 JOBS FONTS SPACE MEDICAID Visual Engaging Presentations PRESENTATIONS Governor: Scott (R) State House: 81 R, 39 D State Senate: 28 R, 12 D no bullet points are you giving a document or a presentation? COLOR Session Jan 10 – March 9 (extended session on redistricting to follow) What to watch for: Prohibition of Payroll Deductions Decertification of public employees unions Gutting the state Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund Attacks on pensions Privatization State hospitals Prisons

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