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Employee Review

Transcript: We need to overview our staff on a regular (annual) base Of 45 (high) potentials, 82% belongs to Generation X Some findings... Employee Review Novotel Netherlands 2013 Bring to our guests a « relaxed and playful » hospitality experience by providing modern and innovative service offerings is one of the 2014 Novotel family objective. Regardless of the ownership structure of hotels, the « New Novotel Experience » is based on women and men of the Novotel family. Through the development of competencies and motivation, our teams will be: proud and happy to be hoteliers at the heart of the “relaxed and playful” experience within our hotels ready to listen to our customers' expectations Generation Baby Boom The most ambitious people we have are an Front Office employee, while the most blockers are in F&B Faze in life nor length of employment have a significant influence in terms of motivation Tips to motivate Generation Y Now let's look at some figures! Recommendations Backbones Multi Did you know...? Encourage and retain our (high) potentials by: 12% of our staff is characterized as "laggard" Novotel is a young company; 54% of the total population is between 16 and 35 years of age As these kids are still in school, they are not entering the labor market yet... In 2020 we will have to manage scarcity on the labor market; a shortage of 250.000 employees... Generation Z is growing up in the digital age, a time of economic crisis, financial cut backs; They have extensive techonological knowledge; Typical for this generation: they are always online, free, bright minds who are conscious of themselves and the world around them, they are multi taskers. Novotel's Objectives Earn their respect - even if it takes them a while before they express theirs Do not try to control them - offer them flexibility Act with integrity and you will be able to close the generation gap Give unexpected rewards for their exceptional performance (Working) pleasure is serious business! Create a stimulating and productive workplace Try a reverse mentoring program where younger employees are assigned to older managers in order to help the older ones to keep up with technology - close the generation gap. (High) potentials • Professionalizing with focus on improving quality • Modest and sober; just do it! • Finding balance between work/ private life • Exploiting differences constructively • Listening, dialogue and be aware of what is going on • See what works, evidence based • Attention to the process Using Itineraires & VISA to recognize their performance and to reward them; "Swap your job" (multi branded) Horizontal job switch within hotel or brand who perform good and excel in their field, have an ambition to grow but are not multi employable Lead! This generation has grown up under the supervision of parents who believed in boundaries and were active role models to them. They are sensitive to an ethical leader Provide structure and clear guidelines at all times. Specify the process and way of approach to achieve the initial goal. Although they seem confident, they still need input of the management! Provide them with mentors. They like to work with older generations and to work in a practical manner - it helps to close the generation gap Encourage and allow them to use the latest technology at their workplace Let them try new things. Assign them to projects where they can really learn - they love to be challenged. Generation Z The So, in contrast to what we may think, the representation of Generation X is 37% and only 9% of our population belongs to the Baby Boom Generation! Novotel is the best way to relax and re-energize. With this mission, Novotel strives to be the best brand in the busy mid-scale hotel segment. We know that we have to distinguish ourselves from our competitors. We know that our employees can make this difference. By being: extra-caring, communicative, available, representative and jointly responsible, we can make this difference together. (High) potentials Tips to motivate babyboomers Laggards Novotel: Up until now by Jeanine Groen (may '13- august '13) Conclusion Strategic 1980 - 1995 1995 - until now "Swap your job" • Authority must be earned through skills and knowledge • Confident, realistic, social, networking • Balance between work/ private life • Quick decisions, quick results • Aim for concrete results • Open, direct and want personal contact • Working with the right people (expertise, knowledge) How did we perform Recommendations 9% of the total population belongs to the Baby Boom generation Challenge our Experts by: Now Multi branded With a colleague Talent workforce planning Individual plans development program the discussion! Experts We are fishing in the same pool of talents! Laggards Decrease the % of laggards by: There are no (high) potentials in the Baby Boom generation • Structure and hierarchical layers; 1 leader • Sharing knowledge • Idealistic and driven • Ambitious, sensitive to status • Vitality and

New Employee: Onboarding Presentation Template - Business

Transcript: Our Brand Promise Company Clement Ho Background Training Scheduling & Registration 6 APAc Procedures (SOP) 1 Franco Wong Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam. ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. AIA Premier Academy (APAc) Agent Up-Forcing Faculty Wisma AIA Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam. ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Headquarters Menara AIA 1980 Our Services Our Critical Capabilities 03 - 2618 8822 APAc Premier Academy Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit WELCOME! An interactive App that consists of useful video on selling ideas and skills for Life Planner to practice and share with their leader for constructive feedbacks Milestone 3 Web-based system that manages and automates agency training administration which includes online course/event registration, enquries, New Agents' Training Requirements/CPD/RFP monitoring etc Template Instructions All 3rd year agents and leaders are required to complete a minimum of 30 CPD hours yearly Regional Training Specialist Level 26, Capsquare Tower No 10, Jalan Munshi Abdullah, 50100 Kuala Lumpur Head of Training (HOT) 03 - 2618 8821 2 TCF Framework & Guidelines TCF Anti-Money Laundering TCF Critical Care TCF Medical & Disability TCF Investment Linked TCF Specific Market TCF Traditional Plan (Excluded for Takaful Direct Agents) Our Story Facilities iMo Role Play Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit Change/add icons by selecting "Insert"-"symbols & shapes"-"simple white" Company Policies Milestone 2 Treat Customers Fairly E-Learning Policies Click text and select "Edit text" to change fonts and colors Our Strategic Priorities AIA Premier Academy (APAc) To create shapes New Life Planner On-boarding E-Learning Select a frame, right click, and select "add to path" to add a frame to the path CPD Requirements Monitor Milestone 5 Design & Development Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit Storage Room Engagement . Discipline . Stay Positive . Synergy 2016 Staff Competency Development Select a frame, right click, and select "add to path" to add a frame to the path Learning Management System MISSION STATEMENT Additional information Yvonne Ng 3 7 Elite Academy Training Roadmap Click on “Insert” at the top of the Prezi interface, then select “Symbols & shapes…" The “Styles” toolbar should appear on the right. Select the shapes option in the lower right column. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Leadership & Management IPAD LMS ID Web-based system that manages and automates agency training administration which includes online course/event registration, enquries, New Agents' Training Requirements/CPD/RFP monitoring etc E-Learning Modules or AIA Premier Academy (APAc) Aminudin Daud 2000 Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit Functional Competency Development Select a frame, right click, and select "add to path" to add a frame to the path Leadership & Management Computer Supplies Lounge Area Milestone 1 Select a frame, right click, and select "add to path" to add a frame to the path 03 - 2618 8822 Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit Company 5 Welcome REPLACE with company hex colors Additional Information Learning Management System Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam. ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Structure Additional Information Dawn Seng Training Administration Welcome Onboarding AIA Premier Academy (APAc) Telephone instructions Internal calls – dial extension Outside calls – dial 9 <phone number> - Pin To transfer ... Flash -> extn Pick Up ... # 0 Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit APAc Office/Contacts Policies Milestone 4 Getting Partnership Distribution Training Training Delivery To replace or crop a photo, click the image and select from the option bar. 1916 To add your own color scheme, open the CSS editor by pressing Ctrl+Shift+C. Then replace the hex codes for shape.style1-5 with your desired colors Agents Onboarding 1940 1 4 Additional Information System Supplies AIA Offices @ Kuala Lumpur Operation & Quality Management Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam. ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Our Operating Philosophy & Principles Mobile Learning Watch our tutorial video here: Life Planner Training Roadmap AIA Premier Academy (APAc) Getting Core Values: Clarity . Courage

Employee Performance Review

Transcript: Next Job Team work, innovative, involved, helpful, customer service goal oriented, detail oriented, independent, initiative, organized Courses/Trainings regarding VBA,SQL, Power BI, Power Query, BluePrism Keen to stay on top of my tasks, face new challenges, ready to step in to handle new duties at any moment, achieve the intended objectives of the company, constantly improve my technical skills. Subject Matter Expert, Reporting/Aggregates Analyst. Stick Your Points Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training (10/2017) Project Management(10//2017) EDI&Invoice(05/2017) S&PA Business Analysis (04/2017) Internal VBA trainings (level 1 and 2); Forwarder Academy / Forwarding Airline Customer Service(02/2014) Innovate 1st process ( Inbound&Outbound) to speed up report preparation from SAP; creating additional sheet with all necessary information about the scope and partners Fastest way of monitoring UK scope(macro connected with SAP) Correcting SQL code in EDI Tracker Manual Metrics based on Power Query and VBA (combining all data from different excel files into one; calculating daily workload; presenting volume and closed idocs on the automatic charts. Iwona Walów Contributions that Met Expectations Prepare and maintain Manual Metrics QlickView Administrator for Pricing Team Create and maintain all tools for Pricing Team(reducing manual work) Prepare trainings for Pricing Team regarding VBA and how to use macro on a daily basis Trainings for new comers about the Pricing Ops processes: Extension process, D2D(how to use the VBA tool), Annual Deal Renewal(how to use the VBA tool), Legacy update, Vendavo as well as showing the fastest way of implementing prices into Vendavo; Being a part of D2D process (create and prepare VBA tools) Macros For EDI BSO Pricing Analyst 10/2017-05/2017 Employee Performance Review Provide troubleshooting and perform root cause analysis, contact with customer and support testing through to implementation for countries that are going to start operating in SAP-still in progress Monitor daily EDI operations: verify EDI transmissions, assure compliance, troubleshoot and perform root cause analysis, data exception handling, and re-processing when necessary Work with customer service teams and super users to gather requirements, business process, define rules in order to build out logic, and respond to requests in order to make sure specifications are followed per the requirements of the client Recommendations for ongoing process improvements(creating VBA tools) to drive efficiency and maximize value realization LMS for Tier1 Organizing EDI presentation overview for new comers BOT Operator for EDI Idoc Tracker BSO SENIOR EDI ANALYST Play to Win Innovate JustDoIT: # 377273-EDI Report Preparation Cycle Time Reduction Implement Vacation Calendar; Organize generic mailbox; Implement the new way of archiving the idocs;monthly reminder in order to do a quality check of all pending idocs at the beginning of each month; Prepare few job-aids for new process Prepare excel file with all useful links for EDI Team Iwona has created a great tool for faster Quality Check. She explained and helped me a lot with a lot of issues of our new process. for created multiple complicated templates with macros for new processes which has appread this month to Pricing team. Iwona was very helpful and explained everything clearly. For huge help in VBA file creation which was connected with automatization process. Za pomoc i wsparcie w przygotowaniu makr. Sharing knowledge, helpful attitude! Za zaangażowanie i chęć pomocy przy aktualizowaniu plików potrzebnych nam do codzinnej pracy. Bez tych plików praca całego teamu byłaby o wiele wolniejsza i mniej efektywna. Iwona stworzyla narzedzie, ktore pomaga w codziennej pracy zespolu Pricing. GOOD JOB! Responsibilities LSO and LSS Awareness training completed before due date All EHS and Compliance Guidelines followed Learn and implement changes for any updates of data standards & process changes Establish good and effective cooperation with process stakeholders Support/ create and update of process documentation Achieve GSC controlled SLA cycle time targets for assigned processes Actively participate / lead LMS meetings (led TIR1 for EDI Team, participated in TIR1 Pricing) organize generic mailbox implement the new way of archiving the idocs prepare excel file with all useful links for EDI Team Technical management and maintenance of the tool in Pricing and EDI Team– in progress ( so far create few macros i automatizations for Pricing and EDI Team) QlikView maintaining- in progress (few trainings with Magda Dymała/Creation of EDI Metrics from the beginning) Participated in development and implementation of process for MSP/ LPC upload for Legacy and Vendavo (Day2Day maintenance) Daily work on Inbound and Outbound Monitoring Cooperate closely with Super Users and CSRs in order to prioritize goals and establish the process flow. Extension process in order to reduce the manual work:

New Employee: Onboarding Presentation Template - Business

Transcript: Insert Sick Leave Video Non-exempt employees who travel for overnight business reasons will be paid per day for actual hours spent traveling. If employee is required to work away from their normal work location for a day the employee will be paid for all hours spent traveling, Meals included. For more information about Travel, follow the link below Home office employees should establish an appropriate work environment in their home preferably a separate room used for work purposes only For new hires the Home Office Employee Supervisor may visit the employee's home office to assure compliance with school policy Home office employees may be reimbursed for office supplies up to and not exceeding the amount of $100 for every 12 months DOCUMENT CARE AND STORAGE All documents, reports, electronic and paper, created on behalf of GACHS, for GACHS’s students, management, employees, reporting obligations, vendors, etc. are the property of GACHS and may not be placed on personal thumb drives, personal computers, personal PDA devices, or any other personal system. This intellectual property must be maintained on GACHS’s devices with a back-up maintained on GACH’s online “cloud” platform. STUDENT RECORDS AND TRANSCRIPTS GACHS is committed to protecting the confidentiality of all information regarding our students. All employees should ensure confidentiality and privacy in regard to all information about the students we serve. Disclosure of student information to outside individuals or entities can be made only pursuant to federal law and as approved by the Superintendent. The principle of confidentiality must be maintained in all programs, departments, functions, and activities. If a request is made for student records that request must be communicated to the Superintendent for approval prior to the disclosure of student records and transcripts. Protocol and Proper Handling of Confidential documents: GACHS is committed to ensuring all confidential materials and documentation is handled properly. To ensure we are in compliance, all pertinent information left at the copier or printer must be secured at the front desk until items are retrieved. If any employee encounters vital records or documents left at the copier, please take the items to the responsible party or if that person is unknown, please take materials to front desk to be secured. TRANSPORTING STUDENTS Employees are prohibited from driving students anywhere in their cars, unless there is a medical emergency. In those rare instances where an employee feels it is necessary to drive a student, the staff member must get prior approval from his or her supervisor or the Superintendent. Any employee who does obtain prior approval to have a student in his or her car must adhere to the following guidelines:  There must be at least one other adult in the car any time a student is in the car.  The driver is expected to follow all traffic rules, and will refrain from talking on a cell phone (even with a hands-free device) or texting while driving.  The employee must have insurance, license, and vehicle registration up to date and meeting at least the minimum requirements by law. EMPLOYMENT OF RELATIVES The employment of relatives within GACHS is permitted only as long as no family member will have supervisory responsibility that could affect the hiring, assignment, compensation, promotion, evaluation, discipline, training, or termination of another family member. School board members are expected to excuse themselves from any discussions of or decisions concerning any relative who may be an applicant for employment or an employee of GACHS. INCLEMENT WEATHER AND EMERGENCY CONDITIONS All School employees are expected to make a reasonable effort to report to work on inclement weather days unless your personal safety or the safety of your family is at risk. If you are not able to report to work, you must follow the normal “call-in” procedures to report your absence. In the event of severe weather or other emergencies, the Superintendent, or his or her designee, may decide to close GACHS and/or campuses for the remainder of the day or prior to the beginning of a workday. An outgoing message will be recorded on a designated school telephone number, and an e-mail will be sent to notify all employees when GACHS is closed. No loss of pay will occur as a result of early dismissal or School/office closure for this reason. Likewise, if you report to GACHS and find that GACHS is unexpectedly closed due to an emergency, no loss of pay will occur. However, if GACHS is open and you are unable to report to work, you must use your accrued vacation time or a personal day in order to be paid. VISITORS All visitors should be authorized, sign in, and be accompanied by a School employee at all times while visiting. Employees may not bring their children to work with them. SOCIAL MEDIA GACHS recognizes that social networking (such as personal websites, social media platforms, Facebook,

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Transcript: I want to own my own home... But I have some obstacles... Questionable Credit No Down Payment I don't know where to start... Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) NeighborWorks® America Community Second Loans: Brokered Products IHFA City of Meridian City of Boise USDA-RD United Wholesale Mortgage a nationwide network of 240 trained and certified community development organizations at work in more than 4,000 communities across America. NeighborWorks receives funding directly from Congress and distributes those funds to NW chartered members like NHS. Community Second Qualifications: Up to 140% of Area Median Income Median Income = $60,000 for a family of 4 140% of Median = $84,000 What do they cover? (as programs allow) Down payment assistance Closing cost assistance Amounts from $1,500-$50,000 What's it gonna cost? Rates are 2%, 2.5%, or 3% above the first loan rate, based on area median income & family size 2% origination fee $200 processing fee $300 document prep fee $20 wire fee NHS works in partnership with Idaho Housing and Finance Association (IHFA) by originating an 80% 1st mortgage loan that is underwritten, closed and funded by IHFA. NHS Lending is knowledgeable on all IHFA programs. We also utilize the City of Boise to leverage the IHFA 1st mortgage. We work with a local credit unions (Les Bois & Idaho Central Credit Union) in obtaining a first 80% mortgage product that is manually underwritten. The benefit of an 80/20 loan is that it eliminates the Mortgage Protection Insurance fee. *We accept non-traditional credit borrowers. City of Boise: Second mortgage at a maximum loan amount of $35,000 or 25% of purchase price, whichever is less. Interest rate is 1% below the current IHFA rate but no less than 3.5% or higher than 6%. City of Meridian: CDBG (Community Development Block Grant). For first time homebuyers in Meridian. Income guidelines apply. Used as an additional down payment and closing cost grant. IHFA: Programs & Down Payment and Closing Cost Assistance Programs Good Credit Rewards Program NSP (Neighborhood Stabilization Programs) First Mortgage Gift Program (1% or 2%) Advantage FHA Back to Work Program 203K Streamline Rehab Program HARP (Home Affordable Refinance Program) FHA Streamline Refinance. USDA-RD:Guarantee Loan. Star, Middleton, Emmett- Check USDA RD website for eligibility. Legal NHS is certified by the U.S. Treasury Department as a CDFI Funded by Neighborworks America Community Lending IHFA & USDA-RD City of Boise & City of Meridian NMLS# 2881 What if I don't qualify right away?? Brokered Products *rates and programs are subject to changes without notice. NHS Lending, Inc. is a Full-Cycle Lender specializing in Down Payment Assistance Programs. CDFI & NWA Community 2nd Loans Our pre-purchase counselors will review your credit report and put together a plan for them to overcome obstacles to homeownership. Qualify now...or later. NHS Lending can help you purchase a home. We help you overcome obstacles, and find affordable paths to homeownership...and we're local, so you have no excuse. Call us today:).

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