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Employee Orientation Presentation Template

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Employee Orientation

Transcript: Settling In Phase - The worker feels like being a part of the organization - If the socialization was successful, the employee will feel comfortable with the job and his role in the organization. - Employee Mentoring Program, established worker serves as an advisor Socialization - DIY Anticipatory Phase Employee Orientation & Socialization Encounter Phase - Provides realistic information about: 1. the demands of the job 2. the organization's expectations of the jobholder 3. the work environment - RJP is for people who just started working or people who want to apply for a job Conclusion - Usually informal, this could mean poorly planned - Orientation program - Teaching new employees about the mission, vision and the company culture - Socialization can be divided into 3 phases Anticipatory phase Encounter phase Settling in phase The Socialization Process Orientation & Socialization EXPECTATIONS - Socialization is very important - Realistic Job Preview - 3 stages - How to socialize yourself 1. Get to know people in the organization, they know a lot 2. Ask for feedback 3. Show initiative, pick a project to work on 4. After two months, write your own job description and check with co-workers and your boss to see if you have a good overview of your tasks. Madeleine and Anke Realistic Job Preview (RJP) - Started working - Explanation about: Procedures Work relationships Policies Rules - In addition, providing systematic information about the organization sends a positive signal to the employee - Unrealistic expectations may lead to job dissatisfaction - Therefore a realistic job preview is a good method to make sure the new employees will have appropriate expectations Orientation - The process of informing new employees about what is expected of them in the job and helping them cope with the stresses of transition Socialization - As the long-term process with several phases that helps employees acclimate themselves to the new organization, understand its culture and the company’s expectations and settle into the job.

Employee Orientation

Transcript: Employee Orientation Orientation & Onboarding Orientation is training designed to prepare employees to perform their jobs effectively, learn about their organization and establish work relationships. Onboarding is an ongoing process that aims to prepare new employees for full participation in the organization. Orientation & Onboarding ORIENTATION SCHEDULE ORIENTATION SCHEDULE DAY ONE Meet and greet with the department and tour of the building. Watch safety videos and sign/complete paperwork, followed by lunch with manager. Get familiar with workspace and computer systems training. Meet back up in HR to review office policies and procedures. oNBOARDING SCHEDULE ONBOARDING SCHEDULE DAY TWO Diversity training and company culture videos. Team building exercise with department, followed by lunch with team. Introduce and shadowing mentor. Meet your team, one on one. Prepare, Learn, Establish. Break it down Prepare PREPARE Prepare employees to perform their jobs effectively. HR prepares employees with company compliance, so they fully understand policies, rules and regulations. Complete clarification for employees to understand job and performance expectations. Learn Learn Teach about the organization. Culture Understanding of the company history, traditions, values, norms and mission. CULTURE IMPORTANT TAKEAWAY Company culture is the personality of a company. It defines the environment in which employees work. Diversity Diversity Education on the differences within our associate body and to build a compassion for continual growth on the subject. IMPORTANT TAKEAWAY In a diverse work environment, it is essential to respect and appreciate differences in ethnicity, gender, age, physical abilities, sexual orientation, education and religion amongst individuals of the organization. . Establish positive work relationships Establish Trust, teamwork, communication and respect are keys to effective working relationships. Mentoring Companies benefit from mentoring programs because they contribute to the development of a better-trained and engaged workforce. Mentors help mentees learn the ropes at a company, develop relationships across the organization, and identify skills that should be developed or improved upon. Team-building Team bonding activities also improve workplace projects that involve teamwork. After completing team building activities together, employees better understand each other's strengths, weaknesses, and interests. This understanding helps them work even better together on future progress vital to a company. ROADMAP Help them define work role and goals within your organization Promote employee socialization Educate them on your company's culture and the diversity within ROADMAP Orientation and Onboarding Programs, such as the examples I have given, ensure that new employees quickly gain the knowledge of the organization and jobs, as well as necessary relationships to be sucessful in their new roles within the company. REVIEW Do you have any personal examples to inspire great onboarding activities? HBU?


Transcript: EMPLOYEE ORIENTATION AGENDA AGENDA Complete personnel information Familiarization with software systems Today's Schedule Today’s Schedule 1. 2. 3. Overview of the Society Complete personnel information Introduce to work sites 4. Complete online training ABOUT ABOUT US DCSCL is a non-profit charitable Society, governed by a volunteer Board of Directors who are elected from the membership of the Society. The Executive Director is hired by Board of Director and is responsible to manage the day to day affairs of the Society in accordance with policies and direction provided by the Board of Directors. Incorporated in 1958, DCSCL has almost 65 years of experience providing services to adults with developmental disabilities and their families in Dawson Creek and surrounding area. DCSCL has a variety of facilities and assets located within the community. Today DCSCL provides a broad range of services to individuals with developmental disabilities, their families, and Assisted Living services to seniors and families. In 2000, DCSCL expanded to include housing in their operations, in partnership with BC Housing, we operate in excess of 130 units of subsidized housing for families, people with disabilities and seniors. ORG. CHART MANAGEMENT TEAM Marla Reed Executive Director Kirsten Homme Director of Finance Renee Brandon Home Share Manager Anne Pearson Program Director Stacy Scriven Program Director Emily Wasmuth Program Director BCGEU British Columbia General Employees Union UNION The Dawson Creek Society is a unionized work setting. The Society employees approximately 110 people. Six of those are excluded management positions. We are apart of the Community Living Services Collective Agreement Local 310. Please follow the link to fill out your membership card. MISSION STATEMENT MISSION STATEMENT " to support individuals in their desire to live independent and dignified lives. " VALUES and EXPECTATIONS Employment Equity Employment Equity DCSCL is an equal opportunity employer and hires without regard to race, ancestry, place of origin, colour, ethic origin, language, citizenship, creed, religion, gender, sexual orientaiton, age, marital status, physical and/or mental disability or financial ability. If you require any work accomodations for accessibilty reasons please let us know and we will do our best to support your needs. For example; visually impaired, hearing impaired, or any other barrier that may impede your work duties. PROGRAMS Services are provided based on the needs of the persons served PROGRAMS 115th Residence 115th Residence 115th Residence This residence is a licensed facility with 24 hour staffing supports. The residents in this home have higher care needs; they moblizie with wheelchairs and require a higher lever of hands on care. Staff in this home do all activities of daily living such as: preparing meals, assisting with eating, personal care, housekeeping, administering medications and supporting residents in the community by participating in recreational and social activities. This home has mechanical lifts and other adaptive devices to support staff with their duties. DCSCL has a "no lift" policy which all staff are required to review in the Workplace Policies on ShareVision. Canalta Residence Canalta Residence Canalta Residence This is a licensed facility with 24 hour staffing supports. The individuals currently living in this home are semi-independent. Staff supports these individuals with their daily life activities by assisting them to participate in home care, community and employment. 1416 Residence 1416 Residence 1416 Residence This is a licensed facility with 24 hour staffing supports. This home supports individuals who are aging. All individuals living in the home require hands on assistance with activities of daily living and accessing community and social activities. This home has mechanical lifts and other adaptive devices to support staff with their duties. Again, DCSCL has a "no lift" policy which all staff are required to review in the Workplace Policy Section on Sharevision. Supported Living Supported Living 1408 Cluster This program supports individuals who live in four of DCSCL's 1408 townhouses with activities of daily living. The individuals share staff and have 24 hour supports. Each individual in this program requires a unique approach to promote their independence. 1328 Cluster This program supports individuals who live in three of DCSCL's Aurora Apartments with activities of daily living. The individuals share staff and 24 hour supports. These individuals require their staff to engage in a higher level of community involvement. Centennial Cluster This program supports individuals who live in four of the buildings apartments with activities of daily living. DCSCL rents a unit of thier own which is the "home base' and gathering place for the program. Staff teach skills needed

Employee Orientation

Transcript: Report an Incident Emergency- CALL 911 Non-Emergency: 242-7910 Report Online: Shasta CARES Room 5012, 242-2399 24-hour hotline: 530-244-SAFE Confidential: advocacy and referrals Title IX Coordinator Room 121, (530) 242-7649​​ Coordinates a fair and equitable response to reports of sexual misconduct. Campus Health & Wellness Office Room 2020, 242-7580 Confidential: Psychological Counseling Medical Consultations Campus Safety Room 5015, (530) 242-7910 Safe Walk Escorts Emergency Mobile Messaging Blue Security Phones COMMUNITY RESOURCES REPORTING OPTIONS Campus Safety is committed to a safe and secure working and learning environment. In all aspects of plant operations and maintenance, the safety of students, staff and visitors will be our primary consideration.​ Stay Connected 24 Hour Services 2 officers per 1,000 student population Respond to 5 sites in 3 counties Patrol at Main, Health Sciences and Tehama Campuses Emergency Response RAVE Alerts Safe Walks Don't Cancel Class Presentations Trainings for Staff and Students 12 A.L.I.C.E Instructors Shasta CARES (Campus Advocacy, Resources and Education for Safety) Behavioral Intervention Resource Team (BIRT) COMMUNITY RESOURCES Each team works together to create a survivor-centered response and develop culturally competent violence prevention programs. Shasta CARES provides primary prevention programming and events to educate the campus on realities of sexual violence, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking. The events and workshops promote healthy behaviors, equity, safety and accountability. Who We Are One SAFE Place Website: Address: 2250 Benton Dr., Redding, CA Phone: 530-244-0117 24-hour hotline: 530-244-SAFE Shasta County Child Abuse Prevention Coordinating Council (CAPCC) Website: Address: 2280 Benton Dr. Bldg. C, Ste. A, Redding, CA Phone: (530) 241-5816 Planned Parenthood Website: Address: 2935 Bechelli Lane, Ste. C, Redding, CA Phone: (530) 351-7100 NorCal OUTreach Project Website: Address: 2770 Pioneer Dr., Redding, CA Phone: 530-949-6267 Through the Shasta CARES program, campus and community partners meet on a monthly basis for the Coordinated Community Response Team (CCRT). CAMPUS RESOURCES Shasta CARES works side-by-side with the Shasta College community to provide advocacy, support, and education to reduce sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking. Together we work toward a safe and healthy community. Gear up and Get Ready to #ChangeTheCulture Employee Orientation Empower Tehama Website: Address: 1805 Walnut Street Red Bluff, CA 96080 Phone: 530-528-0300 24-hour hotline: 530-528-0226 Rape Crisis Intervention and Prevention Website: Address: 725 Pine St., Red Bluff, CA 96080-3743 Phone: 530-529-3980 24-hour hotline: 530-342-RAPE (7273) Human Response Network Website: Address: 111 Mountain View Street Weaverville, CA 96093 Phone: 530-623-2024 24-hour hotline: 530-623-HELP (4357)

Employee Orientation

Transcript: Attendance/Breaks Licensing Rules must always be followed Positive guidance and discipline will always be used Encourage independence Create a welcoming environment Classroom Ratios Infants/Toddlers 1:4 Two 1/2's 1:8 Three's 1:10 Four's 1:12 School Age 1:18 Introduction to staff and children Break Room Supply Rooms Staff Bathrooms First Aid Supplies Benefits Paid Sick Leave - Eligible for up to 40 hours per year after 90 days of service accrued at rate of 8 hours per 400 hours of service Leave of Absence with Pay may be granted due to Jury/Witness Duty Medical/Maternity Disability Beginning in tenth year of full-time service, you may earn up to 120 hours of vacation pay each year. Comfortable, appropriate attire Shorts must go past finger tips No open-toe shoes Morningstar T-Shirts are available for purchase Employees should be ready to go, in their rooms at the time they are scheduled. Please take care of personal matters before or after your shift. Tardiness/Excessive Absences may result in termination. Tardiness/Absence can negatively affect the quality of service we provide. If you work 4.25-7.75 hours, you will receive a 30 minute, unpaid break. If you work 8 or more hours you will receive a 30 minute or 1 hour unpaid break. DHS Clearance ICHAT Background Check Physical Negative TB test Transcripts Tax Information CPR/First Aid/AED training Blood Borne Pathogens Shaken Baby Mandated Reporter Safe Sleep 24 Clock Hours of Professional Development Annually Center will offer options of free or low-cost online or local trainings. It is the employee's responsibility to be attend/participate in these trainings in order to continue employment. Paperwork Needed Highlights of Employee Manual Tour of Center Morning Star Early Learning Center Employee Orientation "It is our goal to provide your child with educational learning in a safe, clean, and loving environment with the opportunity to learn, create, play, explore, at their own pace. We also are excited about partnering with you to help in these early years of growing, learning, and education to assist in helping to prepare for their future school experiences." Training Morning Star Mission Statement Dress Code 3 Step Sanitation Process Emergency Procedures/Exits Accident/Incident Reports Child Release Policy Outdoor Play Procedure Procedures

employee orientation

Transcript: Cuba Hailey Poston Social Customs Social Customs Man greeting Man - Men shake hands when greeting one another and usually maintain direct eye contact Woman greeting Woman - At a first meeting, women generally shake hands. Friends and close acquaintances kiss each other once on the cheek. Man greeting Woman - At a first meeting a regular handshake will do. Friends, family and close acquaintances usually share a light kiss on the cheek. Greetings Greetings 1 For men: Depending on the situation, a guayabera shirt with nice slacks may be as formal as it gets. Business casual for a warm climate should suffice. For women: A pair of pants and nice shirt should do. Skirts are fine. Dressing Dressing 2 Language Language Spoken Spanish Languages 1 Hola, qué tal Information & City facts Information & City facts Fact 1 Fact 1 1 Cuba is the largest of all islands in the Caribbean Cuba has over 200 bays and 250 beaches Fact 2 Fact 2 2 The game of dominoes is the national game of Cuba Fact 3 Fact 3 3 Different foods Foods Fried plantain 1st food 1 2nd food 2 Medianoche Frita 3rd food 3 Land Area- 109,820 km2 Water Area- 1040 km2 Total Area- 110,860km2 Geography Geography Your personal car Buses Taxi Transportation Transportation Interesting Facts Interesting Facts A rare prehistoric fish called the Mangar is now only found in Cuba. Fact 1 Grade school is mandatory for every child in Cuba between the ages of 6 and 15 & uniforms are mandatory Fact 2 We will use FaceTime to spend time talking face to face and if you don't own apple productions we will use Skype as well. Online Meetings

Employee Orientation

Transcript: E M P L O Y E E O R I E N T A T I O N change orange* Agenda Welcome to LegalEASE About Leadership and Executives Company Policies Benefits Performance Reviews Other Resources Required Paperwork Summary Legal Access plans began as a simple idea in 1971. The idea was to provide members reliable access to quality attorneys, and make the experience of working with an attorney more productive and less intimidating. Our company still believes in the same hands-on approach and attention to client needs upon which the company was founded. Each process is designed and administered with the end user as its focus. 1971: 1984: 1984: 2001: 2012: 2022: History Leadership and Executives Robert "Bob" Heston, Jr. President and CEO Organization Chart Kristen White Director of Operations Charlie Jacquo Director of Operations, Network Management Tracy Lalasz Chief Strategy Officer Barrett Canon Chief Information Officer Mission Statement Bob Video To become the premier provider of legal benefits by providing extensive support, coaching and access to experienced attorneys in the highest quality manner, while holding true to our principles, values and goals as we grow. Company Diversity Diversity Equity Inclusion Dress Code Benefits What LAP offers (rename) Types of Insurance Health Vision Dental 401k Legal Plan Life Benefits Package Payday Paid Holidays Payroll schedule Vacation Policy Resources What LAP offers (rename) Types of Insurance Health Vision Dental 401k Legal Plan Life Benefits Package

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