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Employee Orientation Presentation Template

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Employee orientation

Transcript: 4. Benefit Plan Enrollment Be prepared to get the employee immediately ready to begin work. Time Clock Meal and break times Uniform policy Parking facilities Provide a scheduled tour of the facility Be sure to include: restrooms, breakroom, time clock area, cafeteria, employee health nurse, etc Standards of conduct and performance Probation period of employment Discipline policy Safety policy Identify the Company Explain its history Describe its goals Goal: cultivate a sense of pride, belonging and passion for the company 6. Review of Employer Expectations QUESTIONS? 7. Setting of Employee Expectations "83% of companies report the use of a formal orientation program for new employees" (Society for Human Resource Management, 2006) Provide a Flow Chart - show new employee where he/she fits into the organization Training and development Scheduled wage and salary reviews Security Recognition Working Conditions Advancement opportunities Cont... - Organizational entry: Onboarding, orientation, and socialization. Research Articles. Society for Human Resource Management.,orientationandsocialization.aspx. Published November 1, 2006. Accessed March 17, 2015. - Payne-Palacio, June & Theis, Monica (2011). Employee orientation. Foodservice Management: Principles and Practices. Prentice Hall. Name tags Buddy System Mentor/Mentee 8. Introduction to Facilities 5. Completion of New Employee Documents References: Employee orientation Stephanie pixley ND 672 3/18/15 1. Introduction to the Company Explain to new employee what options he/she has for benefits Payroll withholding Emergency information Picture releases Employment agreements Equal Employment opportunity data 2. Review of Important Policies and Practices Upon understanding benefit options, it is vital the new employee completes benefit enrollment 10. Introduction to the Job 9. Introduction to Fellow Workers Defines employer-employee relationship Working relationships Attitude Loyalty Teamwork 3. Review of Benefits and Services:

Employee Orientation

Transcript: Lauren Morelli On-Call Coordinator Jean is an educator and assists with case management when we need help. Tim Fortune Vice President Courtney runs our scheduling departments for both homecare and staffing. She also oversees general operations at TLC. Vanessa Fortune CFO Lena Cruickshank Facility Staffing Coordinator Kelsey Warner Community Outreach & HR Sourcing Coordinator Pam oversees HR and recruiting. Jean Jordan NAEP Instructor/Per Diem Case Manager Tim specializes in community engagement. Tim specializes in community engagement. Abi Ambekar Business Manager Jessica runs the Rutland office and oversees Southern Vermont. Robin Ashley Homecare Staffing Coordinator Jessica Kalb Regional VP Bob runs our New Hampshire office, and leads our client intake process. Robert "Bob" Ellis Regional VP Erin provides client intake services and conducts interviews and manages HR in our New Hampshire location. Tim specializes in community engagement. Abi handles our traveling contracts and can answer any questions regarding benefits. Mohamed is the founder of TLC. He is a Registered Nurse (RN) by training. Wendy leads orientation, teaches our LNA courses, runs a support group, and staffs clinics. Erin Mullen Regional Client Services Manager Meet the staff! Mohamed Basha President &CEO Gloria Kamencik Assistant Scheduler & Front Office Coordinator Tim specializes in community engagement. Wendy Bombard NAEP Coordinator/Nurse Case Manager/ Clinic Nurse Nancy Racine Nurse Case Manager Pamela Issenman HR Manager History Director of Nursing Alan Sousie Paula handles intake assessments and other aspects of case management in Southern Vermont and New Hampshire. Employee Orientation Alan oversees all the Case Manager, LNA's, LPN's and RN's. He also hosts TLC Academy. Vanessa is our Finance Officer, she handles payroll and billing. Paula Buckley Nurse Case Manager Tim specializes in community engagement. Tim specializes in community engagement. Courtney O'Brien Manager of Operations Nancy works out of our Burlington and covers Northern Vermont.

Employee Orientation

Transcript: VL / SL / LOA Regional Office per minute deduction Operations / Plant's Shifts Covered by the In-house Health Care Program are all regular employees of Oro Oxygen Corporation and their qualified dependents; legal spouse, and 4 children who are 1 month old up to 12 years old. Death Random Drug Testing - 6:30am to 3:30pm - 7:00am to 4:00pm - 8:00am to 5:00pm - 8:00am to 7:00pm (1-3pm) - 10:00am to 7:00pm - 1:00pm to 10:00pm Vacation (VL), Sick (SL), Maternity (ML), Paternity leave (PL) Pryce Pharma personnel may arrange time schedules for product samplingon Saturdays/Sundays but should exercise judiciousness in helping eliminate overtime costs. Daily Time Record (DTR) Rank and File Payward Supervisors and Managers Regular Private Officers Large Private Coverage Fixed Bereavement Contribution Resignation Oro Care Travel Order Maximum Benefit Work time / Schedule Undertime No Smoking Policy 1. To subsidize the medical expenses of regular employees and their qualified dependents incurred through out patient consultations or hospitalization. - incapacitated to work 180 days in 12-month period - When employee reach 50 years old or 60 years old to employees regularized before Jan. 5, 2009 EMPLOYEE ORIENTATION Caesarian 78 days DENTAL BENEFITS Absences Rank and File P 80,000.00 Supervisors and Managers P 100,000.00 Officers P 120,000.00 Room (operating, recovery and emergency) ICU Speech and Physical therapy Nursing care Admission kit Other supplies/services for medical management of the patient Dialysis Medicines used for relief and treatment X-rays, laboratory tests and other diagnostic procedures Ambulance service Nomination of Beneficiaries Personnel reporting on Saturdays' work schedule may depend on assigned schedule - compulsory of age 55 years old or 65 years old to employees regularize before Jan. 5, 2009 - at least 5 years of continuous service in the company No Relative Policy - Makati Office: 8:00am to 6:00pm Monday to Friday Payroll Cutoff Paternity 7 days Time-Keeping Procedure BENEFITS ORO FORM Termination of Employment (Technicalities) Sick leave (SL) 15 days Administrative Offices 2. To provide the regular employees and their dependents with preventive health care through the implementation of wellness programs. A. On Tardiness Makati Based 1 - 15mins = 1/4 hour's pay 16 - 30mins = 1/2 hour's pay 31 mins - 1 hr = 1 hour's pay 1 hr & 1 min - 2 hrs = 2 hour's pay More than 2 hours = 1/2 day's pay (should file 1/2 leave) Perfect Attendance PRE-HIRING FLOW CHART LOA MED Dismissal for Just Cause FORMS Rate Matrix for Production Trainees THANK YOU Step 1: Secure dental claim form from your HRAD/ASD department before going to the dentist. In the case of refilling plants or sales centers, secure the form from your Sales Center Clerk. Step 2: Fill-up all necessary information on the top portion of the form. The middle portion is to be filled-up by the attending dentist only. Step 3: Secure official receipt from the dentist. Step 4: Attach the official receipt to the dentist claim form. Step 5: Sign at the lower portion of Dental claim form and forward this at HRAD/ASD for checking and verification. Step 6: Processing of your reimbursement shall be done at your respective Regional office upon approval. By: Suzette Garcia Objectives: Normal Optional Meal Allowances Mon-Fri: 7am - 4pm / 9am - 6pm Sat: 8am - 5pm a. Employee shall nominate in writing a beneficiaries who shall receive the amount in case he dies. b. Every nomination or appointment shall remain in force until death of the nominee or until revoked or amended. c. Employee shall nominate another beneficiary in case the beneficiary died. d. In the death of the employee who has no nominated beneficiary shall presumed to have appointed his estate as beneficiary. Rank and File Php 40/meal or Php 240/day Supervisors Php 55/meal or Php 330/day Managers and Officers Php 75/meal or Php 450/day Policy on Internet Usage Guidelines in Recruitment, Selection & Hiring Room and Board benefit Company Policies DENTAL PROCEDURE All late entry before set time is subjected to tardiness and salary deductions. All early out before set time is subjected to undertime and salary deductions. Maternity leave (ML) Normal 60 days Half day leaves: Personnel w/o Saturday work Morning Leave: Office work from 1:30-6pm Afternoon Leave: Office work from 8am-12:30pm Personnel w/ Saturday work Morning Leave: Office work from 1-4pm/ 2-6pm Afternoon Leave: Office work from 7-11am/ 9am-1pm (w/o Lunch Break) Overtime Lay-off LOA OUT PATIENT BENEFITS IN-PATIENT BENEFITS Benefits a. 150% of monthly final salary for every year of service for the first 20 years of service b. 175% of monthly final salary for every year rendered in excess of 20 years but not more than 25 years c. 200% of monthly final salary for every year rendered in excess of 25 years Excessive Tardiness 8 counts of tardiness and/or a total of 120 minutes per month IN-PATIENT BENEFITS LEAVE FORM Company Issued phone with Sun

Employee Orientation

Transcript: By: Coyt Haselden Canada Info Country Info -Canada is the 2nd largest country in the world. -Its population is relatively small for its size with 36.71 million people. -They are a very close friend of the United States. Social Customs and Primary Language Social Customs Social Customs Include: -Be polite and respectful. -Shake hands when meeting. -Maintain eye contact while shaking hands. Primary Language: -The Primary languages are English and French. Some Popular Foods are: -Pancake, doughnuts or butter tarts with Maple syrup. -Peameal Bacon -Bannock -Ketchup Flavored Potato Chips. Foods Foods -Canada is the 2nd largest country in the world. -Canada has 3.86 million square miles and 6 different time zones. -The weather varys in Canada but it normally reaches 75 degrees in the summer and 5 degrees in the winter. Physical Geography and Climate Geography -To get to Canada we will fly from Charlotte to Canada's Capital, Ottawa. -Once we arrive, we will take a taxi or we will rent a car to drive. Transportation Mobility -Canada is home to the longest street in the world which stretches almost 2,000km. -Canada is home to the worlds smallest jail which is only 24.3 meters. -Canada holds the world record for most gold medals won at a winter Olympics. -Canadian James Naismith created the sport basketball in 1891. Other Important Info Interesting info -In our office we will be using WebEx. - WebEx is video conferencing that allows online meetings and presentations, webinars, town halls, online courses and training and online presentations. Online Resources in the Office Online Resource


Transcript: On August 5, 1951, ENGR. WILLIAM C. LIU established WILLIAM C. LIU CONSTRUCTION. Fresh out of school but imbued with enough experience from other companies, he decided to service the needs of the Cebuano community. Back then, he would provide design and construction services to the small & budding local market, at time single-handedly doing twelve jobs simultaneously. Because of its prompt service & strict adherence to professionalism, it earned a reputation and eventually grow. It was incorporated PRIMARY STRUCTURES CORPORATION in 1986. PSC is a Holder of a AAA LICENSE from the Philippine Construction’s Accreditation Board. The PSC Story History of company & growth Affiliates Key People to Approach Work Policies & Procedures Office Decorum Survival Tips Other Resources (Multi-Purpose Cooperative) Benefits Foreword Good day! Welcome to Primary Structures Corporation (PSC), a fast growing and one of the most progressive and dynamic constructions companies in Cebu. You are now a proud member of an organization that strives to give the “Best Quality Service to Customers in the Most Reasonable Price and Completion Time”. The acronym PSC stands for its legacy: P – erformance S – incerity / Service C – ommitment / Customer-satisfactory It is management's hope and desire that your employment will result in a mutually rewarding and pleasant relationship. Management looks upon its human element – YOU – as a partner in progress and thereby behooves you to willingly contribute your wholehearted share in attaining the objectives of the company. With this, we sincerely hope to develop your sense of responsibility, foster your pride, and stimulate your belongingness to the PSC family. Founding Clientele has grown to include multi-national companies like Taiyo Yuden, United Technologies Automotive Phils. & Phil. Izumi Corporation Our capabilities has expanded to include Architectural Planning, Design and Construction of multi-million peso projects. Design discipline includes Architectural, Structural, Electrical, Mechanical and Sanitary Engineering fields from drawing board to jobsite. Product range includes all forms of shelter from residential homes, industrial plants, and high-rise commercial buildings Our personnel has grown to include different technical skills to service our client’s diverse requirement EMPLOYEE ORIENTATION Topic 7 Agenda/Topics to be Covered Growth Topic 5 Topic 6 The PSC Story

Employee Orientation

Transcript: Enkay Express (NK) is one of the pioneers in freight forwarding industry and was established in 1981 in Kuwait under the name Naqeeb & Khattar. Al Rai Logistica is a private joint stock company established in Kuwait in 2004 with a paid up capital of KWD30 million with a vision to become leaders in Logistics. The merger of Enkay and Al Rai Logistica in 2008 has brought all the freight forwarding activities under the name “Enkay Express” Logistica forms part of the parent companies Mabanee & Al Shaya (the real estate and retail giants respectively in Kuwait) - KUWAIT / BAHRAIN/ UAE (DCV & JA) DEPARTMENTS: - Air Freight - Sea Freight - Operations - Finance - IT - HR/Admin FREIGHT MANAGEMENT: Regional GM - Mr. Andrew Granger Sr. Freight Manager - Mr. Navneet Dalal SEA FREIGHT: Manager - Mr. Sajumon Sales: Sr. Manager - Ms. Afra Massoudi Trade Lane Manager - Mr. Simplex Fernandes Operations: Manager - Mr. Mohammed Mowachame IT: Asst. Manager - Mr. Akif Hamid HR/Admin Team - Ms. Julia Fernandes Ms. Anushree Kumar Mr. Nigel D'silva REQUIREMENTS FROM EMPLOYEE: - New employee form/ Emergency contact form - Bank account details - Documents for visa processing - Documents for medical insurance (if applicable) PROVIDED TO EMPLOYEE: - Trade Lane list - Internal telephone list - Other Job requirements - Annual Leave Policy - Sick Leave Policy - Air ticket Policy - Dress Code - Daily Attendance - Forms in Use - Other THANK YOU LOCATIONS: Employee Orientation COMPANY PROFILE: LOGISTICA/ ENKAY EXPRESS DETAILS: JOINING FORMALITIES: OUR TEAM: HRD-UAE

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