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Employee Of The Month Powerpoint Template

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Employee of the Month!

Transcript: There once was an employee named Vivin. She has been working real hard for the past few months because she is running for employee of the month. Employee of the Month! Crime Stoppers!! :D When Tom came out he had put something in his pocket and chuckled. Vivin got suspicious. Vivin went to back to work but still keeping an eye on Tom. She knew she had to prove herself worthy of being Employee of the Month. So Vivin wrote a 10 page essay, front and back, just to prove herself. She wrote about this crime scence they are investigating right now and what she knows about it. Well 8 days went by and she was going balistic, and she was so excited she couldn't wait. She knew she had a good chance since that report. She knew she still had to show her boss what Tom was doing though. And then she got an idea. She thought of video taping him. She knew that would work. So she brought a camera to work and video taped him doing nothing and getting other people to do his work. So two days till that exciteing but nerve racking day but Vivin wasn't worried. She had been video taping him but wait... " Where's my tape" Vivin said with a worried look on her face. "This tape", Tom said. "How'd you get that?" Vivin asnwered. "It's for me to know and you to find out!!" Tom replied. "See you at the ceremony tomarrow Viv", he said It was the day of the ceremony and no one was in the office except her and she looked around and saw Tom's desk and thought of a plan to get back her tape. She stopped to see if anyone had come in but no one has so she headed towards his desk. Everyone gasped. Tom stood there, embarssed and didn't get Employee of the Month, Vivin did!!! Bibliography By: Maggie Ilderton She searched through his desk and finially found the tape and ran outside, She had made it just in time. She ran up to the stage and stuck the tape in the projector. Maggie Ilderton Well, there was another employee named Tom who was also running for employee of the month but he doesnt work. Vivin noticed Tom's work habbits and went to report him and get him disqualified but the boss didn't believe her. Being a great and trust worthy employee Tom Tape So Vivin left her bosses office nervous as could be. She thought her chance for employee of the month was over. Vivin Mrs. Dwight Vivin went back to work and wanted to get some proof. But while Vivin was, she saw her boss talking to Tom. She put a smirky smile on her face and watched.

Employee of the month

Transcript: Good Customer Service By: Rebecca N. Work Ethic - a belief in the moral benefit and importance of work and its inherent ability to strengthen character Work Ethic Having a good work ethic is; working together, being productive, honesty, taking the initiative, etc. Self-Management - a person controlling ones-self from the ability of doing something; handling Self- Management Skills - behavior, attitude, confidence, communication Positive Work Habits - things someone does at a work environment that can benefit ones performance Positive Work Habits - showing up on time - being polite to customers and co-workers - being clean and organized - recite customers orders and complaints to insure you heard correctly - contact management if customer doesn't agree with an issue ````` (1-2) Examples - greet them politely - say who you are - ask, "What can I get for you today?", don't just stare at them - smile - ask if that was all they wanted - remind them about the specials if any - ask if they want dessert, or a box to go (2-2) More Examples when Handeling Customers Attitudes - manner, disposition, feeling, position torward a regard of a person or thing Attitude - Smile - Stand up straight - Speak clearly - Recite after listening to customers - Don't moan and groan when people ask about something or change their order Positive Attitude Examples Like - preference, wanting to, or favor Liking - you have to like being around people - you have to like talking to new people - you have to like the work you do - you have to like giving people your full attention - you have to like dressing appropriately Being a server ... - complain to a customer - ask for a bigger tip - ask the customer to clean - call the customer a mean word - harm the customers food - spill the customers food on them - refuse to serve the customer Do Not ... Don't

Employee of the Month

Transcript: About MAY Employee of the Month Front of the House Front of the House Nominees F&B Ahmed Afrah *Waiter *Since 25th Feb 2016 Afrah has shown a lot of initiative, especially those that are in line with management strategic goals. First of all he has shown flexibility and is well adapted to the standards of the outlet when carrying out service. He is taking whole responsible of outlet. Furthermore, he has been very helpful with cost cutting measures for outlet, by reducing resources in use such as electricity and candles. He is also very helpful in maintaining the equipment in the outlet. Whatever assistance that is requested from him, is always promptly followed up. So he deserves to be nominated. Butlers *Arabic speaking butler *Since 20th Dec 2016 Aziza Ait Sermane She is hardworking, enthusiastic team member and helping the team when needed. She also helped us a lot with translations. In terms of revenue, she generated $11,613.45 extra revenue in the month of May 2018 Housekeeping *Room Attendant *Since 15th Dec 2016 Ahmed Solah Solah has been extremely committed to his job, he takes ownership of his responsibilities and ensures to do it with at most perfection. His quality of helpfulness is commendable here. He is ready to step up whenever challenges faces. He helps other villa attendants in heavy back to back situations without being asked to. His hard work and perseverance needs to be appreciated and so he deserves to be nominated. Front Office Vishaam Abdul Ghane *Buggy Driver *Since 10th Feb 2015 He is a very proactive person, always taking the full ownership about his duties and doesnt need a reminder to have the work completed. He has a very good communication skills and easily gets along both with guests and the team in general. He is doing his best to help the guests with their inquiries and actively goes forward to exceed guests expectations. F & B Wenli Hu *F&B Intern *Since 01st Sep 2017 Wendy has been a great support for the Meeru Team. She is new to the hospitality industry, however she was quick in learning the process and procedures at work. She also ensures all the revenue/financial tasks are done without any errors. The courteousness and dedication of Wendy toward work is persistent. Her warm an professional demeanor creates a positive work environment. Heart of the House Heart of the House Nominees Housekeeping Kafiul Islam *Public area attendant *Since 19th Oct 2007 He is definitely a hard worker in his area of job. He is dedicated and reliable too. His hard work and perseverance definitely needs to be appreciated. Kitchen Hassan Mumin *Commi *Since 28th Nov 2012 He is a very important person in our kitchen, we can call him the jolly of the kitchen even being a Commis. He is the one responsible at the Meeru Bar of all the preparation of the pizza section and he is able to work in all the kitchen restaurant because he has the knowledge and confidence with all the menu. He is passionate about his jobs and he deserve to be nominated. Security Krishna Bahadur Kutal Chettri *Security Officer *Since 18th Nov 2014 He is wokring with team spirit, always willing to take challenges. Selected as part of team motivation. Engineering Ali Yoosuf *Asst. Carpenter *Since 18th Sep 2017 He is one of the assistant carpenter in building service. He is flexible at any time for works and assisting to the fellow members and subordinates.

Employee of the Month

Transcript: Submit! LET'S GET SHIP DONE!! Criteria Attitude and Commitment Work Performance To submit a candidate, you will need to follow this link: Message me with any questions :) The nominee must be a full-time employee within the Tampa, FL office and only managers will be able to nominate candidates. There will be only ONE employee of the month. The employee of the month will be able to receive recognition, park in the designated employee of the month spot, and receive a Visa gift card for $25. Employees will be rated on Attitude and Commitment, Interpersonal Skills/Personal Traits, Work Performance. The next slides explain how you can rate the employees. Dedicated to fulfilling job responsibilities Demonstrate excellent customer service skills Consistently dependable and is punctual in reporting to work Serve as a role model to others Goes above and beyond the requirements of the job Interpersonal Skills/Personal Traits Purpose Employee of the Month Guidelines Displays a helpful, cooperative and positive attitude towards superiors and co-workers Consistently friendly and available to others Uses effective listening skills Has a team player attitude Voluntarily assists co-workers in order to complete projects Professional demeanor Conscientious, honest, hard-working Integrity Knowledgeable of Cousins policy and procedure High overall quality of performance Accurately completes work assignments on time Controls high stress situations tactfully and calmly Takes initiative Requires little supervision Willingness to learn and take on new responsibilities The purpose in implementing the employee of the month program is to recognize the hard work that individuals are displaying at Cousins Logistics. This hard work can be determined through outstanding service, a supportive and outgoing attitude towards peers, or overall, innovative work performance.

Employee of the Month

Transcript: Integrity Time Management Energy Management We need to learn ahead of time to make good decisions because we will be tested on the spot sometimes and need to learn to make quick good decisions. Team work By: Isabel Reil Integrity is very important in our work ethic because it means you are honest and trustworthy, we need to have integrity so that our customers like us. If we can prioritize, delegate, and focus then we can have good time management skills. Eating healthy, getting daily exercise, and getting a goods night sleep is so important when it comes to our energy management, our attitude can change if we can change if we lack in these. Employee of the Month Good work ethic involves working together as a team. Working as a Team This evening we will discuss the traits to having good customer service, we had a few complaints lately so we are going to highlight some things we can work on, starting with - good work ethic, working as a team, work habits and our attitudes, and self management. Listening is one of the key important factors to working as a team, we don't want to be a passive listener, meaning that we don't pay attention to what the person who is talking to us saying, we want to be attentive and give them our full attention, doing so will cause use to not stray from what they are saying cause them to feel like they have bad service, they aren't getting enough attention. Team work is one of the most important factors, if we can rely on each other then we can get so much done and make allot of progress. Good Work Ethic Listening Making Good Decisions Good Customer service

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