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Transcript: DA FAM(ily) Emory is one of the only true friends i have she has been by my side since the fifth grade but it seems like as long as we were born, i hope that Emory succeeds in whatever she wants to succeed in if its band, piano, acting ,interior designing,(coming with me to calorado when we graduate). She is the most beautiful 13 year old i have ever seen as a "sister" i just bless that she has a Merry Christmas... Amen Emory is a PERFECT obo and saxyphone player. yet whenever the other band players mess up during a song they sound like dying cows, and orchestra... well they dont mess up if we do, its nothing... just kidding it sounds pretty bad when orchestra messes up, but emory i both have different opinions about her dating the gay guy (its just random) but band inspires her and i love to her her say how much she loves band and that gay guy... you know i love you emory Her Favorites WHEN IT STARTED It all started in the fifth grade when she decided to leave her school and come to hill. I think i first saw her at the old ace. We were young kids, but at first sight we were best friends. I was good friends with briauna at the time but then emory came... It was all uphill after that from fifth grade to now, Emory and i remain bestfreinds. Emory has one brother(and 1 sister) mother is Debrah and Father is Trevor ------------------------------------------------------ Her mum thinks of chickens after she has come from partys...A great cook 2 Her father is a older version of iron man...Yet a great buisness man And her brother...pimple popper,hippo butt,drunk sailor,bad selfier,lawn mower,LOVER OF MAKAYLA,...Yet a great musician and actor from: your sister lilly I love you most, Merry Christmas. watch for the fish... EMORY, MERRY CHRISTMAS EMORY She loves band(or to be a band geek) Her favorite book right now is DIVERGENT! PiAnO oBo SaXaPhOnE(and has attempted the violin) She is a "perfect" and a cheerleader (while i was a GAY and a hippie) Emory has a "lovehate" with her fat cat... but she likes her dog And im her favorite person(lilly) but who cares about me! this is EMORYs Christmas present! BaNd StUfF

Emory Presentation

Transcript: Queering Prison Abolition by Nicole Francisco, Ph.D. Jason "No kid, there's a special homo bin for people like you." "we were intentionally bunked together with the hope that we would have conflict... What they did not count on was that Douglas was a closeted gay man." An account of prisoner advocacy that centers the experiences of queer and trans prisoners How do we understand the prison industrial complex in relation to queer lives and queer bodies through a queer analysis? How is the state implicated in producing anti-queer violence through state mechanisms that outlaw queer existence? What does it look like to center the experiences of marginalized prisoners in movements for carceral justice? What is the significance of the cultural production of letters in carceral settings in relation to queerness? System-based approaches for mitigating harm and violence not only fail to do so, but are exploited and produce altogether new anti-queer violence. Kendall Thomas "Beyond the Privacy Principle" (1992) Anti-sodomy laws legitimize homophobic violence, even when that violence is not committed directly by state agents Queer as Criminal My Contention: Anti-queer laws have resonant effects, continuing to legitimize anti-queer violence after laws are removed Luke O'Donovan sentenced to 10 years for bashing back! Laws do not only enforce gender and sexual norms... they create them. " When a prisoner receives mail, both the prison guards and other prisoners know that the person receiving mail has some sort of support system on the outside. For marginalized prisoners, especially, this display of support can function as a harm reduction tactic since those connected to people on the outside are less likely to be victimized." Billy Wolf BlueEagle 29 years old, bisexual, Spaniard/Lakota Sioux "...they’d see to it that I’d be housed with 'sexual predators' and feel what it is like to truly be 'raped.'" "I’d already been raped in prison (3 times)... because of my sexuality, I must have not really been raped at all." "I was given 16 years for essentially ‘defending’ myself, when the staff would not help me." Social Movement Theory Social Movement Theory Mutual Aid Mutual Aid Meet survival needs and build shared understanding Mobilize people, expand solidarity, and build movements Participatory, solving problems through collective action rather than waiting for saviors Emergent Strategy Emergent Strategy what we practice at a small scale can reverberate to the largest scale Epistolary World-Making Epistolary World-making Inch Wide, Mile Deep: Growing Survival Relationships "The prison [industrial] complex tries isolating you from society, dividing you from family and friends... Because as a society, your families are moving forward in their daily lives. As an inmate, you pretty much do the same thing every day. So you are kind of frozen in time." “Seeing it was like… I have a family, I have friends, I’m cared for. It gave me hope, hope that things are gonna get better.” “Her family actually became part of my life, I became part of her family." Fugitive Knowledge Black & Pink as Mutual Aid "Fugitive" Knowledge PREA 12% of reports are substantiated (nationally) "Quit lying." "Confinement is punishment regardless of why you're in there." More Harm than Good hugging, hand holding, sharing a meal, or rubbing someone head. "They have ignored the ways PREA... discipline[s] LGBTQ prisoners for consensual sexual interactions... dysfunctional savior practices that end up harming the very individuals it claims to protect." Punished for Queer Intimacy "They fail to comprehend that PREA is the Prison RAPE Elimination Act not the Prison SEX Elimination Act." Practicing Abolition What is something you learned today that you found interesting and want to learn more about? What’s been the state’s role in producing vulnerability to violence for queer and trans people? Who is responsible for ensuring safety for LGBTQ people, inside and outside of prison? Where do you see potential to grow your connections with prisoners?

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Transcript: THE TOBACCO ATLAS WOMEN AND WATER PIPE 17 Trend, USA Author; World Lung Foundation To Share Insights Across Languages That Secondhand Smoke Causes... Tobacco Harms About 5.8 trillion (5,800,000,000,000) cigarettes were smoked worldwide in 2014, cigarette consumption is still on the rise. The significant reductions in smoking rates in the United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil, and other countries that implement increasingly tight tobacco control laws have been offset by the growing consumption in a single nation: China. The Chinese market now consumes more cigarettes than all other low- and middle-income countries combined. Other regions are increasingly playing larger roles in the growing global smoking epidemic. The WHO Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMRO) now has the highest growth rate in the cigarette market, with more than a one-third increase in cigarette consumption since 2000. Due to its recent dynamic economic development and continued population growth, Africa presents the greatest risk in terms of future growth in tobacco use. Without appropriate prevention policies across the continent, Africa will lose hundreds of millions of lives in this century due to tobacco smoking. Source: PMI $4.3 BILLION invested in cancer research since 1946 • Ban or restrict advertising, promotion and sponsorships • Restrict language suggesting reduced health risk • Ban price promotions, including coupons and discounts The American Cancer Society Launches the Hammond Horn Study in 1952 $ To Share Insights Across Issues If you are being sued, PMI Challenges Health Warnings In Low and Middle Income Countries in 2010 Financial Aid you are doing something right! American Cancer Society Research Illustrate the Costs • Ensure safe manufacturing practices • Set product standards, including regulating nicotine content and additives The Tobacco Atlas informs AND motivates action at every opportunity Adam Leventhal, Ph.D. University of Southern California -British American Tobacco Research & Development, 1967 • Establish litter and environmental clean-up regulations Equality HARMS WHO FCTC Death Clock Français Due to its recent dynamic economic development and continued population growth, Africa presents the greatest risk in terms of future growth in tobacco use. Without appropriate prevention policies across the continent, Africa will lose hundreds of millions of lives in this century due to tobacco smoking. Patterns of cigarette consumption vary widely within countries. Cigarette consumption displays large disparities and is associated with lower socioeconomic status, even in low- and middle-income countries. These inequalities can be reduced by the use of targeted tobacco control measures. For example, revenue from cigarette tax increases could be directed to fund tobacco prevention and cessation programs for disadvantaged groups. Consumption of other combustible tobacco products is also on the rise. Since 2000, global consumption of cigarette-like cigarillos has more than doubled, while consumption of roll-your-own tobacco and pipe tobacco both increased by more than a third. This increase is partly because these other tobacco products are often taxed at lower rates than cigarettes and are, therefore, more affordable. The industry changed tactics Environment The Entire Body -Louis Camilleri, CEO, Philip Morris International, 2010 Deaths INDUSTRY John Seffrin, PhD CEO, American Cancer Society th • Regulate pesticide use • Provide occupational safety and health safeguards for farmers With the goal of creating personalized cessation therapies, he is identifying specific genes involved in tobacco withdrawal. Focusing on identifying novel psychosocial and biobehavioral factors that influence smoking cessation behavior. 05 The all-new All countries should develop new tobacco control funding mechanisms to support tobacco control efforts. -The Tobacco Atlas Authors, 2015 Population Coverage Lack of Awareness The epidemic's death toll keeps growing Share Solutions When women in the Middle East smoke tobacco, they smoke water pipe. Shaming the Industry 16 Ma'assel (n.)- misinformation soaked in molassess with added candy flavors. The Tobacco Pandemic Rages On Denial Supported 47 Nobel Prize winners • Increase tobacco excise taxes • Require application of tax stamps to packaging Covered by WHO FCTC 2010 Governments should not heed tobacco industry threats of rising illicit trade. Governments should take active measures to fight illicit trade. Legal Challenges Edition Almost every person is covered by the FCTC = PRODUCTS Providers must routinely integrate smoking cessation services into TB, HIV, alcohol and mental health care. Products containing nicotine need to be regulated in a manner commensurate with the harm that they cause. Tobacco and development: • economic costs • opportunity costs The tobacco control movement must grow its base of support to achieve ever-larger and more ambitious policy and public health

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