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Electrical Engineering Powerpoint Template

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Electrical Engineering

Transcript: These Engineers can start anywhere between $55,000 to $100,000 depending on the experience and knowledge. 19,672 postgraduates OR Its closer to where i live Located between San Francisco and San Jose I made up my mind and decided that i will go to Standford. I would enjoy going to New York but i will not be able to come home and visit my family. Also the tuition is less expensive. I also want to attend Standford because of the Engineering program. It will also be a good challenge to me. That its very challenging both good universities Columbia University Stanford University Will be a nice experience to travel Located in New York Columbia University What is Electrical Engineering? CONS 8,441 postgraduates There is approximately 28,000 students in the campus PROS Plans For The Future - electrical engineering can be dangerous Salary Electrical Engineering are people who design new or better electronics. They also solve problems and test equipment. Basiclly is the study and application of electricity. - approximately 8,000 undergraduates - i will have to work for long hours Bigger campus than Standford Located in New York Standford University Tuition per year is $53,400 In the future i will have to be ready to apply and meet all the requirements in order to attend Standford University. The regular decision for the deadline for applications are on the first of January. 15 years from now i see my self having a better life. Not having to work as hard as my parents. Feeling gret about what i will achieve in this next 15 years. 6,878 undergraduates Good electric engineering program it is recognized as one of the worlds leading research and teaching institutions The tuition per year is $ 50,000 Both private schools There is 15,319 students on campus - Its something i will enjoy doing during my whole life Standford University

Electrical Engineering

Transcript: WHAT IS WORK LIKE?? WHAT DO THEY WORK ON?? WHAT TYPE OF EDUCATION DO YOU NEED TO BECOME AN ELECTRICAL ENGINEER?? In order to become a certified Electrical engineer, you must complete a bachelor's degree with a major in Electrical engineering. After college, before they become certified, they must also go on to complete a certain amount of work experience, which can vary different from place to place. Then you must past a certification test to become a professional Electrical engineer. Some of the top Electrical engineering universities include: MIT, Stanford, University of Illinois, Air Force Institute of Technology, Arkansas Tech, Indiana Institute of Technology, and Michigan Technological University . WHAT IS ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING? WHAT IS THE JOB OUTLOOK LIKE?? WHY STUDY ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING?? ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING BY DANIEL COOLEY AND KYLE RANOSTAJ The job outlook for Electrical engineers is a slight increase over the next 10 years. In 2010, there were approximently 294,000 Electrical and Electronics engineers in the US. Job opportunities are expected to increase 7% by 2020, which equates in an additional 17,000 jobs! The discipline of electrical engineering is grounded in the sciences and in mathematics. If you enjoy these subjects, then you will find electrical engineering a fascinating and rewarding field of study with many opportunities to solve key engineering problems. It's a fun job and you don't have to sit at a desk all day. You make a very good amount of money and benefits with only a 4-year degree. The jobs are stable with little layoffs. Chicks dig Electrical engineers! Electrical engineers design new and better electronics. They also make and test equipment and solve problems. Electrical engineers work on cars, robots, cell phone systems, lighting and wiring in buildings, radar and navigation systems, and electrical plants. Electrical engineers work in offices, labs, or industrial plants. Many work a normal 40-hour week, but may work longer to meet deadlines. The average yearly wage of Electrical engineers are $85k to $88k.

Electrical engineering

Transcript: Electrical Engineers can work in a variety of environments. They usually work in industrial plants, offices, and labs. Many will work a 40-hour workweek, but some will work more depending on the project thy are working on. Electrical Engineers are always working on various projects. Some tasks include robots, cars, and navigation systems. High-tech projects that these professionals may work on include GPS systems and generators that can power entire cities. A college degree is necessary to get into the field of engineering. Also, good grades in science and math are needed, along with reading, social studies, and computer courses. Electrical engineers were reported to make $85,350 a year in May of 2008. Electronics engineers were reported to make about $88,670 in annual wages. Every Day Tasks By Kevin Kotomale, Avery Layne, Sanders Legendre There were about 301,500 electronics and electrical engineers in 2008. The field is expected to go through little to no change by 2018. Competition from companies in other countries would cut into the growth of the field in the future. Description Job Outlook Educational Requirements Archetect Graphics S/T Electrical engineers create better electronics in order to solve problems. They must be creative and sensible in order to create solutions to the problems for which they seek answers. They must also be able to work well in a team. Work Enviroment Electrical Engineering They will make as many changes as necessary in order to esure that their products work. Job Requirements Salary Electrical engineers work on creating better and newer electronics

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