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Economics Powerpoint

Transcript: Rosita Ortiz- Fabric Designer Business Management UGD is a unique company that provides fashion and assist animals that are less fortunate. Our products are nor made from animals nor will we ever do so. Our position in the fashion industry is to make people aware of animal abuse and neglect. Also, want our customers to create their own designs in a programe that will be in our stores and their design will be made in the store so that they may purchase it on the same day. Our competitors may find our company as a small threat if we succeed in the industry. Our product fufills the customer's wants and needs because U.G.D sells clothing and acessories at a reasonable price and also natural & organic materials for sensitive skin."The Unique Graphic Design involves fashion for our customers and helping animals out. We provide fashion to the public and health care to the animals. For Customers that have sensitive skin we provide cotton and other organic materials. We want people to view our product as unique and affordable." .. UGD's market size is small, however, if it does well the corporation/ non-profit organization will take part in the international market. Most likely our company would like to reach Asia and possibly France. Our products will cost from $9-$80 and will drop down a bit as the product becomes more popular as long as the demand for the product goes up. Website: UGD only sells products made by hand, however, once the company has grown we will hire more people and spread our product to other stores and create more facilities. If UGD becomes international we will sign with a major fashion industry in the region. We will only sign to companies that suit what we are trying to do for the animals. We hope to become popular in the U.S., Asia and France. Unique Graphic Design provides Fashion and Care of animals. U.G.D has a variety of products from clothes to accesorries. We are a company that provides the best products for the consumers. Most of the money that we make go to organizations that help animals in need. We are a company that cares for animals and our customers. UGD is a corporation/ non-profit organization. Competition Forever21 Hot Topic Hollister American Eagle J.C. Penny Shirts & Pants = $15-$30 Sweaters = $35-$80 Accesorries = $5-$14 Located in San Bernardino, California Executive Summary Fashion company & Nonprofit Organization UGD Information Product Market Distribution Phone Number: 1(909)625-2421 Pricing Unique Graphic Design Only has 2 employees at the momment. Positioning Target Customer Kids through teens to young adults will be satisfied and amazed with every item they buy. Juana Juarez- Graphic Designer Accesorry Designer It is a company that provides fashion to the customers It is a company that provides fashion to the customers and with each purchase from every customer; the company will help animals that are in need of care and shelter. Personnel Company Description Location: 313 Fashion Square Dr. San Bernardino Ca, 91350 Mission Statement

Economics Powerpoint

Transcript: Jordan Germany 01-29-18 Block:30 Economics Dr. Haig THANK YOU! Janet Yellen ABOUT Birth Date and Present Born August 13, 1946 Currentlt living at the age 71. TEAM Place of birth Brooklyn, New York Anna nee Blumenthal her mother and Julius Yellen met each other in a Town called Suwalki. Janet Yellens Husband, George Akerlof worked at Georgetown University and at the University of California. And she graduated in 1967 from Pembroke College with a degree in economics. About Her Family & Herself She is married and her husband George Akerlof, who has won a Noble Prize for Economics. He retired as a professor at the University of California, Berkeley. They have a son named Robert Akerlof who is an Economics teacher in England. Marriage & Family Yellen was an assistant professor at Havard for 5 years in 1971. She also taught macroeconomics to MBA and undergraduate Students. Education Janet Yellens feels that people that dont do the work or dont work hard are badly paid. Shes cared mostly about the unemployment rate than inflation. Also Yellen is an advocate for the use of monetary policy in stabilizing economic activity over the business cycle. Economic Theory Awards Earned Previous Jobs Books Written Terms Quote Bibliography SERVICE OFFERING PROBLEM PROBLEMS 01. 02. 03. SOLUTION SOLUTIONS COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES Strength 1 Strength 2 Strength 3 Strength 4 ACHIEVEMENT ACHIEVEMENTS 20% 42% 27% 80% 100% TESTIMONIALS TESTIMONIALS " " " TIMELINE TIMELINE 2016 2018 2017 2019 NOW Q and A Q and A

Ch. 17 PowerPoint Project. Economics

Transcript: Government Borrowing The waste of human resources that employment causes is an extremely serious problem, so maintaining a low unemployment rate is one of the major goals in stabilizing the economy. Underground Economy- transactions by people who do not follow federal and state laws with respect to reporting earnings. Fiscal Policy and Inflation Unemployment Rate- percentage of the civilian labor force that is unemployed but is actively looking for work Fiscal Policy and Unemployment To monetarists, the reduction in the amount of money in circulation can mean only one thing-a reduction in aggregate demand. With less aggregate demand, fewer workers are needed and unemployment increase. Definition: Temporary unemployment between jobs because of firings, layoffs, voluntary searches for new jobs, or retraining 1.) a) ________ is the condition of the economy when the unemployment rate is lower than a certain percentage established by economists' study. b) ________ is the percentage of the civilian labor forces that is unemployed but is actively looking for work. c) ________ is the theory that deals with the relationship between the amount of money the Fed places in circulation and the level of activity in the economy. Cyclical- Time Lags- Periods between the time fiscal policy is enacted and the time it becomes effective Unemployment and Inflation The Fiscal Policy Approach to Stabilization Does not approve of the Fed.*EYsk1msNWH-9f/ObamaFunnyFace.jpg Stagflation- combination of inflation and low economic activity 2.) What are two issues that the government has to face in measuring unemployment? 1.) Emphasizes the role of the federal gov. stabilizing the economy 6.) What do Monetarists criticize about fiscal policy? Gov. Spending (purchases of goods & services, interest) Full Employment- condition of the economy when the unemployment rate is lower than a certain percentage established by economists' studies Chapter 17 Quiz Characteristics: Stabilizing the National Economy Income (wages, rents, interest, profits) Monetarists- supporters of the theory of monetarism, often linked with Milton Friedman. 2.) Fiscal Policy- federal gov.'s use of taxation and spending policies to affect overall business activity. Unemployment associated w/ up or down fluctuations in the business cycle. Seasonal- 7.) When it comes to Monetarism, do you agree or disagree with it? Explain. Inflation during recovery and BOOMs! Cost-push Inflation- theory that higher wages and profits push up prices Federal Gov. during depression and recession Unemployment causes uncertainty in the American economy. Monetary Rule- monetarists' belief that the Fed should allow the money supply to grow at a smooth, consistent rate per year and not use monetary policy to stimulate or slow economy. Most economists belong to one of two groups on the question of stabilization. Consumers Circular Flow of Income 4.) In what way can the federal government use fiscal policy to fight unemployment? Unemployment caused by changes in the seasons or weather. Economic model that pictures income as flowing continuously between businesses and consumers. Monetarism- theory that deals w/ the relationship between the amount of money the Fed places in circulation and the level of activity in the economy. Monetarism Full Employment Unemployment Rate Was an American economist, statistician, and author who taught at the University of Chicago for more than three decades. The theory of fiscal policy never matches the reality of fiscal policy. There are two reasons for this.... The Federal Government uses Monetary and Fiscal policies. The first concerns the political process of fiscal policy. No single gov. body designs and implements fiscal policy. Structural- Type: Changing Fed Policies cuts in federal taxes has been used in an attempt to speed up economic activity and fight unemployment. Supporters believe that inflation can be reduced by such gov. actions as increasing taxes and/or reducing gov. spending. Monetarists also


Transcript: Employment issues By: Brianna Rice Brayden Capitano Logan Fogwell Priscilla Alaniz Denine Hildreth Madeline Cho Jestyne Donaldson Janessa Castillo Michaela Mayoral Unions Unions are being made to keep out of their business by employers. Some corporations even hired people to think of ways to fight against unions. Lack of loyalty in organized labor by the new additions to the labor force. People that need to help provide for others such as women or teenagers usually give in to the lower pay because they really need the money. Unions are suffering from their own success. Union made products have higher price rates due to their wages that are higher than nonunion wages. As a result they lose sales to forgien competitors. In 1988 the state of California passed a law requiring that five percent of the bonds be set aside for women bankers and lawyers This law ensures that bonds cannot be given to all the male dominate businesses and professions Giveback: a wage, fringe benefit, or work rule given up when labor contracts are renegotiated Two-tier wage system: this system keeps the high wage for current workers, but has a much lower wage for newly hired workers Glass ceiling: seemingly invisible barrier hindering advancement of women and minorities in a male-dominant organization Comparable worth: doctrine stating that equal pay should be given for jobs of comparable difficulty Set aside contract: guaranteed contract or portion thereof reserved for a targeted, usually minority group Current dollars: dollar amounts or prices that are not adjusted for inflation Real or constant dollars: dollar amounts or prices that have been adjusted for inflation Base year: year serving as point of comparison for other years in a price index or other statistical measure Minimum Wage Minimum wage was first set in 1939 at $0.25 per hour Original intent -to prevent the outright exploitation of workers -provide equity and security to those who lacked the skills needed to earn a decent income Debated setbacks - employers should be free to pay whatever wage they want -One of the reasons many teenagers cannot find jobs Prices increase over time purchasing power of min. wage is constantly being eroded Economists measure in terms of real/constant dollars City Unemployment Rate Ticks Up to 8.7% By PATRICK MCGEEHAN The two-week strike by unionized employees of Verizon offset all of the hiring that occurred last month in New York City and pushed the city’s unemployment rate up slightly, according to figures released Thursday by the State Department of Labor. The city’s official unemployment rate rose to 8.7 percent in August from 8.6 percent in July, as the total number of jobs declined, the department reported. Even discounting the strike, the city’s job market remained weak at the end of the summer as fears of another recession spoiled some employers’ appetites for new workers. Without the strike by 8,700 Verizon workers, the city’s private-sector employment would have fallen by 4,500 jobs, after adjustments for the usual seasonal trends in hiring and firing, said Barbara Byrne Denham, an economist with Eastern Consolidated, a real estate services firm in Manhattan. Countering those losses — in jobs, if not in incomes — was a gain of about 4,900 government jobs in the month, she said. Ms. Denham performs her own calculations to adjust for seasonal fluctuations because the Labor Department does not make those adjustments for all of the city data. The city’s highest-paying sectors, Wall Street and other financial services, did not do any significant hiring in August. Indeed, employment in the securities industry is down by more than 1,000 jobs this year, Ms. Denham said. Those losses preceded some big layoff announcements from large banks, like Bank of America, which has said it would eliminate 30,000 jobs. Statewide, the number of jobs fell by about 30,000 in August, with more than half of that total attributable to the Verizon strike, the department reported. The state’s unemployment rate held at 8 percent last month, well below the national rate of 9.1 percent for August. The number of unemployed people in the state increased a bit to 756,400 in August, the department said. That number does include people without jobs who did not actively seek work during the month. Nearly 450,000 people collected unemployment benefits from New York State in August, the department said. By KRIS MAHER Organized labor lost 10% of its members in the private sector last year, the largest decline in more than 25 years. The drop is on par with the fall in total employment but threatens to significantly limit labor's ability to influence elections and legislation. On Friday, the Labor Department reported private-sector unions lost 834,000 members, bringing membership down to 7.2% of the private-sector work force, from 7.6% the year before. The broader drop in U.S. employment and a small gain by public-sector unions helped keep the total share of union membership

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