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Transcript: Production labor $2.75 Materials 9.00 Rent, equipment 3.00 Supplier's operating profit 1.75 Duties 3.00 Shipping 0.50 Cost to DECA $20.00 Research and development 0.25 Promotion and advertising 4.00 Sales, distribution, admin. 5.00 DECA's operating profit 6.25 Cost retailer $35.50 Retailer's rent 9.00 Personnel 9.50 Other 7.00 Retailer's operating profit 9.00 Cost to consumer $70.00 Holiday Season: WBCSD Requirement For Membership As a global organization, the WBCSD is involved in a number of key processes and dialogues around the world, particularly the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Climate change can only be resolved through cooperation that includes all elements of society, in particular between governments and business. A new global climate agreement will be essential to establishing the right framework conditions that will deliver long-term, large scale greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions. NEW MEMBERSHIP IN THE WOLD BUSINESS COUNCIL OF SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Make the business case for sustainable development; Access state-of-the-art thinking on business and sustainable development in order to anticipate emerging trends; Share best practices through exchanging information with peers from a cross-section of industries and countries; Network with like-minded business people; Educate and influence tomorrow’s business leaders globally; Collaborate with all sectors of society and engage stakeholders in this process. Benefits IBM Companies are invited to join if they can help advance our work. The WBCSD seek a shared commitment to sustainable development, together with a geographic and sectoral balance among the membership as a whole. Membership is restricted to business entities only and to the parent company, rather than subsidiaries. Lesson 4: Make changes from the inside out and stick to simple but efficient measures. Sticker Membership - Money will be used for Christmas gift for homeless kids. Special Offers Lesson 1: Don’t be afraid of doing things no one else does. Be innovative and include your customers in your efforts. Samsung Early access to the latest trends and developments through our monthly Executive Member Updates; Hard or e-copies of all new WBCSD reports; Access to learning tools; Insights on timely topics or events, with access to speeches, presentations, working documents, and meeting minutes; Access to online-discussion groups; Opportunity to benchmark your company’s sustainability performance in exchange with other members; Access to our Regional Network offering additional perspectives and action-oriented local initiatives on sustainability, particularly in developing countries; Favorable conditions on specific products and services including conference fee reductions, magazine subscriptions, sustainable development support services, etc. Walt Disney has been a symbol of childhood memories for decades but they also pride themselves on spreading three core values of citizenship and sustainability throughout the world: Act, Champion and Inspire. Act ethically and consider the consequences your decisions have on other people and the planet. Champion happiness and well-being of kids and families. Inspire kids and families to make positive changes in the world that last. Some might argue that Walt Disney’s efforts are not tangible enough but their positivity and vast reach of people can’t be denied and will certainly make up for it. After all they successfully inspire the next generation on a daily basis. Eco-Friendly The cost of Pair of Shoes I helped the world, now it's your turn! DECA Volkswagen A Distribution Plan for a Growing Business Eco-friendly companies Already back in 1971 they were an avid champion of implementing eco-friendly measures at corporate level and they have been following this trend ever since. In fact, they have been one of the first eco-friendly companies back in a time when the concept of climate change was something too vague to be concerned about. Additionally their Smarter Planet Initiative has successfully engaged consumer to get involved and lead a greener and more sustainable life. Education and innovation within the digital and social media space is their key to success. Lesson 2: Don’t be just eco-friendly. Don’t make choices between eco-friendliness and other values. 1. Changing the technology of production 2. Educating employees 3. Volunteering 4. Special offers 5. Partnership with other companies Samsung Electronics also leads the green wave but with a different approach. They are dedicated to the greening of its management, products, processes, workplace, and communities – a holistic approach to become green within the company. However, they did not stop there, they also put a take-back and recycle program into place: old products can be given back in stores, and are recycled in the most efficient way possible. The volume of unrecoverable material is minimized which does make a big difference given the amount of old

Eco-friendly Concrete

Transcript: Annual Global Concrete/Cement Production Harms of Concrete/Cement Wet concrete/cement is . . . Caustic Abrasive Containing Alkaline Compounds - Ex. Lime Crystalline Silica Chromium Other compounds that are corrosive to human tissue, cause allergic reaction Long term exposure to the eyes and lungs can cause blindness, silicosis, and lung cancer Landfills/Waste produce Leachate Greenhouse gases MSW (Municipal Solid Waste) Management accounted for 14.1% of man-made methane gas emissions in the US in 2016. Methane is 28-36 times more potent as a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. Leachate is a toxic liquid produced when rainwater mixes with waste. This liquid may contain heavy metals, organic and inorganic chemicals, and pathogens. What characteristics of concrete are needed? Which materials are best suited to produce this material? How could this material be produced, both small and large scale? Waste Waste Management Annual Global Trash Production- 1.3 Billion Tons of Waste A concrete-like construction material made almost entirely out of materials that are usually considered non-recyclable. Eco-friendly Concrete why? Research Cost Concrete - 5 billion cubic yards Cement - 1.56 billion tons Links $205.4 Billion in 2010 Projected $375 Billion by 2025 Solving environmental & health problems all at once

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