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ECE Presentation

Transcript: Higher Education Equality Dreamers ECE Recommendations by Cameron Bradley Agenda TITLE Executive Summary Trends Summary Comparative Analysis Benchmarking Recommendations Concluding thoughts Executive Summary ECE problem statement - What is the best way to keep ECE's alumni engaged in the organization's mission & vision. Impact assessment, reporting and alumni engagments by international organizations Impact assessment & reporting - Surveys and questionaires: The United Nations devleopment program as well as the Hispanic Scholarship fund use this method. Interviews and focus groups: The Worlds Wildlife Fund and The American Red Cross use this method Monitoring and Evaluation: The World Bank as well as Oxfam International use this method. Alumni engagments - Some prominent organizations including Harvard, Yale, Google, Teach for America and McKinsey & Company use the methods below Hosting events & activities - Educational impact showcases as well as Education Themed escape rooms. (It matters more about the creativity of the event than the type of event) Mentoring Programs - Peer to Peer, Professional Development, Community Service and Leadership ECE should: Utilize monitoring, interviews etc to evalute impact and plan accordingly Utilize interactive tools, multimedia reports as well as written reports to communicate impact Utilize creative events and activites to keep alumni engaged. As well as incorporate more strategic mentoring programs. Trends Summary Change The organizations who have successfully reported impact, in a way that specifically communicates how they have helped communities. For example those who have impact reports with high percentage stats in categories such as: - Percentage to graduate - Percentage of those with careers - Number of recipients helped - The correlation between activity and scholarship gained by recipients Not only do they have greater single donation amounts but have a higher and better quality alumni engagement. They typically see alumni coming back to participate in events and activities. 1 Trend Summary 1 The first trend is Outcome Measurement Examples of organizations: Doctors without Borders Habitat for Humanity United Way Outcome measurement is extremely important as it Improves Accountability Guides Strategic Decision-Making Enhances Transparency Facilitates Funding and Support Challenges to be aware of The time consumption of Data Collection Attribution vs Contribution Outcome Lag (It takes time for outcomes to manifest) The difficulty of maintaining Ethics & Privacy Why you should incorporate outcome measurement: In a survey by the Bridgespan Group, over 70% of funders reported that they would be more likely to fund a program that could demonstrate its impact through outcome measurement. Incentives and Accountability - Performance metrics linked to the mission f the organization can create incentives for staff. 2 Trend Summary 2 Why you should incorporate PMS: Organizations that use of Perfomance Measurement Systems make extensive use of financial and non-financial measures and link strategic measures to operational measures to have higher returns. Specifically, those organizations achieved on average 2.95% higher return on assests and 5.14% higher return on equity Surveys indicate those that use PMS improve focus, enhance communication skills, contribute to employee satisfaction and improve customer relations ,satisfaction, and retention. In this case, the "customer" would be the recipients The second trend is the Performance Measurement System (PMS) Example of Organizations: Teach for America The Nature Conservancy American Cancer Society Performance Measurement System is important as it: Improves Stakeholder/Donor Communication Promotes a culture of continuous improvement Improves accountability Helps with Strategic Decision-Making 3 Trend Summary 3 Why you should incorporate the Use of Technology: Improve Acessibility: Acording to Pew Research Center report, as of 2021, approximately 97% of adults in the united states use the internet. Remote Learning Capabilities: ECE could incorporate remote learning oppurtunities, with things such as tutors for the recipients etc. This allows ECE to get the best tutors necessary for the recipients. Increased Donor Engagement: The 2020 Global Trends in Giving Report shows that 25% of donors say they're most likely to give again if the donation process is easy, quick, and secure, which can be ensured by using technology. The third trend is the Use Of Technology Examples of Organization Consortium for School Network Future Ready Schools Education SuperHighway The Use of Technology is important as it can: Help increase community outreach Help with management of assets and fundraising Make operations more efficient Increase Communication and Collaboration ECE Comparative Analysis I've chosen these parameters because they provide a clear link between an organization's ability to effectively gauge and communicate impact, and its make

ECE presentation

Transcript: branded content Individualisation human enhancement multifunctional products Reality Check open data third places Utown, China fair trade Social Spin collaborative working social business active participation glocalisation knowledge services self-tracking British Airline "Know me" Program convenience services personalised medicine prosuming decentralised production life design me moments tryvertising SoLoMo generation change solution worker restless retirement speed retail learning landscapes e-learning New Work Guess the Price bio boom m-health community of interest product hacking body tuning local niche e-commerce rewarded activities living maps Description downaging DEMOGRAPHIC SHIFT New Urban ageless consuming ethical consumption Care for superior service at limited price. Functions and Benefits post-pc products augmented vision digital preview 3D media digital downtime Healthstyle social curation gamification Treasure Hunt experience design Tailor-made services make life easier. Virtual currency rewards customer loyalty. Games engage consumers. Spending time with family and friends stabilizes life balance. on-the-go markets Special event where teams can have fun playing games and win special prizes. It gives customers a chance to escape their regular lives, adding a moment of joy. Games are a surprising diversion from reality and enhance the shopping experience. education economy artvertising bio printing brain OS eco cities corporate health phase family Takes the basic principles of play and implements them into real life activities. It allows consumers to get the required information, while having fun and interacting with their friends to make them more engaging. mindstyle dynamic pricing growth clusters Engaging and Rewarding What can customers do at the mall? 24/7 society diversity life balance genetic modification multisense marketing Ease Unlimited People long for a better work-life-balance. They make usage of even the shortest occasions to recharge their inner battery by relaxing or having fun. smart senior services micro jobs post-ownership Vodafone "Smartpass" Reality Check life recharging selfness quarters self-optimisation environmental awareness data-driven services multigrafie modular devices longtail slow life slow traffic Harmony talentism What? phygital products Relevant Ideas “No Noise Exhibit” (Selfridges London) social entrepreneurship serendipity services silverpreneur generation change Works as a map. Form of contacless payment. Informs about mall sales and events. Rewards customers for shopping at ECE. Gathers data about customers and their shopping preferences. neuromedicine ''Hyjack'' - app created for Meat Pack Description Relevance guerilla gardening cloud services Human 2.0 Self Central clean slate brands immersive simulation open education gravanity Malls need to provide people opportunities to unwind from their daily routines. Idea 2: Event urban mining teenpreneurs reuse/reduce/recycle New Learning smart devices ambient intelligence life management social lending What? Global Culture Raise awareness of brands and shops, as their products will be shown to the participants and audience. creative class It relates to the app as well, as the winning team transform their game score into ECE points. Data-driven notifications and a GPS system make the shopping experience more efficient. open innovation ermerging markets Skill Society health consulting renewable energy corporate sustainability big data systems branded environments female leadership life-long learning pop-up experiences Classics connected experience e-health womanomics Connectivity A game where people get together to guess the price of products or services. rapid manufacturing brand ambassadors ECE: Engaging the Classics open education Service guerilla stunts permanent beta wearable tech connected health agents Relevance Malls become places filled with activities that can be rewarded. green jobs virtual goods How can ECE make customers' lives better? informal economy matchmaking services Care for superior service at limited price Outernet spiritualisation Trend Overview Thank you single society extreme experiences Relevance smart targeting open science app economy energy harvesting Selection of Trends mixed mobility mega cities Relevant and Helpful urban countrification Shy Tech hobbynomics life caching crowdfunding decentralisation feedback society flexicurity arrival cities virtual mobility Attention Economy empowerment active ageing Digital forms of currency and one-click payment systems are meant to give customers a sense of convenience that cash could never provide. life-long learning Reality Check natural computing Description sensation marketing new local Mobile app that acts as a virtual membership card, which is valid and functional in all ECE malls. robotics Tailor-made service Malls need to provide visitors with accessible and fast ways of payment. By giving them the opportunity to earn and exchange

ECE Presentation

Transcript: Julia Johnson The ECE Professional What It Means The Early Childhood Professional The Early Childhood Professional These professionals are people who provide services to young children and their families. The ECE Professional Expanded The ECE Professional Expanded WHO? Who are these ECE Professionals? Teachers Teacher assistants Caregivers Family child care providers Home visitors Child life specialists Nannies 2013 2014 2015 2016 WHAT? ECE PROGRAMS Child care programs Head Start and Early Head Start Programs Kindergarten and primary grade programs Out-of-school-time programs Part-day preschool or nursery schools Future Plans Future Plans The FNC The Family Nurturing Center Help parents keep their children safely within their own families. Support children as they heal from difficult life experiences. Wrap an array of services around families in crisis helping them rebuild their lives and raise healthy and thriving children. Care Coordinator Care Coordinator I will be a full-time Care Coordinator at the FNC once I graduate. I will be doing home visits. I will be working hands-on with children ages 2-5. I will be a teacher in preschool classes and after care classes. I will work with high-risk children and their families. My Code of Ethics My Code of Ethics I have a firm belief that if you see the positivity out of certain situations, that good things come your way. If you learn to stay strong and keep a positive attitude about things, even when it's frustrating or really difficult to do, you can still turn things around. And that positive attitude carries into your relationships and friendships. It's easier to smile than frown and I think that it is always possible to turn things around. I think that these attitudes are important in life and are important when you're a teacher. Kids feel that positive energy and respond well to it, even the toughest students. Being a educator means being a positive role model, and having positive energy is very important - in life and in the classroom.

ECE Presentation

Transcript: ECE - Historical Timeline Emma Stauter 1657 1657 Orbis Pictus A book written by Comenius. It was the first children's book with pictures. 1826 1826 Education of Man This was a book that was written by Froebel. In the book it describes kindergarten as the child's garden and activites considered gifts from god. 1861 1861 Infant Schools One was set up by Robert Owen in New Lanark, England. It was set up for the children of his workers in his mills. 1880 1880 Teacher-Training Program It was the first program of teacher student education. It was mostly done with 4, 5, and 6 year olds. (kindergarteners) 1918 1918 Nursery Schools The first public nursery schools are opened in England. 1921 1921 Free School A. S. Neill founds Summerhill School located in England. This helps start the Free School Movement. 1956 1956 La Leche League This provided mothers with infomation on breast feeding, child care, birth, and and infants. The first meeting took place at one of the 7 founders homes (Mary White). 1966 1966 Bureau of Education This was established for Handicapped children. Also, during this time NANE becomes NAEYC. NANE- National Association for Nursery Education NAEYC- National Association for the Education of Young Children 1996 1996 Stand for Children The first of this movement is held in Washington, DC. Over 200,000 people attended and aprticipated in the movement. 2015 2015 NAEYC The NAEYC's deadline for 50% of teachers had to have a bachelors degree and the other 50% had to have and associates degree for the accredited programs. Top 5 Top 5 1. Stand for Children Movement 2. Free School 3. Department of Education 4. Orbis Pictus 5. La Leche League The Stand for Children Movement has had a big impact on me and will continue to have an impact on children going forward as it has provided a lot of money for schools to be able to purchase items for learning purposes. Free School is another big thing as it has and will continue free education to families across the U.S. The department of education for the handicapped is extremely important as it helps give education to those who would have been treated diferently if this hadn't been put in place. Orbis Pictus is a big thing for children 0-6 because it was the original picture book for kids and many people have followed after this book creating their own allowing picture books to grow with the times making them more for their time not the 1800s. La Leche League is more for parents than children helping them learn and how to prepare for the child/children that they are bringing into this world, and how to prepare that childs education before entering school.

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