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Transcript: 2. After the editing phase, TTC can embed lecture footage. No new recordings will be needed. It also opens numerous doors for marketing opportunities. ? We will surpass paperback sales sometime in the next nine to 12 months. Sometime after that, we’ll surpass the combination of paperback and hardcover,” Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Ebooks Here is a world-class music professor trying to teach an audience how to appreciate music; however, he is confined only to his words. 3. The reader can enjoy the experience of great literature as well as TTC-crafted lectures. ? If The Great Courses plan to create another text-based book, I strongly recommend looking into creating an Ebook with embedded video and music. However, with an Ebook you can market the book both by tour and virally. You can create new marketing venues and instantly reach a much broader audience. This product line would focus solely on books by cadre professors and their courses. So what has the benefits of a book as well interactive examples? wsj There is a tremendous surge from authors and publishers to create Ebooks with video and music. "David Rosenthal, the publisher of Simon & Schuster, says that his company is racing “to embed audio and video and other value-added features in e-books." " We will be embedding and streaming audio,video, and gaming" Makinson- CEO of Penguin After reviewing Professor Greenberg's book, "How to Understand and Listen to Great Music", I felt that it was lacking a key element. 1. As TTC grows, the company will have the ability to create more books based on courses. The business standpoint The reason why Professor Greenberg's courses are so popular is that The Great Courses and professor Greenberg create a perfect balance of effective narration with ready examples. A book tour to market a book has many benefits: press exposure, new audience, brand recognition. But it does have its limits. Putting 2 and 2 together. Amazon is projected to sell over 5 million Kindles and Apple is projected to sell over 3 million iPads. The market for Ebooks has drastically increased and is only going to keep growing. This is a huge new market TTC could experiment with. And it is the perfect time to jump on the Ebook bandwagon with a unique TTC product. Amazon notes that e-book sales grew 163% in the month of May and 207% year-to-date through May Questions TTC could create a new product line


Transcript: EBOOK eBook (or e-book) is short for "electronic book." It is a digital publication that can be read on a computer, e-reader, or other electronic device. eBooks are available in several different file formats. Some are open formats that can be read on multiple devices, while others are proprietary and can only be viewed on a specific device, such as an iPad or Kindle. While there are many types of eBook formats, all major ones support text, images, chapters, and page markers. Most formats also support user annotations, such as highlighted text, drawings, and notes. Commercially available publications often include some kind of digital rights management (DRM) that prevent the content from being viewed on unauthorized devices. For example, many books available through Amazon's Kindle Store and Apple's iBookstore are copy-protected using DRM protection. Some e-readers allow you to share your annotations with others online and view what text other readers have highlighted or commented on. For example, the Sony Reader includes a handwriting feature that allows you to underline specific text on a page. The Amazon Kindle includes a highlighter pen used for highlighting text. NOTE: An eBook may be a novel, magazine, newspaper, or other publication. However, the electronic versions of magazines and newspapers are often called "digital editions" to differentiate them from electronic books. View a comprehensive list of eBook formats. Troy Polamalu (Traffic car-


Transcript: ENGLISH E-BOOK Cecilia Battisti 106 PROFESSORA: Ivanise da Silva Martins Week 1 Week 1: 22/02 A 26/02 PET PEEVE Pet peeve is an expression used to refer to something silly that irritates people in a way that bothers rather than irritates. Example: -This is just a pet peeve of mine. (É só uma implicância minha.) -Weak coffee is one of my pet peeves. (Café fraco é uma das coisas que me irrita muito.) -Grammatical mistakes are his pet peeve. (Erros de gramática são coisas que o irritam muito.) There are people who hate the way toilet paper is put in the bathroom: some prefer it one way, others prefer it another way. If the person enters the bathroom and sees the toilet paper on the side that he considers wrong, he maybe angry about it. It is a silly thing, but it irritates. This silly thingis what we call a pet peeve. By the way, do you know what PET PEEVE is? Pet Peeve Rap Week 2 Week 2: 01/03 A 05/03 VERB TENSES REVIEW Weeks 3 Week 3: 08/03 A 12/03 – What doesn´t the author disapprove in the 1st paragraph of the text? a) o corte de cabelo b) os jeans abaixo da cintura c) o tipo de música d) o modo como eles dançam e) a cor do cabelo f) a linguagem irreverente 2 – What does the author finally admit in the text? a) Que ele era fã dos Beatles. b) Que ele já teve 16, 17 anos. c) Que ele já mentiu para si mesmo. d) Que, aos 16, 17 anos de idade, ele era exatamente como os jovens de hoje. e) Que, tal como nas gerações passadas, os pais de hoje não aceitam as músicas de seus filhos. 3. Choose the correct alternative. 1. A woman and her three-year-old daughter get into an elevator. There is another woman standing there. After a few moments, the mother says to the girl, “Don´t stare!” What was the girl doing? a) She was making fun of the woman. b) She was laughing at the woman. c) She was making faces at the woman. d) She was looking at the woman with her eyes wide open. e) She was sticking her tongue out at the woman. 4. The opposite of below is: a) under. b) over. c) above. d) down. e) beneath. continuation of activities 5. Assinale as alternativas em que o verbo “pretend” foi usado corretamente. a) Do you pretend to carry on studying after you have completed this course? (intent) b) We all like to pretend that unpleasant things, and especially death, do not really happen – except to others. c) I don´t pretend to do it all by myself, if you know what I mean. d) How long do you pretend to keep me here? e) Pretend you are a princess and I´m your prince, he said to her. 6. Em qual alternativa o verbo “ignore” foi usado incorretamente? a) You have to judge when it is best to ignore certain childish attitudes. b) “The compassion of Mrs. Trent is something this court cannot ignore”, said the judge. c) Here is a piece of advice you can´t afford to ignore. d) I ignore where Nepal is. e) “Ignore her,” he said to me. 7. “Though” (3ª linha do 2º parágrafo) pode ser traduzido por: a) embora. b) ao invés. c) porém. d) despeito. e) então. 8. When you blush you a) make up. b) turn white as a sheet. c) get red in the face. d) become very angry. e) yell at people. 9. Now match the columns to the correct occupations. a) A dentist (H) look after patients. b) A tailor (B) makes men´s clothes. c) A florist (J) repairs cars. d) An architect (A) pulls out teeth. e) A photographer (G) keep law and order. f) Postmen (C) sells flowers. g) Policemen (I) help their pupils to learn. h) Nurses (D) draw plans of houses. i) Teachers (E) takes pictures. j) Mechanics (F) deliver cards and parcels. Week 4 Week 4: 15/03 A 19/03 PRESENT PERFECT TENSE – EXERCISES activity A A – Complete the sentences with PP. activity B B – Supply the Spa. or the PP. activity C C – Supply the Spa (Simple Past), the SP or the PP (Present Perfect). activity D D – Supply since or for. activity E E – Now supply yet or already. F – Now supply the correct verb tense. activity F Week 5 – 22/03 A 26/03 PRESENT PERFECT PROGRESSIVE (PPP) Week 5 A – Complete the sentences with PPP. activity A B – Supply the PC (Present Continuous) or the PPP. activity B C - Complete the following sentences with the correct tense of the verbs in parentheses. activity C Week 6 – 29/03 A 01/04 PRONOUNS Week 6 Week 7 – 05/04 A 10/04 Week 7 Read the text and answer the questions. How to mend a broken heart Step 1: Wallow in your pain for at least three days. Refuse all phone calls but check your messages and e-mails every ten minutes. Turn down any invitations to hang out with your gang. Tell your friends you need to be alone and give yourself time for everything to sink in. Finally cry buckets over your loved one. Step 2: By now, you are already fed up with staying home, so spend time with your friends. Change into a new YOU: get a new haircut and a new outfit. If you can´t buy any clothes, borrow some from a sister or friend. Get rid of everything that reminds you of him or her. Step 3: Make plans for future fun. Flirt a lot,

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