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Dynamic presentation

Transcript: TIMELINE Quick overview of deliverables EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Deadline Name of deliverable Deadline Name of deliverable Deadline Name of deliverable Find quality video creators on tiktok sign a contract or agreement build a persona on web Earn money for platform traffic, advertising, and sales Deadline Name of deliverable Deadline Name of deliverable Project Report CURRENT STATUS Can produce a video with more than 10 million views per month DONE WORKING Normal operating costs can be maintained Increased output of quality videos Recruiting Video Creators XIAOMA Media Co. TO DO IN PROGRESS INTRODUCTION Our company screens high quality video creators and provides them with a corresponding persona and a more professional pre-production team (script creation), mid-production team (professional equipment and personnel) and post-production team (editing, special effects, text, etc.). Our company also offers advertisement assignments, providing our company's video creators with advertisements relative to filming based on different brand needs. Progress 100 0 NEXT STEPS Our company shoots in bulk by placing a large number of quality videos and then counting the number of views to see what different viewers like about the video during that time. At the same time, we look for products related to the content of the videos and negotiate with brands for advertising business to generate profits for the company. SWOT ANALYSIS Strength edit (video images, film) screenplays Low commission rate Weakness Not many suitable video creators High operating costs for front-end companies strength Professional post-production team. (Having participated in the post-production of many movies) weakness The number of video creators who have signed on is not particularly high. opportunities Overseas markets are relatively empty. threat Head companies are beginning to lay out their overseas markets. Threat Competition in the industry gets bigger Lower profits due to capital intervention Opportunities There are vacancies in overseas markets. More great video creators around the world

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