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Panorama Business Process Service Desk

Transcript: The Panorama Business Process Service Desk About Panorama About Panorama MetLife, Inc. is a leading global provider of insurance, annuities, employee benefits and asset management, serving approximately 100 million customers and more than 90 of the top one hundred FORTUNE 500® companies. Through its subsidiaries and affiliates, MetLife has operations in nearly 50 countries and holds leading market positions in the United States, Japan, Latin America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. DXC will provide CALL CENTER Operations (being deployed by BPS - Business Process Service) and IT Support. BPS BPS As part of the agreement, DXC will offer employment to more than 1,000 MetLife employees in the United States and India. These employees will support MetLife customers in the same or similar roles they have today. ITSM ITSM DXC will provide IT support to the BPS, primarily, as well as policy administration utilizing DXC insurance processing platforms. The Malaysia Service Desk Overview The Malaysia Service Desk Overview Leading our clients’ digital transformations Global Accounts - Customer Logos Global Accounts - Customer Logos 39 clients across multiple industries, supported under 12 languages KL GLOBAL SEVICE DESK KL GLOBAL SEVICE DESK AMEA Service Desk Organizational Chart AMEA Service Desk Organizational Chart Panorama Business Process Service Desk SD and BPS Locations SD and BPS Locations The Panorama Service Desk The Panorama Service Desk Service Desk Go Live date: 28th July 2017 A total of 1,123(approx) users from DXC BPS and Remote Support Details Support Details Service Desk Toll Free Numbers: Calling from USA – 1 844 394 6120 Calling from India – 000 800 050 1034 Calling from Costa Rica – use US Number (Legacy HPE Site) Self Service and Chat Portal using ServiceNow Service Levels Service Levels Intended for MetLife Callers (20-30) SCOPE SCOPE SCOPE OF WORK ES Desk - Using DXC ServiceNow Contact methods - Voice, Chat Self Service SD to submit SR for MetLife Callers (20-30) Out Of Scope DXC AD password Reset DXC Laptop / Desktop – Software and Hardware Issues DXC Outlook/Emails DXC Skype DXC VPN Issues Support Basics Support Basics Pano 001: Ticket Template Pano 001: Ticket Template Title: PANO – Service Desk - Ticket Template PANO-001: Basic Information Capture Template for Panorama Service Desk First Name: Last Name: Contact Number: Email Address: Issue Short Description: Details / Action Taken: The Issue Short Description always follows the format PANO <Resource> - <Issue> <Resource> refers to a device/application/item affected <Issue> refers to a brief phrase describing the fault being reported Note that there is a hypen separating them Example: PANO VDI - Unable to login Pano 002: Call Flow Pano 002: Call Flow Title: PANO – Service Desk – Call Flow PANO-002: Basic Call Flow for Panorama Service Desk There is a mandatory greeting phrase to be used when you receive a call from Panorama user: “Thank you for calling The Panorama Business Process Service Desk, this is __________ speaking, may I start with your FirstName and LastName?” Fill in the Name as caller provides it into the Service Now window. Obtain caller’s best call back number and email address, or confirm if record is correct. Then ask the caller, "How may I help/assist you today?” and proceed with the call. Ensure that Ticket Template is filled out. (KB0035039) Before ending the call, ask “Is there anything else I can help you with today?” If the user responds “No”, proceed with the below else continue troubleshooting 2nd issue. Ask the above question again after addressing 2nd issue. Repeat the process until users responds “No” Provide the ticket number and the close the call by saying "Thank you for calling The Panorama Business Process Service Desk...”. Pano 003: Out Scope Calls Pano 003: Out Scope Calls Title: PANO – Service Desk – Handling Out of Scope Calls PANO-003: Procedure on Handling Out of Scope Calls Symptoms: User hangs up during the call or realizes he/she called incorrect number Resolution: NA Call Capture / Details: As much as possible basic Call Flow must be done, although it is not necessary. (KB0035063) Ticket Template is filled out. (KB0035039) but items are not mandatory Obtain Caller's FirstName, LastName, Email Address and Contact Number. Fill in customer’s information (Name) If you are not able to find or get user’s name, create a new record Ticket Description as appropriate: HANG UP or WRONG NUMBER or OUT OF SCOPE TICKET CLASSIFICATION: Company : Metlife Business : Service: Business Service for Metlife Category : Inquiry / Help Subcategory : Out-of-scope Impact : 4 – Low Urgency : 4 - Low Assignment Group: Service Desk – PANO Assigned to: SD Agent Name Able to resolve: Close the ticket FCR. Close Code: Solved (First Contact resolved) Close Notes: Example: Dropped call Example: Advised user to call the DXC Internal Service Desk Other Relevant Information: DXCinternal Service Desk Tel Nos: CSC Internal


Transcript: 2008: Hewlett Packard acquired Electronic Data System Helps remind workers what their manager expect in the workplace Fringe benefits. Is the sum of all wages paid to employees, as well as the cost of employees benefits and payroll taxes paid an employer Importance 2015: Hewlett Packard split into HP inc. and Hewlett Packard Enterprise. History Managing Efficiently Market share Labor Cost Work from home What is DXC Company? Password reset. account look. Issues with outlook. VPN problems. Skype issues. Error excel. 2FA Pending Ticket. Outlook installation. How calculate the market share? Is calculated by: taking the company's sales over the period and dividing it by total sales of the industry over the same period= Market Share. Is use directly in the transformation of the raw material into a good of finished product. Direct Activity Its a company that provides IT sources, leads digital transformation for clients by modernizing and integrating their mainstream IT, and by deploying digital solutions at scale to produce better business outcomes. The company pay for part or all of an employee's educational expenses. Represents the percentage of an company, or a market's total sales. That is earned by a particular company over a specific time period. If you or the company invest in the people, they'll like to invest in the company as well. Companies that provide attractive fringe benefits make their employees feel value. Health insurance: Are forms of compensation that the company provide to employees outside od the stated wage or salary, are in addition to an employee's wages. Meals. Is the rate at which a company produce goods or services, usually judge in relation to the number of people and the time necessary to produce them. DXC is engaged with their employees, so one of the most important things is that they have a good physical health. Transportation: Fitness center access or discounts: Productivity Is the assessment an review workers job performance. 1962: Electronic Data System was founded in Dallas, Texas, by Ross Perot EDS a pioneer in IT outsourcing Indirect Its refers to labor cost incurred during a service or production process, but aren't directly traceable to cost object. 1959:Computer analyst Roy Nult and Fletcher Jones pooled $100 from CSC Human resources deparment Why the fringe benefits are important? Evaluation of employees Educational assistance: Fringe Benefits DXC provides transportation to each employee that wants the service.

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