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Transcript: Getting ready to change! Understanding that change is necessary, and getting ready to move away from the current comfort zone. The more one feels that change is necessary, the more urgent it is, the more motivated one is to make the change. Unfreezing and getting motivated for the change is all about weighing up the 'pro's' and 'con's'. (Force Field Analysis) Unfreeze Refreezing/Freezing September 9, 1890 – February 12, 1947 One of the modern pioneers of social, organizational, and applied psychology. Founder of social psychology. First to study group dynamics and organizational development. Change (transition) Establishing stability once the changes have been made. The changes are accepted and become the new norm. People form new relationships and become comfortable with their routines. This can take time. The concern is to reinforce the change and ensure that the desired change is accepted and maintained into the future. Kurt Lewin Change Process Model Change is not an event, but rather a process. (transition) Transition is the inner movement one makes in reaction to a change. People are 'unfrozen' and moving towards a new way of being. People are unsure or even fearful, thus they need to be given time to understand the new standards and work with them. Support is really important and can be in the form of training, coaching, and expecting mistakes as part of the process. This is typically a period of confusion and transition. One is aware that the old ways are being challenged but does not have a clear picture to replace them with yet. Presented by: Oussama El Houcini This phase involves overcoming inertia and dismantling the existing "mind set". Defense mechanisms have to be bypassed. Thanks for your attention :) Kurt Lewin In the third stage the new mindset is crystallizing and one's comfort level is returning to previous levels. Kurt Lewin's Model of group development


Transcript: co-ordinance of input, the control unit is a part of the cpu.The control unit is the organizer that directs the flow of data EG processing clock processing clock : able to make the computer multitask and keep everything in time storage control Involves the presentation or display to a person, or the transfer of data to another computer e.g scanner,monitor speakers plotters printer ect speakers : the speaker are an output device and they are used for hearing the program that you're running (eg . if you were playing a game you would be able to hear what is going on during the game) OUTPUT processing changes data to information by the cpu (the brain of the system)it takes that data from the input device eg control unit , CPU,ALU CPU: the CPU is the brain fo the computer. The device that controls all processing optimizations PROCESSING involves entry data in the computer such as microphone keyboard mouse scanner touch screen joystick ocr scanner ect mouse : A mouse is a peace of hardware that asists you in moving the curser and this will help you move around your screen and then preform tasks by moving you hard and clicking with your fingers to preform tasks input hardware hardware is the physical equipment i that can be held in you hands eg keyboard,mouse,monitor, or usb hard were can be separated into 5 different sections control,processing , output,storage.,and input involves retaining data over a period of time .during and and after processing to retain more predominant storage such as hard drive,usb,CD,tape drive,Ram,rom ect RAM : any storage location can be directaly read or written . random access is also called 'direct access'


Transcript: Brief History Method & Working Working The Minto wheel operates on a small temperature gradient, and produces a large amount of torque, but at very low rotational speed. The speed of rotation is directly proportional to the surface area of the containers used, the volume, and the height of the wheel. The higher the ratio of surface area to volume, the greater the rate of revolution. Conserve environment with renewable and ecofriendly sources of energy Construction (cc) photo by Jakob Montrasio myth busters tv show A working example of a wheel was first published in a series of articles in The Mother Earth News Issues #38 March, #39 May and #40 July 1976. The engine consists of a set of sealed chambers arranged in a circle, with each chamber connected to the chamber opposite it. One chamber in each connected pair is filled with a liquid with a low boiling point . by - students of class X B It is source of producing renewable energy . Using little science , we can create a wheel which would run like turbine and hence produce energy . wikipedia The Minto wheel is a heat engine developed by Wally Minto. About youtube minto - wheel Energy Conservation Test units constructed by Mother Earth News (Issue 40, July 1976) and the MythBusters (Episode 24, December 5, 2004 – "Ming Dynasty Astronaut") did work to convert temperature difference into torque. Model As the lower chamber in each pair is heated, the liquid begins to vaporize, forcing the remaining liquid to travel to the upper chamber. This fluid transfer causes a weight i mbalance, which causes the wheel to rotate. Minto's pamphlet also suggests obtaining a pressure differential with a dissolved gas instead of a boiling gas. Soda water or propane dissolved in kerosene are suggested. References Required Conditions

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