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Transcript: I chose the design because I wanted to make it look like an actual pamphlet. Baseball Card I chose Iron Man because he is one of my favorite superheros. Why I chose the design? Sign up or log in to a Prezi account. Add the title and information to your slides. To add images press "Insert." You are able to search for images on Google or insert an image from your computer's files. Select the template you would like to use for your Prezi presentation. Once you have selected your desired template, press "Use Template." If you would prefer to use a blank template, press "Start Blank Prezi." Newspaper/Pamphlet Helpful Tips Log onto Prezi and choose " + New Prezi" Now that you have the topic and the information on the topic, you are ready to create your Prezi presentation. Fourth Step Find the topic that you want to make your Prezi presentation about. How to insert YouTube videos: 1. In Insert tab, select "YouTube Video" 2. Paste the YouTube video link. First Step How To Make A Prezi Presentation Sixth Step Why I chose the topic "Music?" I chose the topic music, because I enjoy listening to music. How To Make a By: Elizabeth Gonzalez Baseball Card Newspaper/Pamphlet Second Step Seventh Step Why I chose Iron Man? Do some research on the topic if you don't know much information about it. I chose the design because I wanted it to look like an actual trading card. Third Step How to add voice-over: 1.In Edit mode, select the Path you want to add sound to at the left sidebar. 2.Click on the Insert tab on the top bar. From the drop-down menu, select Add Voice-over to Path Step. Prezi Presentation How to import a PowerPoint: 1.Select the Insert tab from the top bar in the Edit mode. 2.Next, select PowerPoint from the drop-down menu. Why I chose the design: Fifth Step

Card design

Transcript: Poster Design Hangwei Song 6976 Design proses Design proses First First First I just want make the background as white and put one moves in there. but turns out the white board of the cards are not good. Second Second I put background as black and see throw, and put the design is words in side the cards. I was going to put "Design is playing card"in the cards, but turns out too much Last Because I feel the poster are so simple, so I put the spades of ace at the back of the card, turns out really good.and I have to thing where I can put the "playing card"word inside the poster, and just happen card only git 4 letters, so I can put 4 of the letters in the 4 shapes. Third Last At last I make the background color black and white so that make the whole poster looks more interesting. Last Thank you Thank you How I make it How I made it First I was thinking about make it very colorful, and put many moves shape in the poster, than I figure out people would like concentrate on one point of view instead of many different thing. Color I use I only used black,red, white and human skin color.Because in playing cards, black and red is the main color of the cards, the shape is Spads,Clubs(black),Hearts, Diamonds(red). And in the background, I made black and whit color combine, looks more stereoscopic. Color Rule of third visual effects I put right hand on the horizontal line,and put the black and whit line on the vertical line. Concept Concept The concept that I made this poster is that I love playing card and I love playing with it. I can do many card flourish and magic tricks with a deck of cards. I play it all day long and bring a deck of cards everywhere with me.In the background is the best card in the deck and also be the most special cards, that is Ace of spades, so I decided to put it at the background.and in the middle, it is a card flourish named Spring, is make a deck of cards spring out and catch it, it is an awesome moment that I love, you also can see this movement in movies or tv shows.and inside the cards in the middle, there is “Design is” letters, and I choose it color red, because inside a deck of cards, there are 2 main color, red and black.down the bottom, there is “playing cards” I put card into 4 shape of cards, spades, hearts, clubs and diamonds, and the color on heart and diamond also red.Make that the whole poster is not single color. Mood board Art Of Cardistry Mind map Why I love it Main poster What is my poster about It is about a hands play with cards doing a movement that looks very cool, and I love playing cards as my hobby, I play them nearly everyday. What is it about I love collecting awesome cards My card collection I love taking pictures of my cards. My cards picture Inspiration Because I play cards everyday, so I leaned so many moves from it, and I saw so many moves that awesome to make it illustrate. so I think out this idea of poster. inspiration inspiration from video video Dream Job I don't wanna be a magician I want to work in a film company, hopefully can be an actor that can play cards very well. Dream Job

DROP Presentation

Transcript: The Story of Yury Garcia Early Years Early Years Age: 0-8 yrs Life in Honduras Age: Birth-6 yrs Honduras Yuri grew up in a family of 5 as the youngest of 3 children Mother, father, brother, sister, herself Had tons of friends & attended primary school Why Leave? Gang wanted father to deal drugs Father refused Gang threatened his whole family Coming to the U.S. Coming to the U.S. Long, dangerous trek of crossing rivers, jumping fences, small spaces Witnessed the coyote raping her mother Disconnect between her and her father because she blamed him for not stepping in Brother tried Her & sister were scared and hid Settled in Houston, Texas Age: 6 yrs Early U.S. Schooling Schooling in the U.S. Adverse child experiences Language barrier Being pushed out of school not thinking she would learn anything/benefit from Culture change Age: 6-8 yrs High school/ College Middle School/High School Yury Garcia as was mentioned was already having struggles adjusting in the united states educational system. Yury and her family left Houston to live in Los Angeles California where they felt their was better oppurtunity for work and school. Yury's parents enroll her in middle school and high school years in Inglewood California Yury is struggling at her new schools with stereotypes cultural assmiliation Voicelessness Language barrier still but improving College Career Yury graduated high school with a 3.0 due to the help from a latino faculty member who was her mentor Yury struggled applying for colleges due to being apart of DACA which is a different system for immigrants that changes the financial aid process and can be a struggle and a oppresive system for immigrants Yury's mentor helped her through it though and she got accepted to Loyola Marymount University which is a PWI which she will attend Yury sometimes feels like she doesnt belong which causes her struggles with self esteem, and self discrepancy theory College Experience Yury and her mentor from high school worked hard and applied for many scholarships that Yury got granted to attend LMU During her four years Yury would sometimes feel out of place due to it being a PWI and would struggle She had then started a club for the support of immigrant students on campus called ( WBH) standing for WE BELONG HERE which is to support other immigrant students like Yury providing a safe place and talking about their struggles it was also a way for everyone to come together and practice english This club gave Yury a good support system but also increased her motivation to work harder She would go on to graduate from Loyola Marymount University with a BA in psychology and will continue to do empowering work Post College Transition Post College Life Ages 21-25 Internalizing Stereotypes Identity Adversities Identity Adversities Difficulty of graduating school and no longer identifying as a student but now as a working adult. Navigating searching for a job but also making sure the job is something they enjoy and are passionate about Started a relationship and it has become serious to the extent that being with this person long term is becoming a reality as well as figuring out how they feel about no longer being single and coming to terms with sharing their life with another person Internalizing Stereotypes Internalizing that she needs to work really hard or harder than others to achieve the 'American dream' Experiencing micro aggressions in the work place and avoiding advocating for herself out of fear she will lose her DACA status Family Life Adult Family Life Age: 28-32 yrs Pregnancy Unplanned Pregnancy Where she is? Struggles with family and religious pressure Pressure to keep baby because of religious and familial upbringing Single Parent Being a Single Parent Stereotype of being a Single Latina Mom Societal pressure of not having a partner Balancing work and child Education/ Work privilege Working Mom Working Mom Stereotypes of a working mom Challenges of childcare - Not qualifying for subsidies, but having the privilege of familial support Internal struggles of balancing both

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